Which Covenant to stand for as Horde?

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I don’t play in any RP realm, but I like to build backgrounds for my characters.

So far from what I have been reading for SL expansion, it seems some choices are clear for the Alliance.
If you fight for the light, meaning Anduin or Velen, Kyrian is the obvious choice.
If you fight for the forces of nature Tyrande, Malfurion, Night Fae is the obvious choice.

Venthyr seems mandatory if you play a BE.
Because Kael’thas is there.

Necrolords seems more in line with Deathknights.

I have ten characters and I can’t decide where to put them:

BEs: Paladin, Warrior, Hunter, DH, Monk, Mage.
Join Kael’thas in the Venthyr or join the Kyrian or Night Fae as Honorable Horde ?

Troll Hunter (this character) - servant of Bwomsamdi and loyal to Vol’Jin and Rokhan.

Orc Warrior - follower of Thralls ideals.

Forsaken priest - Light priest.

Orc Goblin - Mercenary, paid by the highest bidder.

Where would you send them ?

Edit: I misspelled my last class.
It isn’t Orc Goblin. :frowning_face:
I meant Goblin Rogue.

Thanks for your attention.

For my part I will aproach this from a very grim perspective; after presented the fact what potentially could await them, my characters would join the team they most likely would end up if ever will be judged (and face it, they will eventually die^^) by the Arbiter
And almost all of then would land in Revendreth, so makaing some deals and some name for themselve among the Venthyr is the most logical choice (so if ever arrives there, could collect some old debts)

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Pretty much this entire post will consist of spoilers, such is kinda the nature of this topic… you have been warned.

Orc Warrior I would say Necrolords. Blizzard described them as "not evil per say" but putting a lot of value in strength and might, which... Sounds pretty Orcish. Plus, as you mention him, Thrall's mother is among them.
Forsaken Priest Given you mention they follow the Light, most likely the Kyrian? Now, you mention it's an obvious choice for characters like Velen or Anduin, but it might be worth mentioning that Uther right now seems to play the part of the bad guy in their storyline. Yes, I'm as confused as you are, don't shoot the messenger. It's worth noting the zone is unfinished so there could be a huge PLOT TWIST coming, but it's a huge wtf either way. Nobbel has a video on it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2DkVcGicMc
Orc Goblin I assume you did an oopsie but as I have no way of telling what class the character actually is I'll just roll with the idea of a generic Orc/Goblin mercenary who kills stuff for gold. They could probably end up with the Venthyr. Blizzard described them as the place where souls that don't really have a "purpose" in which they can serve the Shadowlands end up in, so someone who didn't have too much of a personal moral compass could probably land here.
Troll Hunter The trickiest one. Depending on how close she is to her animal companions, I would say Night Fae. There is the added benefit there that I believe the entrance to Mueh'zala's dungeon is located in their zone, though she'd have no way of knowing this beforehand. Why is this a benefit? You mention she is loyal to Bwonsamdi. Well, alpha lore reveals that Mueh'zala is in league or at least working with the Jailer and Sylvanas -- who have attempted to assassinate Bwonsamdi to essentially get rid of any competition for title of Loa of Death. TLDR dude has been playing Bwonsamdi and we are helping him get revenge, as far as I understand it.

Missed the list of BEs but based on the stuff above I’d say Paladin for Kyrian, Warrior for Necrolords, Mage and DH for Venthyr cause yeah, Kael’thas and Hunter for Night Fae. Ironically, I’m unsure about the Monk myself, though leaning Night Fae.

I pray the spoiler tags work, first time using them on these forums, if not I’ll delete the post asap cause yeah, heavy spoilers.

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Thanks for your replies: Dâmien and Tyrinne.

Don’t worry the spoiler tags worked.
To clarify my Goblin is a rogue, as you described very well:

I will edit on my first post to clarify it.

Also your post was nice to read.
Thank you.

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