Where are all the so called troll posts?


i miss the days of reading forums and have a giggle.

I know there is a good amount of high functioning autism around in wow.

But please, blizzard i think you should teach players to get a sense of humor, i know its hard to teach certain people, but do not give up on them!

i got a daily challenge for people, please don’t be so dry!

much love.

(Tsaritsin) #2

Forums full of white knights and shills, they don’t get paid for being funny…


You can have either humor or pc culture. Its almost impossible to have both.
Welcome to the current year :slight_smile:

And it’s not WoW issue it’s our current culture imo.

P.S. also check out Dejarous posts, he is an expert roaster and what’s most important he can do it within current rules.


Yeah. Doomsayers and haters are usualy a lot more entertaining when they are trowing their tantrums.

(Verdill) #5

It’s a little extreme but… make thread “Titanforge is bad” and you’ll get 150 post thread within one day, half of them made by one specific mysterious person.


Or make a troll bait thread about wow dying or insulting Blizz and the thread will skyrocket into popularity well before they give you a forum vacation that is.People have forgotten how to have fun in the game so they always :poop: talk the game sadly.

(Nimrhys) #9

Is this troll bait in itself? Go away.


Would recommend, the guy dishes out some pretty good roasts, more often than not justified as well I feel :smile:


You were saying?

(Chocoh) #12

Try writing sonething slightly sarcastic, or as a jokey bantery bit of an insult. Guarantee someone will lose their head abd get you a forum vacation.

Had about 20 of them so far. Some well deserved, some just ridiculous. Still chuckle at the 3 day ban from auto correct changing post to an “i” instead of an “o”.

(Archronos) #13


iS hE tHE BooOmB tHIs TiME??!

(Archronos) #15

That’s actually from the Lordaeron cinematic when she creates a protection bubble, saying “Hold on”.


I can’t post pics, I am not trustworthy :frowning:
Can only quote…

(Archronos) #17

Don’t worry, i had trust level 3 few months back, i took some time off the forums and it decayed, had to grind it again >_>

It’s annoying as hell. We have grind in game, now on the forums too :stuck_out_tongue:

As trust level 2 you can link wowhead posts and youtube links if im not mistaken.


May be you can add pic from this one then :wink:

Around 1:11

(Archronos) #19


There is a cooler moment with mouth wide open and angry eyes :joy:

(Archronos) #21

Ah, you said 1:11 but the one you wanted is at 1:10.

Unfortunately i can’t print screen on my laptop for some reason, the button simply doesn’t seem to work :confused:

It’s an HP lap, i don’t know if there is any other way around it.


I have to get my mind out of the gutter as they say because I can imagine quite a bit there although I wasn’t intending to think that way but I have overactive imagination :joy::laughing::point_up:.