Who do you think will be next and maybe last boss?


Hi, i want ask you about your opinion. My opinion Is that we will get raid like trial of valor with xalatath and as a final raid will be raid where malganis will be final boss, because we need to know who Is boss of bwomsamdi and who whispered to voljin. I think that who whispered to voljin was nzoth, because of that we are now in nazjatar with cure but also deadly weapon for our world. Who do you think? I dont think that Sylvanas will be villain… She is maybe evil in our eyes but that was also illidan in TBC and now he warden prison of Sargeras.

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Ion, probably.


Most likly sylvannas then n’zoth.
They seem to like villain batting the horde and not having actual diffrence for loyalists anyway.


Probably N’zoth, but we won’t kill him.


8.1 was Jaina, 8.2 will be Azshara, so the last one will be Sylvanas. The warbringers…

No Idea if as actual boss or a raid mechanic… Just in case it will be the second guess: prepare to hold N’zoth back while the goody ol’ shoe Sylvanas will channel the power of Something to kill/imprison the Old God. While she is about to fail, the united leaderz of Horde and Alliance will come to help us…

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And we won’t be fighting Sylvanas.
But what if blizzard decided to make another completely new character as the final boss of the expansion? As they did in legion with Argus.


Sylvanas. Probably.

Or we get another bout of her near-prophetic mind on strategy and tactics that we have to work with her. Or something.


Its very possible that we will fight vs Sylvanas in some insulting raid, but dont worry.
Warbringer Jaina - not even scratch
Warbringer Azshara - propably fine too (go find her death animation on wowhead, she is tired, defetead, but not death at all)
So im not afraid of my Warchief life, maybe we will face her in some raid like Battle of Dazar’alor, but she will be fine ;).


I also believe, Azshara will survive, but her kill animation means nothing, Just imagine, we bring her to 0% she is tired (your animation plays) and releases N’zoth in animated cutscene. He is so pissed that he smashes her with his tentacles to death.

As for Sylvanas, wasn’t it already confirmed, that she will not die?


I would be genuinely excited for new villains. It might be just an impression, but I sometimes feel like Blizzard kills off more baddies than it generates. I like that BFA gave us G’huun and Ashvane, but they were kind of a one-expansion thing–I feel it would be great to see new villains rise to power and become a recurring threat.

As for the question itself, I think the final boss of BFA will be… I don’t know, actually. Way too many options. The most likely choice seems to be either N’zoth or perhaps a Void Lord of some kind. Or Bwon’s boss? Something to tie BFA with the future expansion which I expect to be either Void or Death-based.

Although, knowing Blizzard, I’m concerned that they will instead throw something ridiculous at us. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Sylvanna will not be that is for sure 100% They say will never make her character like that. So I think there will no be last boss only scenario something will continue. We will let free N’zoth 100%


and none of them is gona die, atleast thats what it seems to be, jaina survives, Azhara wont die eighter, and if Sylvanas is next, most likely she wont die eighter.


This is World of WARcraft do not confuse it with World of LOVEcraft. Sylvanas is perfect.



I miss ignore fucntion of old forum for people that says tupid crap.


Im sorry for your loss, still the game is called world of Warcraft and its bound to have a war between the 2 factions.


There is this function.

  • Click on your icon on top right side
  • Select gear symbol
  • Click preferences scroll down to mute list

Nevermind misunderstood you


im fine with war of faction but not Horde bad,alliance pure good can do wrong. and now we have to team up again(after teldrasil).
Next expec repeat same .

And when its actully morally grey between both sides as they promsied not villain batting 1 and doing all to make other seem pure good and have to horde and blamign evrything again on the warchief. And having this horrible horibly writtign conflict of bfa.

Nught elves aprently got revenge for teldrasil by killing 1valk and tyrande and malf cant use their godlike powers at all. and Anduin is somehow still Alliance leader and Jaine now wants to work with horde after just killing rastakhan.




You guys over there still praise the LK’s GH that still have wet dreams bout him and that is still the dalaran butcher. Shall i start bringing all the things up? No theres no such thing “good” in both factions. Its a game.

After the tree, alliance invaded undercity and destroyed it, invaded dazalor killed the king and stole off treasures… What more your good faction shall do?

There is no morally grey my friend its a game, dont forget Jaina…All the spacegoats @ sargeras staff…The Lich king that alliance brought up to power then horde helped them to get rid off, forgot?

Your revenge is stated up, read it and it was worst from burning the druid RP tree.

Well hes another confused alliance character :wink:


Nzoth or sylvanas.

Fighting sylvanas in the burnt out husk of teldrassil sounds pretty dope tbh.