Where are MM buffs?

its false ? how is it false, can i counterspell him ?

ah my bad, i didn’t know i could counterspell rapid fire and snipeshot

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counterspell is not the only way to interrupt a cast.

why u have your prof hidden, i cannot even put you in ignore list

teahc me how to put you in ignore please i need that.

you didn’t correct anything, you are a delusional headless chicken to me. i wish i could just block you and never read you again.

there was said that mm cannot be interrupted which is false as any class with cc can interrupt mm and should.

so tilting that i cannot just block u, ill just put the post on ignore, cya chicken

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ah there u go i found it
for anyone who might have a similiar issue
just click your avatar and go into settings, then there is ignore people click add and copypasta the name and there you go.

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Interrupting is not something that just covers kicks, the definition of interrupting is to disrupt or stop something.

Hard to believe I saw a lot of mm sit in open anc cheese every kind of class including warrior.

Tbh mm isn’t different from devastation evoker, both can global people all of a sudden especially if you have to leave pillar.

People always pretend it’s unplayable but there are a lot of people high cr with it.

Everyone just train the mm anyways, I guess only comp they can cast free is thug or some similar. On shuffle I see plenty people leave mm just cast free tho but this is shuffle. Someone in this post said it best that mm doesnt need more dmg it needs defensives.

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Dude, run for your life

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I would also hate to see mm gain dmg buffs, its already doing too much when people dont disrupt them.

Its really easy to disrupt mm and interrupt them, people just train them and use dozen cc to stop their casts and sit on them till it turtles and after it will fall.

Their dmg is already high enough that people need to train and disrupt them so they dont need dmg buffs but defensives instead if they wanna match it to the other classes in current meta.

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Ouch hunter touched mage’s sensitive spot here :d

Low representation doesn’t mean weak.


Can we please take into consideration, that spec representation on several ratings are meaningless without overall representation of the spec.

If 5 mm are above 2200 but there are only 7 mm in total, it would be a crazy performing and overtuned spec.

And of course, damage buffs to mm would be completely retarded at this point. If anything, they need some tuning to their class design and something like this won’t happen if every dev is working on the new expansion rn!

Hope it gets a better design with TWW if it is weak or bad right now and deal with the spec how it is until then.


to every Hunter Player, u know what to do :smiley:


Hunter dmg is completely Fine, but the gameplay is more of a Problem, and the Survivability

This dev update frankly speaking was just insulting

Like design-wise trees are awful, not picking capstones at all, spending multiple points for the same talents other classes have more effectiveness just for 1 point, useless stuff is needed to go through.

Watching when every spec rework brings more mobility and defensives, hero talents synergy with toolkit and even more mobility, when hunter receiving awful hero talents across a board, with our defensive pick is gaining 5 yards range on disengage :clown_face:

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This. I saw what they posted about MM and had to take some action. We were all expecting a rework of MM spec was taken into their consideration for next expansion, and receive meaningful defenses, and also an extra disengage due to infinite melee mobility.

But since ‘rework’ is out of talk and never coming we MM mains can not wait anymore for imaginary reworks. They dont want to do it so the last solution is to increase our damage profile. Because if it doesnt happen MM is going to get shred to pieces by melees because we dont have defenses or extra disengage to get away atleast from infinite gap closers. MM doesnt have enough damage to push back melees in Arena aswell so we are stuck behind in everything.

Right now the only place we are viable is in unranked modes such as BGs. How unfair is that? Why cant we enjoy ranked Arena like every other specs? Why do we have to hide under mommys skirt AKA hiding behind our team to do at least some decent damage? And when we step into Arena we just get trained and slaughtered?

Yet the casual plebs coming from the Battleground forum section think MM is the most disgustingly OP spec they have seen. And I explain to them you all wouldnt have suffered pain and death if you and your team had focused on running down the MM. But still, those people are incapable of understanding good feedback from me.

Their perception is limited to BGs thus they can never understand how Ranked Arena works. They dont know how to use their own spec kit to deal with the MM in BGs. However, experienced players at high rating do. When the casual plebs in BGs dont know how to use their own class abilities of course MM then becomes ‘OP’ in their mind.

They dont know how to play properly and then come here and give false information about MM. But…we all clearly know this is not true…MM is getting annihilated in Arena. What to say more… they can only see through their own limited lens; by playing only BGs and not exploring the rest of the world (Ranked PvP). It is impossible to discuss with those people since their perception of PvP is limited.

So back to what is happening to our spec in Arena; We WANT our spec to be a viable spec for Arena for next season. Rework for MM is getting denied by Blizzard and last solution is to give us a flat damage increase or MM will be non-existent. We MM hunters want it. And so do I. I want to have buffs.
I want it now!!!