Who thought M+ changes was a good idea?

Nah but like.

this game have had 20000 issues, but one thing A LOT of people always enjoyed for the most part was mythic plus. it was really popular in legion and even more popular in bfa.

so what does blizzard do:

  1. nerf the amount of loot, which is, if some twisted way, at least explainable by some people. bEcAuSe rAiDs dRoP lEsS lOoT aS wElL. but when you compare it to things like pvp, where you can literally get the piece you want, with stats you want, its a lil unfair no?

  2. ilvl of the gear. now this one’s even more disgusting and sad. mythic plus 11 drops 203 ilvl loot, a world quest drops 197 ilvl gear :)) nah but like. did someone sit down at blizz HQ and was like “aight lads how do we ruin M+ as much as possible?” because it feels like someone did think a lot about how to mutilate Mythic plus as much as possible. like a content that requires 30 minutes on average rewards you with 35 anima and if you’re lucky you might get a loot that is 6 ilvls higher than world quest loot, as well as 6 ilvls higher of pvp honor loot that you can farm by being afk in battlegrounds.

like…??? how did someone thought this was a good idea, then showed this idea to the rest of the team and they were like “yeee that’s a dope idea bro” like how is this lack of professionalism even possible.

there’re 87 things they could do to make Mythic plus more rewarding, fun to run and all the good stuff.

  1. make higher keys more rewarding? like if you raid mythic you get 226-233 ilvl, if you do pvp you get 226+ ilvl loot, but what’s wrong with having mythic plus reward loot for high keys that are extremely hard and would be fit to reward corresponding loot

  2. add more cosmetics to higher keys, glad mounts go away with tier, but mythic raid mounts are farmable and mythic plus only rewards mounts that can be obtained by anyone and everyone on 15 keys but nothing above it.

  3. aight IF YOU REALLY REALLY want to stuff my mouth with anima, at least reward us more. bfa was awful and disgusting expansion but I didnt have to worry about farming azerite because at least i got it from dungeons but with anima you dont even get a proper amount, 3-4 dungeons give same anima as 1 world quest :joy:

??? fix the game and stop trying to fix what’s not broken?? like how simple is that and why do I have to explain this basic knowledge


I can only agree, I think it’s laughable that m15 rewards less than heroic and especially when you go up from 15 it’s not even the gear reward you’re doing it for anymore, because the difficulty is way out of proportion relative to the loot you’re getting. They could’ve at least let the higher keys give more anima.

The way it is right now m+ is a weekly vault generator, which just feels wrong if you’re not into raiding or pvp.


Yup, i have been saying this since the loot tables were out.


HAve to agree, they seem to have messed up mythic plus big time on this expansion.

I think the issues boil down to overturning the dungeons themselves and nerfing the ilvl of the end of dungeon drops. Both symptomatic of blizzard trying to cater to hardcore players at the expense off everyone else.

Mythic plus already had issues around elitism and toxicity, Blizzard successfully aggravated both problems. Gg.

I don’t bother with it generally now as games really are supposed to be fun. I do sometimes look at the queue thinking I will give it a go and what I see is, not many groups in general and hardly any keys below about 7.

All this seems to have been done to try to boost raiding popularity. Maybe they should accrept that lots either don’t have time to raid or just find it tedious. So make some options and let people choose instead of trying to force players who aren’t interested in raids into them…


Mythic+ is not end game and the very easily obtainable 226 piece from vault should be brought down to maybe 213 or even 210. Aso, azerite and anima are not comparable at all.

M+ has been endgame since it got introduced in legion.


It’s been a little fun activitity to do with you pals occasionally and now it’s balanced greatly so high end players are not feeling forced to run over 9000 keys a week.

For a lot of players it is the main activity at max level.

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no point arguing with heroic raiders :joy: :joy:

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Yeah that’s cool. Some people like m+, some collecting stuff, some do pet battle etc. and now Blizzard has changed the rewards to almost where they should be. Just the weekly wault should get a nerf now.

again with this nonsense.

If you think heroic raid is that good, go on. Give it a go.

Enjoy its mediocre at best weekly vault drop and it’s even more mediocre drop chance.

And to top it all off, It requires more coordination, takes more time to complete and has a weekly limit, while mythic+ is spammable.

If you think mythic+ is bad, then you clearly didn’t pay attention to raid gear.


I also want to higher the droprate in raids. But i thought the topic was about M+.

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Heroic raiding is way easier than even 15s dude


So this is so frustrating, I do loads of m+ and what is it for ? 35 anima for 30 to 40 min, +5 ilvl boost (6 in 1 dg if you are lucky). Raids also gives very less amount of items. Also i wont mention non-guild runs, literally for 1 complete run you will get probably 1 item, maybe 0.

My main point is BLIZZARD forces players to PVP. With being more than 1400+ cr you can easily get solid 207+ 213+ to 226+ full gear. Then why would i f***n grind m+ and raids ?

Man isn’t this game is popular for pve? Why the hell i have to pvp and get cancer? I just want my efforts to be rewarding. Even if you are m+20 pursuer you have to wear pvp gears.

This is so frustrating man so frustrating… We have to wait 1 week for some rng item.

PLEASE please please fix that.


Even if it was the easiest content in the game to pug, it’s a 15% loot drop chance vs mythic+'s 40% chance. It’s only 3 ilvls better. And it’s weekly capped. And it has worse vault rewards. And it takes longer to prep for, due to needing to bring more people in, dealing with people leaving, someone failing one mechanic, etc.

So by all means. If you think it’s easier to do and rewards you better, have fun with good gear. I’m not wasting my time with raiding. Not unless i have a guild, specifically planning on gearing each and every single person up in that said raid. And that only works until you’re like 213 and then it’s either mythic raid or back to mythic+.

I haven’t raided this expansion either, but I’m telling you heroic raids don’t even come close to higher level keys. So why does it reward so little?

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they come pretty close.

Have a good team, and mythic 15 becomes a piece of cake to do. Have a bad team and you’ll struggle at a 7.

Same concept for heroic raid. Go join a random pug to see for yourself.

That only works if he can join to a Heroic raid. Without ilvl +210 no1 would pick him up even if he has a achiv. Raids are almost impossible to enter as a pug without overgeared lvl

I’m not just talking about 15’s I feel they’re somewhat easy to do this week (still harder than heroic). I’m talking about going beyond as well. Even without mistakes and reasonable dps m18+ becomes rly hard to complete in time. I feel rewards should have gone gradually up from 15 onwards. So like 18+ could drop 216 etc etc.

As of right now as someone who’s missed a few weeks of shadowlands and who’s only doing m+ catching up is really difficult even tho I’m doing 17’s in time. And I’m kinda stuck around 213 atm. M+ is just really unrewarding.

who cares about beyond? They’re basically only meant for flexing. They’re not worth anything special.