Where are all the so called troll posts?

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Imagine laughing about ppl who care about the game and point out in constructive manner the bad aspects of the game/company, and you call them doomsayers… You must be 12 or something if u think criticism is bad for the product and consumer base.
If there isnt any criticism how can they improve?
There was alot of negative feedback but most of it was true especialy at the start of the expansion, thats why things are now a bit better, bcs of that criticism and fedback.
So before you go on calling every1 who dosent aprove wih you a doomsayer use ur brain cells.

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That’s presuming everyone who does those posts actually does so in a constructive manner. Many don’t. Some are just rage saying the game is dead and not much else, or that they are going.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with leaving feedback, however people all have their own opinions. What is a big deal to some isn’t a deal breaker for others.


Criticism is good. But how many are there “real genuine negative feedbacks”? I won’t say none of course but the more popular “Doomsayer” posts look like this:

“Bfa SUX” TROLOLOL “Retail is dead” TROLOLOL. “Hope Ion gets fired!” TROLOLOL. “FFXIV is better than retail” TROLOLOL. “Retail is trash” TROLOLLOLOLOL. “Hope WoW finaly dies” TROLOLLOLOLOL.

And of course if I don’t agree with them then I am labeled as a “white knight” or “shill”…or in your case. a 12 year old. Hehe. Like I said. They are entertaining to read. :smiley:

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It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.
I’m not the hero this game wants, but I am the hero this game needs.



Or in worse case scenario they label you as a Blizzards drone or even worse some people sayhow much did Blizzard pay you to say that I have seen those posts as Puny said there is nothing bad about having constructive criticism but everyone is entitled to their own opinions if you don’t agree with mine there is absolutely no need to bash me because of it and if someone does it I will label him as immature person.

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Sarcasm is a tricky one to use on the internet. People have bizarre understandings of what things mean, and unless they know you IRL and can imagine you saying them, then often meaning is lost and it can seem hurtful, rather than gently mocking in a matey fashion, even dire swearwords can be matey terms of endearment if said jovially.
One thing I always get (Deservedly to an extent) is people thinking I am very angry about a subject when I post. I’m not, I generally am using dry humour and gentle sarcasm, sometimes a dash of hyperbole, but the one thing I also use, that makes people think that, is lots of words. I’m the same In real life, an absolute chatterbox, it has been said of me “He’ll never use one word, where ten will do”.
Totally guilty as charged.

But yeah, Text based communication is the worst for conveying meaning, and yet it being crisp and clinical, should surely be the best?

Nope. It is good for blunt facts, We get most of our social nuances from body language, which makes sense, If I call someone a D**khead it can look jovial if accompanied by a slow shake of the head and a grin. If I just type it out it becomes an insult. We get less from Pitch and Tone, how we say things, the emphasis we put on words, the absolute worst, the nadir, the creepy uncle who lives under the stairs, is Text Based communication. There is no body language, pitch or tone, just words. Even Emoji’s have passed their sell-by-date and are no longer useful, as so many people use them sarcastically to mean the opposite of what they are meant to mean.

Text only is good for Legal contracts or Engineering manuals, things that deal in cold, hard facts with no ambiguity, for anything else, its bleedin’ rubbish.

Back on track, I have yet to see a classic fan make a constructive post, only whinges about how much better Classic was, and how Retail is going to die.
Ironically, these people are sowing the seeds of Classic’s own downfall. I don’t want to play a game with such negative nancies, it sounds like the community will be awful, they seem like an unpleasant bunch who want to widdle on someone elses bonfire so that theirs looks brighter.

Not exactly giving a stellar image there…

You can generally depend upon the fact that anyone using those epithets is rather intellectually bankrupt. I especially love, as a man in my mid-forties, being told I am a 12 year old, when the chances are high I am old enough to be the insulting parties biological parent. If so, I would send them to bed without any supper, and teach them some manners!


That one is so true on So many levels also some of the people on the forums that you described while it’s true with some of them they are showing their age and some actually are maybe old as we are but have the mental capacity of a 12 year old and add to the fact that half of EU doesant speak English.

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It is only tuesday, you can’t expect people to be creative on a weekday :no_mouth:

And I don’t think we need trolls post, they are spiteful and just created to se how many people they can hurt or make raging.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind threads with more relaxed content. Threads created with the only intention that everyone should laugh.

But this is the WoW forum, I doubt such thread would survive long before a negative person arrives and infect it with something :wink:


I really miss those good threads once in a while but as long as those trolls spread doom and gloom on the forums we may not see anything happy for awhile the only good thread I have seen in months was who likes you the most thread as it was almost turned into Halicos and Moothilda thread lol :smile:.

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Ah I was only mentioned once :wink:

:thinking: But I really miss the old off topic forum, even though I am aware a lot of the threads in it was balancing between being fun and being vulgar :yum:
And that was the reason it was removed :sob:

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I made the post and got 0 votes QQ

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It can be cruel to wander these forums sometimes


I don’t think many knows what Autism actually is or what it means. Try looking up some facts before automatically asssuming Autism is something negative, or having something to do with retardism.

In fact Autistic people are in short basically like normal people, but they think and behave differently. This can include being uncomfortable in social environments, much higher intelligence than the normal person and focusing on details instead of the big picture for example, but there are many more traits which Autism is related to.

You shouldn’t throw words out if you don’t know the meaning of them.


To me a real troll just doesn’t care about having a discussion, arguments and listening to others opinions. He just want to piss everyone off for his own pleasure.

Now check the entier post, look at all my interventions (not only the first message, you lazy dude !), the way I tried to explain again and again my point and bring new ideas especially to avoid the same transmog system we have in BFA (because I really don’t think it’s a good system in BFA btw) and then maybe (I said “maybe”) you will reconsider if my post is a troll one.

Or not. :expressionless:

What I realised is that many players don’t seem to be able to handle a debate. Too bad for everyone. And I’m not surprised why Blizzard don’t try to listen to players too often, it’s a mess, you can start any conversation and expect to be accused of so many things, and the average one is obviously “trolling”.


Kemna, sweetie, maybe you’re interested to see my mechanical butterflies collection? /wink :wink:

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Well i honestly dunno why im checking the forums when there are so many ppl who waste more time here then actualy playng the game and still come with ways to fool others into thinking they know shiz…‘Pass me that gun pls’


Awww…thank you for volunteering to be a troll example :kissing_heart:


Ha! Orc females are so shrewd :smirk:

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Found it!!!


You just need to wait the week end obviously.