When will the wow writing team learn they are losing fans cause of their trash

Just finished the Orc heritage story and I just keep seeing a theme of Backhanding old classic characters that were loved by the fan base in such cheap and pathetic ways in favour of the writers new favourites. It’s pathetic and generally why people are losing interest in the game. It’s no secret that the writing for the game has gotten worse over time, and I honestly don’t know how they haven’t started sacking writers since the destruction of lore and the world are pretty much the main reason why wow has lost a large section of it’s player base.


Go do Night Elf heritage questline. We literary got quest chain from vanilla in Jaedenar. Aaaand on top of that, Maiev was bugged the whole time


You’re dealing with individuals who have active contempt for what the game used to be who cannot fathom the idea that even many of the people they’re claiming to pander to quite liked the game in its original form.

They seem to loathe the fact that many players actively embraced the conflict between the Alliance and the Horde as well as had their preferences for specific playable races within each faction.


eh no the faction conflict was stale many many many expansions ago the only ones who cling to it are the neckbeard pvpers that have nothing else going for them

infact after warcraft 3 there should have been no faction conflict but the devs couldn’t help them self you have to bend your self over backward to justify the faction war when we litterly get invaded by powerful enemies every 5 minutes

the only way you could have faction war is if everyone has the memory of a goldfish and are more stupid then your avarage reddit poster


There’s a rumor going around that Danuser and 30 developers quit due to the direction Metzen is taking the story. It’s why he wasn’t at Blizzcon and his twitter hasn’t mentioned anything warcraft in months. But who knows. Maybe things will change, probably not but maybe.


I always loathed the faction conflict for showing only two sides, when there should have been many more different interests at play.

Now it is gone, and they are barely showing one side. Frickin’ monkey’s paw wishes…

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You just made my day :smiley: If he is gone, then story have hope
Blessed be the Chris :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Oh, do we have a source on that? I heard Belluar mention that some other commentator mentioned something like that to him, but that sounded like a step too far in the rumor mill to me.


I just checked his twitter. Last post was 20th of September. Something I won.

Before that he is praising Azshoka character development lol.
If anyone needed reason to hate this guy’s writing in WoW, if that is not proof I don’t know what is hahaha


What’s wrong with having a hair on your neck? It’s called a beard :smiley: You know, many man are wearing it :stuck_out_tongue:

Tali and Bellular have both supposedly heard something while they were at Blizzcon.

Do you have the source from Taliesin? I am pretty sure I heard from Bellular that he wasn’t sure if he heard from Tali or Towellie but that it was not from any primary source.

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Thanks, that makes me a bit optimistic! Well… a very small bit, but it’s something! Danuser certainly felt like someone who had been promoted above his level of competence.

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maybe he secretly quit because EA is going to make kingdom of Amalaur II and needed their lead writer back :wink:

Pls no, I’d love for that setting to get some decent writing for once. There’s so much potential and even the ‘new’ DLC sucked! Reee. (Plus, EA doesn’t own the rights, THQ Nordic does).

Daunser is the Rast Brattigan of the writing world but unlike her he won’t get unsinkable ship to fix his problem :smiley:

Common, if he went there that means WoW have a chance. LET HIM GO! :smiley:

I don’t even think that he’s necessarily incompetent so much as far too influenced by whatever he finds cool at the time to the point where the entire trajectory of the story for certain races and factions will be adjusted to accommodate that.

Which, unfortunately, isn’t a problem limited to Danuser - he’s an easy scapegoat but Metzen put a lot of himself into Thrall and that arguably brought its own share of problems in the past.

What we need is more of an official acknowledgement that different personal tastes are going to be catered to. Not everyone wants bland slop where every playable race comes together as one even as any meaningful cultural differences and historical grudges are eroded away entirely.


For his position? I certainly do. I’m not basing that on the content or the message of the story, but the lack of direction. The story isn’t great, but what’s worse is how it is conveyed to the players and how much relevant information never makes it into the hands of the general audience. Cinematics are used for exposition that should have happened ages ago. And while some things will have been because of development constraints, dealing with that also falls into the director’s job. So yeah, I do feel he has risen to a level where he is incompetent, even if he might have been good in his positions before.

Metzen might have rusted, but those kinds of direction problems weren’t as prevalent under his leadership. So I do think that’s something.

There is only one main plot, with one story, though, and it can’t just change tone all the time. I want the player factions full of conflict, backstabbery and machismo. Someone else is happy with a mature good vs evil story that reflects on how to deal with the stresses and horrors that brings to the good guys. What is the “middle ground” between these types of stories that the writers could commit to? I don’t think catering to everyone could work, They can throw in a side quest here and there for everyone, but they have done that already, haven’t they? The balance could be better, but for all the cuddliness and reflectiveness, you also have comedic quests where a Kirin Tor unthinkingly has you slaughter as many leaders as it takes to cripple gnollish resolve, and such things.

Just saying “from now on we’ll make everyone happy!” sounds as meaningless as it is impossible to me.