Where are all the so called troll posts?


I posted a heriloom for alts thread in classic disscusion, totally for the giggles.
I got a mute from forums for 24 hours. Reasons being my actions were “provocative” lol.
I guess you can’t have a laugh anymore, because you know “feelings”

(Brigante) #66

In fairness, that is pretty pathetic, It is nothing better or worse than the Classic fans have been posting “I want Classic, but with Demon Hunters” “Sorry…WHAT?”
Whichever Mod muted you for that needs a bit of a talking to and some time on the naughty step. -That- is provocative but the continual threads by Classic fans here shouting how retail is going to die is somehow not?

Sorry, how is this supposed to work again?

That would of course, rely on Blues checking the forums more regularly for posts other than ones about cupcakes.