Who do you think will be next and maybe last boss?

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Azeroth (the titan…we talk about the titan). Now observe as I explain the grand scheme™ of things:

  • Sometime before the invasion of the Burning Legion Sylvanas made a secret pact with N’zoth. The reasons for this will be explained shortly.

  • The invasion happens, Vol’jin dies and N’zoth whispers to him in order to make Sylvanas the new warchief of the Horde. This was also a part of their secret pact.

  • Now let’s talk about Sylvanas ultimate goal: She wants to resurrect Azeroth as a Titan of Death. She hopes that firstly she will be granted immortality, and secondly she hopes to create a bulwark against the Void simply because if Azeroth is consumed by it she will die as well.

  • This explains her second secret pact with Helya. She wanted to gather more Val’kyrs hoping that she could collect enough ‘death energy’ to potentially raise a titan. Greymane (praise him) somewhat accidentally was able to stop it.

  • Now N’zoth comes back in: Sylvanas hopes that by freeing the Old God Azeroth would die. However now Sargeras stabs Azeroth. Ironically this only helped the plans from N’zoth and Sylvanas as the titan is now weakened and defenseless. Azerite now appears.

  • N’zoth and Sylvanas both realize the potential of the blood of the titan, but both want to use it for their own ends: N’zoth wants to corrupt it with Void energy, while Sylvanas wants to empower it with death. Both want to use it on Azeroth.

  • “The Light has struck a bargain with the enemy of all.” A third party now comes in: The Light. Somehow the Naaru got wind of N’zoth and the fact that he wants to create a void titan. So they made another pact with the forces of death in order to fight them. This pact is also the reason why “Light undead” exist. It’s part of the bargain between them.

  • Back to Azeroth: The Champions got the Heart of Azeroth. The Champions now gather the Azerite…which is needed for Sylvanas and N’zoth plans. The plans require that both factions are at war to get the right people to the right places and the right times, so Sylvanas jumpstarts a world war. It’s easier to order around certain people during a war.

  • Now Xal’atah comes in: Originally she was a servant of N’zoth, however for some unknown reason he punished her by putting her into a dagger. She wants to be free once again, so she uses the champion in order to do so.

  • This however is part of N’zoths masterplan: Xal’atah is nothing more than an unimportant pawn, which he used to get closer to the champions potentially corrupting some of them while at least one champion of the Horde is influenced enough so that he/she brings the dormant dagger to Sylvanas.

  • The dagger is now used as a ‘torch’ to find Nazjatar. Aszhara is fully aware of the entire plan and plays along, but she has her own interests. She wants to free N’zoth as well…but under her own terms. A queen will not bow to some tentacle monster.

  • This is the moment where everything backfires on everyone: The Horde is now in open rebellion against Sylvanas, robbing her of her resources and power base, N’zoth chains are weakened but not fully destroyed which in turn allows Magni and the Champions to maybe come up with some plan, while Aszhara…is either turned into a complete pawn of N’zoth as she tried to betray him or killed.

  • Now the grand finale begins: With the chains becoming weaker, the Void now closes in to the core of Azeroth (potentially destroying parts of the planets surface). Everyone now wants to reach the core. Sylvanas and her followers use Xal’atah to find a way down there, while the Champions and Alliance and Horde tag along with Magni entering the literal ‘Heart of Azeroth’ (the planets core).

  • The finale act begins. The big three way battle between the Champions, N’zoth and Sylvanas. As soon as the Void reaches the core (where we see a slumbering Azeroth) the titan dies (just as Sylvanas hoped) and the corruption begins. Sylvanas comes over and tells us about her plan: Using an undead Azeroth as a bulwark against the Void. As we have no other option at the moment we agree to help her. Using the Heart of Azeroth, the Azerite and the necrotic energies we resurrect Azeroth as a Titan of Death.

  • She then continues to crush N’zoth, but it comes with a price: The different cosmic energies inside her, and the fact that she is a young titan has driven her mad. These extremely powerful energies corrupt both Sylvanas and Magni (Sylvanas because she’s an undead, Magni because he has a direct connection to her). So we now have to fight against her, Sylvanas and Magni in the biggest battle of our lives. We fight against the literal World of Warcraft.

  • The outcome can go in any potential way. The world is destroyed, Azeroth is saved, Sylvanas dies or makes a heroic sacrifice.

Hire me Blizzard.


It should be Sylvanas … we fought Jaina , soon Azshara and then should be Sylvanas the last one . Warbringers


Why not, if she escapes as the dalaran butcher did id be happy to see it and the forum warriors whine about her not dying.

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Tomorrow we’ll probably know…


Well Jaina escaped … Azshara too … Sylvanas it’s on her way to do it too :blush:


I don’t think any of the three Warbringers™ will be killed off this xpac tbh. Jaina obviously survived BfD and there’s no reason for her to die later. Sylvanas…don’t need to go into detail for that one. Azshara…did we ever get confirmation that they weren’t gonna kill her off, despite the similar positioning as Gul’dan in Legion?


Three major characters surviving the raid they are in, now that would be good storywriting! /s


What, you thought this xpac had good writing? :scream_cat:

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Sorry Night Elf fans. I’m changing my vote to the Night Warrior herself, Tyrande. She’s going to realise she has some common ground with Squiddly Diddly after War of Thorns, and strikes a deal with the imprisoned Naga queen.*

*Still don’t want it to be something predictable.


Double-edged blade, I say.

I do want actual characters with more life expectancy than a single raid, after all. Double-edge in that… they’re not exactly THE characters I want alive for it.


them surviving if its a estalblished character is Always better (well almost Always you never know how bad their story telling is gonna be) then them showing up with basicly no explination adn hey im suddenly a raidboss now.


I vote that the last boss (so one raid tier after N’Zoth) will be Sylvanas in the Voidwell. N’Zoth will be revealed to be just a small part of the ever present Void threat.


I say we kill n’zoth and all other gods next patch. and thus were forever done with them and 9.0 the old world will finnaly be rebuild from cataclysm and more local stuff is your biggest worry not billionth world ending super god/being in a row.
And we for once stop killing horde leaders over and over or sotp with bad/evil/insane warchief crap.

Oh and kill all gnomes and the baine following tauren

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