White/Grey Gear - Some sources!

Hi! I assume a thread like this hasn’t been made already but if I’m wrong, I apologise - just link it and I’ll post a reply there instead.

With the arrival of a whole new bunch of transmogs next(?) reset, I thought it might be a good idea to list a few vendors, quests and so on that can provide transmogs that were otherwise difficult to obtain or outright impossible previously.

  • Starting zones.
    Though this is applicable to all races (as I believe we’re getting a vendor that sells off the old class starter sets) this notably applies to Goblins, Worgen and Pandaren who all have unique gear that was previously unmoggable.

  • Vendors
    There’s a lot of these from weapon and armour vendors in most city zones (Org/Stormwind/Dala etc) that work well for either civillian appearances or just that general low-level adventurer vibe. Aside from those, there’s vendors like Wind Trader Tuluman in Outland who sells weapons that were previously unusable, or Gryrmpech in Thaldraszus who sells gardening tools (I’m not sure if these differ from the WoD ones, but I never played much of WoD so for people like me it allows a bypass)
    There are also florists that sell flowers that fit into the off-hand slot if you have a character who is more florally inclined!

    There’s also the return of starter gear sets and items now sold in Stormwind/Orgrimmar - not including worgen, goblin or pandaren.

Personally I’m looking forward to seeing some of these new appearances and having them actually be usable in content!

All links from replies

Blood Elf Bandit Mask - Drops from Blood Elf Bandits on Azuremyst Isle.
Battle Worn Gauntlets - Quest reward from the Draenei starting zone, quest starter also dropped by the same bandits. Also has Mail, Leather and Cloth hands that also don’t seem to be otherwise transmoggable.
Shadowlands Crafted Legendaries - Basically the same as getting Mythic pieces from Sanctum of Domination, but are much easier to obtain.
Thomas Yance - Old Hillsbrad Foothills instance NPC - Sells a variety of white items that I believe are the old starting gear for priests, mages and warlocks, as well as a few BoE shirts.
Black Embersilk Gown - Created through Cataclysm Tailoring, also purchasable on the Auction House.
Dalaran Wizard Robes - Drops from Ambermill NPCs in Silverpine.
Burglars Vest - The same model as some of the goblin starter gear, but available in cloth rather than mail. Looted from a chest in Spires of Arakk.
Crumbling Ceremonial Vestments - BoP Cloth Chest that drops primarily from Steve McClory in Aszuna.

Other information:


Rommath roleplay, let’s goooo




Not a source but pertinent.


With this thread, I have to be the bearer of ill news. While they have announced this, they have also made a subtle change to something people expected.

The Arclight Spanner has been changed from a piece of direct weapon equipment into a piece of profession equipment, meaning, it will most likely not be available for transmog, so, I suggest you utilize the method of triggering profession gear to appear without some unwanted pieces if you wish to use it.

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I am still trying to get this.

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I cannot promise but there is a chance that I may have hoarded one or two of these pairs. I can have a look later for you, currently, dinner is to be handled.

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Here are some bad news your way: White versions of event gear are now event bound and my dreams of wearing a cute dress all year long are shattered forever.

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Oh no worries! Thank-you so much if you do have another.

I tried farming them gloves but to no avail.

Event gear presumably being things like Hallow’s End and Noblegarden? Just to be clear. Also I’ll be updating the OP a little later with some of the links/info provided!

Yes, the world events :slight_smile:

Screenie: prnt.sc/RZTydGOVIqre

if you want a base model for broom, pitchfork and shovel or similar, there is a merchant in warlord’s shadowmoon valley in the farm area of the town of Elodor

And lets not forget the secret merchant who sells old-school starter gear shirts in the dungeon of Escape from Durnhold.
he travels the road between the two main towns in the Old Hillsbrad zone.

He also sells some starter gear there too! Gonna add these all to the original post.

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Remember the Ethereal Soul-Trader! Has anyone tested that gear yet on PTR?

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I hope so! The fullbody bandages could definitely have their usage.

This and all the other common dresses; dangui, hanbok, wedding dress, etc etc.

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Notable that the gown as well as the haliscan outfit are made via professions rather than vendored, so if you have a character that has the relevant prof then you can probably save a fair bit of money over buying it on the Auction House.

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its confirmed? to be transmogabble?

It seems to be, given that it’s listed on the PTR as Bind on Equip!

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