When will the Blood Elves leave the Horde?

We endured Trolls, Orcs and Cowbeasts in our cities for far too long! And for what? Yet another mad warchief! Yet another failed attempt to reestablish a Troll empire that wasn’t even that great to begin with. Nay I say! NAY! We must EXTERMINATE the last remnants of Trolls at our border and leave the Horde. PURGE the Orcs! The time for Sindorexit is long overdue! The Sunwell is strong again, the runestones are working. It is time to reestablish the barrier that once saved us from the nefarious Old Horde… and now the new one. Tea time IS OFICCIALLY OVER. Nightborne and Goblins are welcome though, if they behave.


I guess it’s not possible until WoW 2.0 or Warcraft 4 for gameplay reasons. But as an in-universe explanation, Lor’themar seems fixed to stay as long as it’s convenient to the Blood Elves, and for now it’s still safer for them to stay, especially now that the Horde has been reformed and there’s no single Warchief who can go crazy anymore, but a Council of leaders.

And all that you said would not be possible to do without joining the Alliance or making a pact with them for protection after leaving the Horde, anyway. Because the Forsaken, even if weakened and without Sylvanas, would probably start hostilities against Quel’thalas for revenge about leaving the Horde. And the Amani (and maybe even Zandalari) would start to actively attack the Blood Elves too since they would be alone now.

But joining the Alliance is not possible anymore now for the Sin’dorei because the Alliance have the Ren’dorei in their ranks, and they can corrupt the Sunwell with just their presence. Alleria and Anduin were far too quick to recruit the Void Elves to gain more power and forces against the Horde, without really thinking of the consequences of that act, not only about how unstable the Void Elves could become in the future for the Alliance, but as I said now because of that the Blood Elves can never join them ever again as the Void Elves are a threat for them (and a big one I would add too as the Void could basically corrupt the Sunwell and bring them back to TBC times if that happens as a result). Yes, some Blood Elf and Nightborne players (me included) would actually like that as it would take the Light focus off them quite a bit (especially for the Blood Knights) and they would return ruthless, but as a race it would undeniably be a big hit for them, almost as bad as the Third War.

And so that’s another kind of problem, because if they leave the Horde and can’t join the Alliance at the same time, it would mean the Blood Elves would actually not be considered a valid choice for a playable race anymore, since every playable race is forced to join a faction eventually and can’t stay independent exactly for gameplay reasons…

so basically, as much as I would like the Blood Elves to become independent and to start working only with races they trust like the Nightborne (maybe even in a new elven faction), that’s…not really possible until a new WoW game happens…which is probably never anyway :sweat_smile:

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Why can’t we have one week without a troll in disguise opening really stupid threads like that?


Actually I don’t think he is Erevien…Erevien would like to kill Lor’themar for betrayal but surely he wouldn’t want the Blood Elves to leave the Horde… and also he likes the Trolls…

anyway we are at a point in the story where the “Sin’dorexit” would actually be realistic, if it wasn’t impossible for gameplay reasons as I said, so this one is not a complete troll thread in my opinion.

I think a lot of Blood Elf players are feeling the place of the race in the Horde is not really convenient anymore for them at this point (even if as I previously said joining the Alliance is not an option anymore now).

But even putting aside gameplay reasons, there’s still quite a lot of lurking threats that would not allow the Blood Elves to return to neutrality anytime soon (especially with a resurgence of the Scourge around the world and so in Quel’thalas too, it’s way too dangerous for them to leave the Horde right now)

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We need a referendum, so we can make our own bi-lateral free trade deal with the Shal’dorei and save on the 350m gold weekly contribution to the Horde Council. That money should go back into the Silvermoon rebuilding scheme & Wretched Healthcare Service.


“Good bye Kalimdor, hello world!”, I say!

Still trying to make out whether that sounds like a good thing or a bad thing, if we read it a few times.

Anyway - out of the two factions, I wouldn’t have the Sin’dorei on any other faction. We can see what happens with the Alliance, with the overwhelming focus on Humans and only giving the other races small amounts of interesting time, such as the Battle for Darkshore was a side thing to Jaina and the Battle for Dazar’alore.
The Void Elves banishing Horde races to the Void.
Dark Iron Dwarves doing stuff during the battle that many would find questionable.

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That’s what I like about TESO. 3 factions with 3 equally strong races, who all get some focus in the addons.

To be honest I’d prefer the much simpler solution of giving the Sin’dorei a good reason to stay in the Horde than digging over nearly 18 years of game.

Truth is that blelf storytelling potential kind of died, when the sunwell was restored and Liadrin suddenly went into overdrive kissing Velen’s rear about how great the Naaru are. Blizz could build a story around them having to exorcise the naaru out of the Sunwell or something, but who knows what will happen.


Exorcise the Naaru out of the Sunwell…how exactly? The Naaru are no demons that can be handled like that…the only way to get rid of the Naaru is to destroy the Sunwell completely, or to corrupt it with the Void but then to avoid every Blood Elf in existence to turn into Void Elves, they would have to destroy it so the result would be the same anyway (just like right after the invasion of Arthas when the necromantic energy of Kel’Thuzad was going to turn them all in Undead so Prince Kael’thas destroyed it, which is the reason I previously said it would actually be cool to have no Sunwell in a twist of the future story, but it would probably be too similar to their TBC roots, Blood Elves returning to siphon arcane and possibly using fel magic again (hopefully in a more controlled way, this time :sweat_smile:).

Also canonically it was the Alliance who cleared Sunwell Plateau and defeated Kil’Jaeden there, the Horde cleared Magister’s Terrace and killed Kael’thas. Blizzard took this decision in order to retroactively explain the sudden presence of Velen restoring the Sunwell with the spark of M’uru, and to explain the fact that the Blood Elves killed Kael putting an end to the civil war themselves and they buried him on Isle of Quel’Danas specifically.

The point is that when Lady Liadrin and the Blood Elves entered Sunwell Plateau, the Alliance had already finished their jobs and defeated Kil’Jaeden, so there was nothing the Blood Elves could do to prevent Velen from restoring it with the essence of the Naaru anyway (other than thank him).

(and possibly in my opinion the Alliance had interest in restoring it as well, as the Sunwell would help feeding the addiction of the High Elves in their ranks too, so that act of Velen definitely helped the Alliance too, not just the Blood Elves)

Returning characters/factions to their roots, in spirit can be very beneficial especially if they’ve hit a dead end. Like i believe the Blood Elves have, at this point. You could think about it as a soft reset not too unlike what Marvel did with Spiderman, at the end of No Way Home. A fair few of the current roster could use a similar treatment, which reinforces their unique identity and standing with their faction.

More of a proof of concept that one i will admit. But the influence i would describe, as tangible based on the information we have. (Such as sudden changes of attitude and golden eyes) If the Light becomes a problem and the influence were to become more pronounced it’s not inconcievable that the Blood Elves would decide to do something about it. Heck it’s something the High Elves would probably have an interest in removing too.

(The whole Army of the Light thing is a bit of a retcon, which could strongly influence how it’s viewed. If we take stuff from Mag’har scenario and Xe’ra it could be veiwed as a long game manipulation Velen wasn’t necessarily in on)

Jokes aside though. Aren’t the Sin’dorei one of the races that benefited the most from being in the Horde ? The Tauren for example would probably have stronger arguments for leaving


It depends what you exactly mean for “benefits”…if you mean economically and about the stability of Quel’thalas, sure, thanks to the support of the Horde they were able to defeat both the Amani and the Scourge in their homeland after losing 90% of their population, if you really think about it that’s a huge feat that was actually only possible for them after they joined the Horde.

There are disadvantages too though, currently now that they feel much better with the Sunwell back and everything…like, being the last true bastion and fully functional Kingdom of the Horde in the Eastern Kingdoms (Forsaken have to build a new Capital and in Lordaeron I’m not sure they are still in a good shape generally) exposes the Blood Elves to future attacks of the Alliance, not to mention the Blood Elves have to intervene in the conflicts of the Horde in Kalimdor despite they care little about that place and care little about whom the Orcs and Trolls usually want to fight there (for example they had to be present in the attack against Theramore and Teldrassil despite not really having any grudge against those places besides them being Alliance)

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Yes…yes give Goblins (us) yer gold to make you trinkets and with them we will give weapons to Orcs (to take their gold) to fight you.
Yes…yes give us gold yeeeeees

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In WC3 the Goblins helped the Scourge with Zeppelins and mercenaries when Arthas attacked Quel’thalas.

(Thank the Sunwell it was retconned in the more recent lore books like “Arthas: Rise of the Lich King” and others…otherwise, it would have been yet another reason for the Blood Elves to leave the Horde after the Goblins joined :sweat_smile: )


Right after Nelfs join the Horde, pal. Right after.


I loled at sindorexit


I think a big part of that mission was explaining the goblin laboratory yeah, iirc you don’t encounter it before that in the campaigns (could be wrong tho) it was still a game in an era where the best way to teach people to play your game was through ingame demonstration

As an ontopic on the thread:
As for sindorei exit, it will never hapen, Blizzard does not want the absolute fallout that comes from people being forced to faction change because some dude on the story forums can’t tell amani apart from darkspear

Besides, they already gave nonvoid option to void elves so most people who wanted to play an alliance belf have probably already made the leap and if you havn’t well the option is there.

I hate lor’themar endlessly flirting with alliance leadership too, especially jaina, it’s very cbt for a belf player
the quest where lor’themar, jaina and the player character team up to kill a sunfury survivor… heartbreaking man

You both underestimate the willingness of players to faction change (people literally mass transferred from Alliance to Horde for pragmatic reasons) and pretend that Blood Elves really care about the feelings of the Darkspear, who are totally not like all the other Trolls.

I RP as a Kirin Tor Highelf mage on an alt, but hanging around in Dalaran instead of Silvermoon sucks.

The darkspears aided the assault on the Amani in Zul’aman (I spit on de horde) etc. At the same time, the difference in people willingly moving is that those players choose to move to another faction, I do not, I will be angry and I will make angry tickets and forum posts the moment I try to log in and find out that suddenly; my horde main is now alliance and I have no way to revert it. That’s how you kill any sort of reliability or trust in you as a game developper because if they can do it to one race they can do it to another. You’re asking them to open pandoras box by moving any race from any faction to the other for any reason.

Most accepted is that the difference between high elf and blood elf is not racial, which heavily implies the difference is political (it isn’t hard confirmed but most RPers I know go with this distinction)
If you say high elf (quel’dorei) most would assume you’re alliance and you wouldn’t be welcome in Silvermoon City outside of comitting to a pilgrimage to the Sunwell