When winning Battlegrounds becomes impossible

Well, I couldn’t resist create this topic since I have about 15 losses in a row and I can’t even complete the pvp quest “Something Different”. I’m doing Random Battlegrounds and Battleground Blitz and I keep losing and losing.Well you can say “You’re losing because you’re bad”, even if that’s true, it’s not possible for a single player to be so bad as to lose 15 BG in a row when it’s a team game, even if the player stayed afk and the team played with 1 player less.What actually happens is that I do my best, but my team just goes to the middle of the map like blind zombies killing the other players instead of getting the objectives (flags, orbs, bases, etc) to win the BG. And while my teammates fight, the enemy team gets the objectives and the end result is very unbalanced. In many games the enemy team won with 3-0 flags, holding 4 or 5 bases or 4 orbs for most of the time, etc.I play as a warrior and i do my part, i try to get the flags, defend and attack bases, get the orbs, many of this games i finished on the top of the table (of my team), whether in DMG or objectives.And i know is unkranked BGs but after losing 10 games in a row, in such unbalanced result, it gets frustrating.
Has anyone experience this? Do you think is my fault and why? or bad luck?

(Playing with Arms warrior, with conquest weapon and armor [489], more armor from trophy and bloody tokens [486}, and honor rings, neck and trinkets [476]).


Taking into account that there are no premades here and it is crossfaction, if you can never win you should be doing something wrong.


its probably both you being inexperienced / bad and a bad luck. everyone gets unlucky and has bad team mates vs good enemies and you go on a lose streak, but your winrates across all of your bgs (visible on your armoury) give away that its more than just 1 day of bad luck.

the only thing you can control is your own gameplay after all, so i’ll just give you some tips for playing warrior in random BGs:

    1. your build is pretty terrible for BGs. You want to be running the bladestorm build. Swap your honour talents to ‘Storm of Destruction’ , ‘Battlefield Commander’ and ‘Sharpen Blade’ - never swap off of these. Here is the bladestorm/rend build:


    1. Go and make your tier set. Your bread and butter as arms in BGs is rend (spread via thunderclap) and bladestorm. The tier set buffs your rend and helps you spread it for free with execute procs.
    1. Craft items. You dont have any equipped. Craft the Infurious Warboots of Reprieve via the crafting order thingy and a either helmet, shoulders or chestpiece. this is the highest rated arms warrior in EU atm. just copy his gear over time.


Can’t really give gameplay tips without seeing video, but yeah, this is some obvious stuff that i notice just from your armoury.

Also, with sharpen blade, make this macro and press it any time you see someone on low HP:

#showtooltip Sharpen Blade
/cast Sharpen Blade
/cast Mortal Strike

and heres a macro for using intervene on whatever your cursor is on:

/cast [target=mouseover] intervene

and heres a 1 button stance macro for freeing up a keybind spot:

/cast battle stance
/cast defensive stance

i’d also recommend picking up a few hundred Refreshing Healing Pots and using Phial of Tepid Versatility to make yourself a bit tankier. While spinning on groups.


Thanks mate :smiley:
This will help, but if my team dont get flags, orbs or attack/defend bases, i can even be the best in the field, but will be “mission impossible”.
Still i will try this <3


there are uncarriable teams yes

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There are lots of premades, all the sync’ed attempts and fights show the opposite so stop spreading misinformation. Just like OP, players start to believe that they are bad because they believe they are up against random players. They are not and most Blitz are in fact pre arranged fights, and you know it.


Keep getting very winnable, unwinnable games. Particularly in WSG or TP, I enter as the tank and often by the time I get to their flag, our healer or one of our dps has taken the flag and generally end up being ganked in mid. Outside of tanking with the flag, I’m not really much use as guardian so it baffles me why they do it, they them moan about getting no assistance. The amount of times I have had to say ‘let the tank get the flag then’ is crazy

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How is that even possible?
Are you wasting time fighting in mid instead of picking?
Druids are a fast class, also not easy to stop by defenders because of stealth.
If you go straight to the flag as you should, nobody should arrive before you.
But if you go to the zerg instead where you do little damage, the others might assume you don’t care about your role and might feel like they have to take matters into their own hands.

I’ve had plenty of tanks in blitz ctf bgs who absolutely ignored their job as fc, which is why they are in the team in the first place.

Delenis is right and you are wrong.
Nobody syncs in this mode because you aren’t even getting in the same team if you try, at least not guaranteed.
Apart from Healer-DPS-tandems which are allowed by design, there are no premades.

I don’t even know where this idea that most blitz bgs are against premades comes from.
What MMR are we even talking about?
I played around 30 rounds in duos up to 2k and most opponent teams were a disorganized mess. Defeating them was not hard at all.


Do you think someone is going to wait 15-20 minutes in Blitz queue to try to synchronize in a BG that can send you to separate teams?

For that they would be synchronizing in normal Bgs and finish earlier without risk of ending up in the opposite faction.

When you lose, you have the need to project blame onto others (In this case, assuming that the enemy team is a premade) so as not to assume your own responsibility.


No, I just tend to stealth my way there rather than get targeted in mid and guardians ain’t that fast. I don’t see the game as a race to who gets the flag first but who actually can hold it and cap it first. There’s plenty occasions where I enter the flagroom with others and they grab the flag and I’m like ‘Huh’? Regardless of what class or spec I join in CTF matches, the only 2 things I focus on are our flag or their flag and there’s not much I can offer in terms of hunting our flag back.

Hey, I had a weird experience today in Blitz and had a feeling I was in a premade on my side.

The group was good, organised and used pings a lot. Not only that but I think some of my opposong team were meant to be in their group. I was in Market in panda BG defending. Just chilling when an alliance turned up and briefly attacked me but then just gave up. I noticed nother from my team was stood there too, full geared dragon. Didnt atyack and just stood there. So I watched as the alliance player didn’t attack nd was just turning to face the dragon as if they might have been talking.

I just let it be and watched.

This was tonight

I’ve no doubt people will do it once rated Blitz is out - thats an inevitability. But i can’t see a reason for it right now. Its so much effort syncing queues for so little reward. Spamming regular bgs in a 5 man is both so much faster that it ends up being better honour per hour.

I’ve only done like 40-50 Blitz but from what i see people are just lost in it. You get significantly more new players/new PvPers in that mode and people still haven’t figured out how the nodes work. I still see people run to Mage Tower and AFK at the start of EoTS as Alliance, completely unaware that it isn’t active yet.

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If they lose rating by canceling the queue, as happens in normal arenas, we’ll see if they try it or not. :smile:

I haven’t seen that word since Starcraft 1. :dracthyr_lulmao:


That’s your personal opinion

Really interesting since many of us has had the experience in Blitz BG that after each queue in which you have 8-9 declines before you get i, you’re up against players from the same guilds or you’re being roflstomped. You guys are in denial of things that happen all the time in Blitz

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prove it with some screenshots

AFAIK the conditions for Blitz make it almost impossible for 8 ppl to land in the same BG and the same side within a reasonable amount of queue time

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Who are you? You all assume but present it as if it was the truth. "AFAIK "you write. The thing is you don’t know but assume.
I assume too because something’s rotten with the queue system in Blitz BG and I SEE players roflstomp the team afterwards and I SEE ppl are from the same guilds. Quite some valid reasons to believe something’s going on that shouldn’t be going on in the queues.
Quite a lot of other players funny enough also have the same ideas because they have similar experiences in BG Blitz, but keep on repeating that nothing’s going on.

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ah, deflection and personal attack, after asking for some proof.
A glorious forum troll I see :smiley:

I gotta remind myself to ignore you from now on xD

First make your profile public, you seem like you’re trying to hide something, making it hidden. Second maybe try something new like actually sticking to the discussion and refrain from your attempts trying to discredit other players when you have nothing valid to add

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I’ve seen more than enough declines after declines after declines, instant declines, not just some mush who is afk, multiple instant declines before finally getting into the game, only to be face with a load of people from the same guilds or servers. Hence the fact I do not bother with Blitz, it’s a crap mode anyway.

You honestly think that people are not queue syncing as there is no reason for it? There’s not a single good reason for them to do it in any other BG, yet they do, constantly. Why? I have no idea, but they do. People in this game are literally that lame, they will stoop to any kind of low you can imagine in order to win games and bully/grief others, it’s just what MMO nerds do. If you choose to ignore it, be oblivious to it or probably party to it, that’s on you.