Where is Sylvanas ?


I may have missed something but where is she right now ? Orgrimmar ? and what is she doing ?

She wasn’t “physically” part of any recent event (Nazjatar, Mechagon, Baine rescue…).

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I raise you a better question. Who is Sylvanas?

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What is Sylvanas?

On topic, most of her planning is something happening in the background, we have no clue what’s going on.

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Why is Sylvanas?

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Why is? :thinking:


In the final chapter of the war campaign in 8.1.5 we learn that she is currently heading towards Northrend to cuddle with her Arthas Boddypillow in her Arthas shrine

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Off-screen, preparing her next failure, just like she has been for most of BFA.


Despite how important Sylvanas is to the BFA story and how major a discussion topic she is, the Banshee Queen has had incredibly little screen time (in BFA).

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I know…but honey, you don’t want to know, trust me!


To be fair it really fits her character. She’s just a cute banshee working in the shadows. Just remember Legion and what she did with Helya or that Valkyr. We will notice what she did when we meet her :slight_smile:



I actually think its pretty cool that Blizzard have managed to make her such a persistent influence with such little time dedicated to her.

Even those mysterious shades you occasionally run into that a barely visible and disappear after a moment help to reinforce a feeling that she is never actually that far away.

Though it may be accidental, since with the sheer omnipresence of Jaina in this expansion I have grown to really dislike the mage. Appreciating Sylvanas and disliking Jaina is probably the opposite of what Blizz were going for.


Hated Jaina since she friendzoned Kael’thas. Blizz made the same mistakes as they did with Thrall. Nobody likes Superheros who show up, save the Alliance, save Anduin, Greymane etc. and are basically godlike.


In Orgimmar, not doing anything that could help the Horde win the war as usual.


Oh come one little void elf. She is the reason why we are winning


Technically we’re now drawing, after Azshara destroyed both of our fleets. Alliance had started to win after the Battle of Dazar’alor, now we’re on even footing once again. Like, yeah it sucks we lost a big chunk of the vessels we had left. But the Alliance lost, what? Three times as many?

Though I do wonder how much of that was Sylvanas’ plan and how much of it came from Xal… Or at least, the dagger that once contained her. Who knows what speaks through it now?

<Cough> N’zoth <Cough>


How would that work? The Horde is not winning, and Sylvanas is doing nothing to change that.


It’s not about who has the bigger fleet. Every major battle we fought for or with her resulted in our favor or as a total win for the horde. Gilneas, Lordaeron, Teldrassil, etc.


The Horde lost in Gilneas.

Saurfang was the one who planned the invasion of Teldrassil, and the plan only succeeded because he found a way through the mountains of Darkshore. Sylvanas could not even complete her own objective of taking down Malfurion without his aid. And even then, the who operation ended in failure as Sylvanas decided to burn down Teldrassil, rather than seize it, thus preventing her from accomplishing the goal of the invasion, which was to take the tree to prevent the Alliance from attacking them, and creating conflict between Gilneas and Darnassus.

Lastly, Lordaeron was no one’s victory. The Alliance failed to end the war, and the Horde lost their major stronghold on the continent. Oh, and the factions are locked in a conflict which the Alliance is still winning because they have the Night Elf fleet and the Horde is on the precipice of a civil war.

So pray tell, which battle has she won?

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The objective was to kill Malfurion and then use Teldrassil as bait/hostage to force the Alliance to surrender, when all hope seems lost. But that plan failed thanks to Saurfang not being able to finish the most simple and easiest orders every soldier learns by the books in training. Malfurion returned safe and sound to Stormwind and the Night Elfs still had hope left since their greatest hero was still alive and Alliance reinforcments from Stormwind on the way to breach the Horde blockade. So Sylvanas did the one thing to cripple the Night Elves(as people) permanent. Burning the Tree and the future of the species with it.


No, the objective, as stated by Sylvanas herself, was to capture Teldrassil, and use it to ward off the Alliance and drive a wedge between Gilneas and Darnasuss. She even said it would work if Malfurion was alive.

She never stated Teldrassil would be used to make the Alliance surrender. You just made that up.

The plan did not fail, and even if it did, Sylvanas had just as much responsibility for not killing Malfurion. The idiot Warchief just assumed the plan failed with Malfurions survivial, because she was to stupid to make a contingency plan, assumed the people of Teldrassil would be too unruly, and never explained why that would make the plan fail. She had no proof the plan failed. She did not even try to capture Teldrassil to find out. She just assumed so, without evidence, like if her name was Erevien, and burned it.

There was no more Alliance on the way to any breach, none who could get there in time, you jsut made that up, and there is no evidence Malfurion’s death would have made a difference.

The whole point of demoralizing the Night Elves was to make holding Teldrassil easier. She literally burned Teldrassil to make the tree easier to take. That is too dumb to even conprehend.

Though I guess we cannot expect the biggest Sylvanas bootlicker on the forums to understand basic logic if it makes his undead waifu look bad. Sylvanas could shoot your character in the face, and you would ask for another. Oh sorry, her real name is Yogg-Saron, I forgot.