Where are MM buffs?

Where are MM buffs? I and other MM mains were expecting MM buffs for Season 4 as MM has had a major withdrawal within arena. Right now it has one of the lowest representation in 3v3 at (2.2k+ rating) and it is the 28th spec represented. That puts MM in the same C-tier category with enc and frost and the least represented caster!!!

How is this possible? Why hasn’t MM received buffs when its at the bottom in Arena? I thought Blizzard balanced specs around 3v3? Right now it is unbearable to play as MM and a simple 20% dmg buff to our main abilities will help us in arena. And the chance to get the Gladiator mount is dim as my spec is too weak compared to other specs.

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all 3 mage specs sits below it in all brackets

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You are right but it depends on the bracket. In 2v2 all mage specs is below MM but in 3v3 frost and arcane is above MM. Only fire is below MM. Speaking of 2.2k and above from checkpvp.

If the let us kick MM i would consider it a caster

FMP s tier huh?

what are you basing your tier list on exactly ?

if we talk playaibility its pretty obvious that most people chose to abbandon mage class because its not that good atm, and when i say atm, i just mean its been like this for a long time and over time more and more people quit playing it

crossing my fingers ill be the last mage playing at some point kekw

OP misspelled “nerf” which is drastically needed pn sniper shot. It’s fine, stuff like this can happen but i got you fam.


MM needs more Talent tree options
in my opinion it should have a clear path to play different styles like a pet build

at the moment you are forced into Single target or AOE with volley… theres no in between

much to be desired as there’s no real choice in the tree

i legit cannot take any mm buff or discussion seriosuly, everytime i review my vods, there is a hunter killing me not once, not twice, but 3 times in a single GO

1shot, pot + healtstone
prealter 1shot + silence, trinket alter back
stun 1shot, iceblock
and he still has, another stun, trap, scatter, interrupt, turtle, and feign, and you cannot force those, before he forces ALL of your defensives…

he has twice my dps in sustained, and 3 times my burst, and better tools and cannot be interrupted… i just don’t get it, are people not seeing how much of BS this is ? literally any hunter dominates every single mage out there hard like, not even close, ive rarely seen a biggest counter in the entirety of wow, if we take out free action pots maybe vanilla frost mage vs warr is close, i still feel like this is harder

revieweing a vod, ive seen a hunter doing, 2.4MIL single target dmg on me in 8 seconds… i had to go through all my defensives, plus consumables pots, plus cautherize block, in 6-7 seconds… and after that what, am i expected to outdmg him when he still has a 3-4 counterplays to my GO?.. i don’t get it… how can anyone support this bs… its like, hunter has no risk of casting, and deals not double, but 3 TIMES your dmg, with more range, and 2 stuns, and a silence…

if hunter doens’t need a nerf, then mage definetly needs dmg buffed, to AT LEAST force some slow hunters to play defensivly.,… force a turtle before they do their thing… atm the fight is so far apart, that any hunter you encounter gives me the same vibes as encountering a rogue a dh a fury and retri all together

actually scratch that, id rather face rogue retri warr and dh all together than a single geared hunter that presses buttons…

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Call of Dutycraft - Black Ops Azeroth


Any class with any cc can and should, healing low mmr shuffle can see ppl not disrupt mm. I cc their cd and disrupt them during cast if people dont go on them. Same as spam cc on mages during their cd and ray if ppl dont go on them.

MM damage is already high enough; people will sit on you even more with increased damage output. Hunters need some tweaks to their defensive toolkit, but certainly not damage buffs. That’s delusional.

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If we check top 3s ladder for the last week, we can see
25 arcane, 15 frost, 11 fire with
10 sv, 7 mm, 5 bm respectively
Drustvar stats based on blizzard api
So that’s more question what u base your assumptions on, lol

How do you buff a spec, that is so brokenly OP beyond anything that currently exists in bgs, to be viable in arena?

Like youre getting 100-0 by mm from another side of the map while stealthed already. Half bg lobbies are mm hunters. How can you type “just buff it 20%” with a straight face.
What mm needs is a complete rework.

Spec cannibalization is a big MM issue as well

Why would u play MM when you can play BM? it makes no sense

and BM is probably the easiest and best beginner friendly spec in the whole game, while still being viable on every rating and even good on high rating

  • if u get cced, u still do dmg
  • if u get lined, u still do dmg
  • if u press turtle, u still do dmg
  • if ur outranged, u still do dmg
  • focused all game? still max dmg

MM is like

take 50 micro CCs
get ran down by melees and never be able to press aimed shot
cant get distance because every melee this expansion was given more or equal mobility to a demon hunter

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i don’t have stun, what, he 70% hp so i cast a sheep during his snipershot to interrupt it ?, what if he stops and interrupts my sheep :slight_smile:

nah thats all bs, and pointless information, first off all, 3s is all about synergy with other classes, and this has been discussed for AGES

as a single class Hunter is 10 times stronger than mage atm.

top10 SS is 6 hunters, i can play this “game” too

Went to check eu ladder, it’s 2 hunters 2 mages :thinking:

mm can be interrupted with any number of cc.

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changed this week, doesn’t matter.