Which class are you maining in Fresh?

Greetings folks!

This topic is not whether
you believe fresh will happen or not.

This is purely based on if it happens,
then which class are you gonna main, and why?
Are you gonna try a class you never played before?
Are you gonna prio PVE or PVP or both?
Which zones are your personal favorites?
Do you enjoy clearing all quests
as a completionist using Questie addon?

I’ll start off by throwing out my marks.

I will main an Dwarf Priest, going holy,
and will keep my groups alive no matter what!
I’m a huge completionist, my biggest passion is not getting geared, its clearing zones.
I can spend days of effort to clear grey quests with almost to nothing as reward, simply to have it completed.

Here’s the progress on my previous toon,
Will surpass that in fresh for sure! (:


(If you’re interested , download the latest version of Questie addon, and type /questie journey to find out everything there is on each map, professions, battlegrounds and dungeons.)

This is 100% accurate and based on blizzards database.
(Do not blame me if you become addicted)

My favorite zones are definitely Westfall, Un’goro and Duskwood.

Keep it rolling with a positive atmosphere!


If it happens I will not be playing it. That’s my choice.


Just a fresh vanilla would not be enough to make me play again on official server.

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Undecisive, I like them all. But the cool thing about fresh Vanilla is that melee classes aren’t useless and undesirable in raids, so pretty much no matter what you play, you can find raid spots. It’s a beautiful thing compared to TBC.


I will main a protection paladin aiming for Thunderfury.

But honestly I probably won’t play Vanilla again so soon. Maybe after WotLK…?

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If someone said to me all realms except fresh classic are closing, I would roll a shaman, probably orc.

I think that’s the kind of thing you wanted.

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We can only assume that this fresh wont be identical to our previous, based on the surveys Blizzard has some ideas in their sleeve.
If i remember correct, 1.12 was a prepatch to TBC and therefore were “easier” in order for everyone to catch up in a quicker pace.

When they add the statement of difficulty being increased PLUS remove World Buffs in raids, imagine the change, i can see ahead that the we’re gonna get rekt by bosses Berserk status.
I say this in a positive way, bigger challenge, more rewarding.

But with these changes in mind, you guys still don’t feel the slightest excitement at all?
Fresh start, fresh market, fresh community.

This is not at all appealing to me. I don’t play vanilla for the difficulty, if I want difficulty, I play dark souls. I play vanilla to go for a walk with friends and a beer. Not to have the RL shout at players.

I don’t think the tropism for “difficulty” in the vocal part of the community is the global point of view, or demand, of players. It would incentivize bad conduct, like over-optimization, refusal of half the classes and spec, people breaking down on discord, etc. like we see in TBC. Not a positive change imo.

Moreover, I like the world buff gameplay. It incentivizes global cooperation, pvp, makes the journey relevant, and the old raids relevant too. It rewards rerolling and new players, by making them feel important to the community. It is part of the features which make the world feel alive and the community a whole instead of juxtaposed players.
The chronoboon is a good compromise, no need to remove all the mechanic (as it would lessen the community feel and gameplay).

I think modernism thinking doesn’t understand what makes old mmorpg design feel so good and is targeting and removing all its main components. I think the main complaints we heard are misguided and go against the production of an immersive mmorpg experience.

Modern players ask for a convenient single player experience, while old mmorpg design is all about immersive world with necessary cooperation between players at a large scale.

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Keep it as he is , nothing need to be changed , if this is the case , play tbc or retail ! I will play hunter I think , I played warrior which is great but painful to lvl :grimacing:


Not going to start over, especially not on doused down fresh, I’m staying on Classic Era. If forced at gunpoint, I would try one of the race/class combos I have not tried as yet: Mage (all races), Tauren Druid, Orc Warloc, NE Warrior, Dwarf Paladin. But never any Rogues - and only PvE server.
But if you closed all Era servers and made only fresh, I would probably roll fresh TBCC characters instead.

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No one cares what you think Dottie :slight_smile:

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See you in De Shire (12 days)


Yeah, it seems to very individual here.
Ive got 6x 60s and i still haven’t had enough, loving the game too much :fire:


I love the game to much too… on p-serv.
I said fresh would not be sufficient to make me play on official again. Blizz would have to present a real unique and better offer than what p-serv provides to get my money. It is the rule of economic competition.

i main all classes cause its will be FRESH

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Haha yeah, see how many im gonna roll, but for now, healer role. I never tried it back in 2006, but now it feels so right after fixing mouseover macros, addons and so on :slight_smile: im a healer by blood :grin:

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