Who to target?

Hello everybody ! It is I, your friendly Pvp-Noob.
My Question for today is, how do I decide which Target to focus first ? Like, who is my primary target. I don’t really find any vids on youtube, so I ask the mighty forums of wow for a bit of assistance !

I need more details are you playing 2s 3s ? what comp do you play mostly?

I mainly play in 3s and I play a fury. Dont have a set group, always jumping in LFG. But I am open for every piece info regardless of 2s or 3s. More knowledge = better

If there is caster melee go caster if there is melee cleave go on the one who is more squishy like ww and dh flop in stuns.

Vs caster cleaves if there is affli in game you go affli so he doesn’t free cast and affli also flops.

Practice = priority targets changing often.

Rules of thumb, assuming you play warr

  1. Most uptime
  2. Least durable
  3. Most disruptable

Go by that priority and then the rest comes from experience/watching others. There’s never a “true” target, swaps are often made and exceptions make target A more appealing to hit than B sometimes, but the majority of the time, if you do the above priority, you’re doing it right.


What you play determines what is good to target as well. For example, which healer class/spec you’re playing with can change the target that’s best to hit as a dpser.

But it’s like Karanze mentioned, forming basic principles to follow is best. Regardless of what you play, you want to maximize output by taking into account what they can do to stop you as well as what the one(s) you’re playing with can do to help you in which way(s).
A very oversimplified example of that is if you’re playing as a warrior with a mage vs. a boomie and mage in a 2v2, you generally want to stick like glue on top of the boomie and just get him down.
Because the boomie got no immunity, and the mage on your team can do his CC on the opposing mage but the mage on your team can’t CC the boomie that well, which is why boomie naturally becomes a better target in that matchup.

But if you’re playing warrior+mage+healer in 3v3, vs. rogue+boomie+healer, then you as a warr can create more space by locking down the rogue and disrupting his output. Because your mage and healer will want to prioritize the CC on the opposing healer, with more inconsistent CC on the boomie. (I’d still want to go for boomie though, but it depends on the cross-CC potential by the mage and healer on your team.)

However, these examples follows the umbrella of the “Most uptime” point mentioned above by Karanze, but I mentioned them because what you play and what you’re facing affects what is good to target or not as well, and then positioning can affect what’s good to target, CD on mobility abilities and so on.

There’s a lot to learn, but improving the foundations will help you get better overall and let you overcome comps you might’ve thought were impossible to beat.


if you can afford to pay,subscribe to Skillcap,there you find an entire collection of Videos specifically for your class/specc and how to play arena stept by step.

No, don’t give a penny to Skillcapped. That thing is run by one of the most delusional and clueless people in the WoW ‘community’.

The best way to learn is through watching Twitch streams.

‘What?’ In 10 char

Bigmoran. The guy is a complete clown, check his Twitter for some of the most delusional takes you’ll ever read.

Well I’ve looked the latest couple tweets, and nothing seems to be noteworthy or weird really.
What are these tweets you’re refering to?

You looked at ‘a couple of tweets’ out of over 35 thousand. Christ.

And you’re expecting me to look through 35.000 tweets to find, as you put it


As you apparently need your food fed to you on a golden spoon, here’s a few off the top of my head:

Thinks 50% MS for Mage isn’t a big deal.

Thinks RMP has the highest skill cap in the game, thinks RMP isn’t as good as 99% of everybody else thinks it is, thinks a player like Bluedrew has one of the best mindsets for arena; you can always find him saying something braindead after every tournament.

But Bigmoran isn’t the only guy making videos. Each spec has dedicated guy to make videos. Watching matchup guides by Maro will definetely help Mages as Maro is probably mechanically the best Fire Mage EU if not World. Since he played in AWC he almost never streams. It’s not that Bigmoran makes guides for every spec and yes I agree there were some biased opinions there like putting Enha before season 1 in D tier.

Bigmoran is only answering questions on discord and besides him recently I saw people like Bicmex, Zenlyn and Cavyx doing it. I remember Mystic also being more involved in it but it might not be a thing anymore.

Thanks captain obvious. Bigmoran is a co manager, meaning that he probably takes a bigger cut of the fees people pay to subscribe to that content. If you want to give your money to a guy who is ultimately an idiot, be my guest, but there is free content and free guides out there.

5 € is nothing - it’s not even a 6 pack of beers in my country. I don’t care if he gets money or not. If I’d like to learn Mage matchups I’d like to learn from Maro and that’s where I can do it. You speak like we are talking about any real money.

And if he managed to convince some of the best players that have no content available to put an effort and make these analysis then this silly money is well deserved.

There is a lot of hate in you towards other people I’ve noticed.

I’d rather use that money to buy a 6 pack than to line the pockets of a clueless idiot and people who people like you complain about on a daily basis for ruining your experience in arenas :+1:

I’d spend my time doing something more productive than dueling low mmr players and then ragewhispering them but different people like different things.