Where are all the so called troll posts?



Its harmless, she is just very angry whamen at that point

(Archronos) #24

:rofl::joy: Im imagining she is yelling “Yo” while doing the peace sign :sweat_smile:


What an innocent soul you are :wink:.

(Punyelf) #26

Sarcasm has definitely backfired on some and got them a temporary vacation from the forums. It’s very hit and miss and also depends how many people take it seriously and report it.


I am huuuge whamen respector :smirk:
/tips hat


So am i it’s just sometimes these things slip out from time to time no harm in it.


One thing I have learned is that you should avoid sarcasms from time to time here people always take offense to things even thou it’s ment as a joke not everyone will take it that way.


I am so sorry in advance for this

(Chocoh) #31

Think it’s just different mentality to be fair. Made a joke about scotland in guild chat and a long time mate got very upset by me. Literally meant nothing by it in the slightest, just a bit of england vs scotland banter. Actually made me a bit upset that I made a friend upset. What might be a joke in someones head, can be very offensive in someone elses.

Learned the hadway to not cross the line on the forums :rofl:


Was it about being a lonely Shepard or Family member appreciation?

(Chocoh) #33

More political, about them wanting to leave the UK. So I said good ridence (joking I love scotland ans cheap iron bru).


Boring, sry :frowning:

(Chocoh) #35

Old man chat, happens to the best ofus when we hit 30+, sorry.

(Punyelf) #36

I avoid religion and politics like the plague in guild chat. It’s one of those can of worms that always seems to end with people offended or arguing.


Btw what do you, old fart, think about this type of content?

It’s fun to watch for me :slight_smile:


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Hehe I totally understand you because I made similar jokes on the forums here and most of my 17 vacations here are cause of jokes like that.That people take unecessary offense to aswel as sometimes I feel like I am the only one 26 years old and that most
people here on the forums at least are way younger because they take offense to everything and get triggered easily where they could have ignored it and just walked away.

(Chocoh) #40

Quite enjoyed it to be honest :rofl:

(Punyelf) #41

See clearly everyone is missing Buka (on an alt) and his ‘I have lots of female friends who wont all play nice together and fight over me thread’.

I tried to find it again but sadly I couldn’t :frowning:


Well as much as I don’t like him right now for being arrogant and full of himself o have to admit I miss him too because I know there inside him lays the good old respectable less douche Buka that helps and doesant act like an Elitist jerk to say the least.