Who do you think will be next and maybe last boss?

(Leíá) #21

Sylvanas is likely, and I think she might die again - but here’s the rob - her last three Val’kyr will raise her.
She had 4 at the start of BFA and Tyrande killed one and here is where I think their stories might intertwine as they seem to be going down the route of life (night elves) vs death (forsaken.)

An extension to this must continue for both Tyrande and Sylvanas.


Sometime good can to more harm than pure evil, because most likely good is team with ignorance and ignorance equally disaster…or vice versa!
So Alliance was ignorance and ppl dont see it but they r create bad Arthas . What Arthas do? Wipe all… Anyone help Silvermoon? No… I can continue more :joy:
There is chain of some bad decision because they r PURE GOOD :face_with_raised_eyebrow: What could or cost us all!


i know Alliance has its bad things but thats not how theyre written generly(forgotten or whitewashed/forgiven) and thats how writers wanna portray them anyway


I get that but there is sooo much blind ppl who just dont understand or dont really want to understand it. I have characters on Alliance and Horde, play with both lore just to see what story is like…


Of course we know. We will fight Void Lord possessed Anduin and Ke… Sylvanas will save us by assaulting him in his keep with noble Dark Rangers and united Azeorth forces. After we kill him she honorably hands over Stormwind to Humans. Undead Humans…


I suspect N’zoth will be the last boss of the final raid - unless he goes on to escape and become the big bad for the next expansion. In which case, sadly, Sylvanas is the last logical opponent to face. Will that mean she dies? Dunno. Maybe. But I suspect even if we kill her, she’ll simply be rezzed.

<Places tinfoil hat on head>

Unless Azeroth becomes corrupted and we kill her…

(Aeula) #27

Sylvanas in the Siege of Thunder Bluff knowing Blizzard, they’re really trying to push the MoP 2.0 narrative.


could also be xalathat, that is the last boss of the expansion, or even Nathanos, he has the dagger what might corrupt him, and Sylvanas takes Azharas place, what seems to be hinted, when you are in crusible, n´zoth says she might be the first but she is not the last.


No one of those! Xalathat especially… She will be mayor char in next expansion like Tyrande I think! Xalathat is for me like some neutral char like ying yang. But I think she will be closely to Tyrande story in next expansion. For Sylvanas future I can tell it is not finish death but something it is…and it is not to be raid boss! Nathanos is char that would be in game forever xD Blizzard can not kill all chars that you hate guys… Imagine wow without chars to make drama how would be like :thinking: If all was like Baine…old Saurfang…morally boring :neutral_face:


I’m hoping this doesn’t happen but blizzard has the subtlety of a bulldozer.

(Erevien) #31

Plottwist. Sylvanas takes advantage of the stupidity of our heroes who all gathered in Thunderbluff with friends and armies and heads straight for Stormwind. Making good on her original plan from the novel again.

(Scripps) #32

Helya, or C’thun whom has being unwittingly empowered by Hearthstone players for all this time (wherever he is). Besides we could get a great callback to a 13 year old whisper of “Your heart will explode.”

Or, N’Zoth. He’ll erupt through Bloodhoof Village to the awe and horror of the combinded forces of Alliance and Horde. Sylvanas foresaw this for she is always 17 steps ahead in her episodic game of 4d chess.

I honestly feel that Sylvanas or N’Zoth is too obvious. Then I remember Teldressil’s whodunnit.

(Erevien) #33

Each Warbringer has been a final boss of one of the raids so far. So really, don’t hold your breath on this one, Blizzard loves to be obvious and predictable.


Fixed it for you!

Baine in the aftermath

Err…we was trick’d!

(Erevien) #35

Literally nothing of this was ever connected to her plot. Stop confusing the Lich King brat with our dark lady. Baine. Your lack of history knowledge is disturbing.


But you see, Blizzard love ‘surprises’ and repeated plot lines! Sylvanas echoing the Lich King from atrocity to atrocity, willing to sacrifice everything for their aims. Heavily hinted MC Forsaken (Night Elf dark Rangers? Attempting to break Derek? Mass Blight on her orders) This is right up their alley. :smile:


while telling its totally not mop 2.0 aswell.


When I snitch team rocket squad that is on mission Baine 2019 to Nathanos, after successful mission… He basically told me that Super Sylvana have future next mission that will put on test my loyalty. So I think next step is burning Thunder Bluff or Stormwind … I hope I will not forget to bring marshmallow :fire: :oden:


Sylvanas :slight_smile:



Might as well say it. She’s a useless speed bump ending up helping the enemy one too many times.

Alternatively, DK Tirion or DK Uther as they attempt to stop us being ‘useful idiots’ for the Void.