Who to target?

Yeah, some people like living on forums, playing 16 characters, being bad on every single one of them and then blaming boosters and the weather for being bad at a game that you’ve probably prioritised over real life accomplishments, all while you write essays of nonsensical garbage and virtue signalling on a daily basis. Productive, indeed.

I have to pass the crown to you though recently you post way more than me. Recently I didn’t really make any essay but your hate spread is kinda good replacement for them. Add few ragewhispers after duels here and there and you must be really busy.

445 posts vs 6600. Shush immediately.

Indeed I will be a very busy boy again when it’s time to read books on a daily, meanwhile the only thing you’ll be reading is forum posts.

We both know that you posted in the past from different char and it doesn’t count on your Priest and my Shaman was created late Cata so it’s obvious it will be more. I’m curious who posted more this season. You are literally in every topic this season spreading hate.

Also is funny how you call Bigmoran bad when he was rank 1 and you’ve never been as far as I know. Before calling someone bad achieve what he did first. Cheers.

I’ve always posted from the same character, the only thing that has changed is the name, which I have ALWAYS revealed is me.

Spreading hate is not the same as educating and correcting misinformed dragonslayers who blame everything and everybody but themselves for being awful at the game. Not my fault that you guys don’t like being told the reality of your situations and jump into a defensive mode.

In Legion you posted on your Alliance Warlock.

Anyway I wouldn’t call ragewhispers after losing duel to Feral player “educating”. Do whatever you want. You are just a toxic douchebag nothing more.

It’s also funny how Reece shown you your place. It’s funny when you get your own medicine.

Oh right you’re that desperate you’re bringing up 1 character from 6? Years ago. To put that into perspective of how much time you have wasted sitting here spewing your nonsense, I was 17 years of age back then and still in secondary school.

https ://check-pvp.fr/us/Tichondrius/Bigmoran

This is Bigmoran in 2022. His rank 1s from 8 years ago mean nothing as of now.

Damn that whole situation is really rent free in your head, huh? I really got shown my place by a ‘R1 Pala’ (who got carried by Merce last season btw) who inted 4 games in a row and then raged so hard that he had to delete his vod because he was scared he would lose his platform that provides him a McDonalds equivalent income. So put in my place!

It’s level 50 so you played it after Legion.

Still he got it you didn’t so at least have some respect to his achievments if you never reached that level.

Excuses as when you were exposed for ragewhispering in front of Stormwind xD It’s of course a conspiracy against you because you only spread love and friendship. Now you’re not that good and real life is more important? Still hi is Rank 1 Paladin and you’re neither Rank 1 Warlock nor Priest. There are people that see you as a pleb like you see these newbies who are 1500 posting on forums.

Played it is not the same as posting from it, is it?

So by your own logic he should respect my Shadowlands achievements as he never reached that level?

Surely someone even as thick as you has enough brain cells to put two and two together. If I’m the bad guy in that whole situation, then why on Earth would he delete his vod?

Nope, I’m a C yoU Next Tuesday but unlike you, I admit it. I don’t pretend I’m something I am not. As soon as somebody calls you out on your nonsensical waffle, you look for any attempt to ridicule them and are only civil with people who endorse your delusional takes.

Heartbroken. Really am. People who see me as a ‘pleb’, which is a classist slur, (classist as in the real life social status rank btw, I’m not talking about World of Warcraft classes.), are more often than not the delusional freaks such as yourself.

But there isn’t rank 1 among them. When he was rank 1 with your CR you wouldn’t even be gladiator then but anyway.

He removed it because you tilted him and nobody wants to keep vods when he really got tilted it’s obvious. I found Reece not a person that tilt that often so it’s obvious your gameplay really pissed him off.

Just from your messages we can see you are a grumpy cat sitting in front of your computer trying to compensate something.

Excuses again… As always. Don’t change the topic. You and one guy I don’t want to mention as he will come here and I’m not really in mood to respond to you both are “wannabe” pros but when you meet really good players you’re really shown your place and that’s what happens. Reece was highest H Paladin in 2s and trying to depreciate his achievments because he played with Merce is funny. First of all Merce wanted to play with him not sure if he would play with you.

Yeah and now he can’t even get Glad in 2022. You’re not going to prefer a Rank 1 from 8 years ago that’s now a perma duelist over a current, relevant glad, are you? Same way raiders aren’t going to invite a server first Lich King player over a Jailer Cutting Edge. It’s called having relevant achievements, if you had it yourself you’d probably grasp it a bit easier.

If streamers, WoW streamers specifically, deleted their vods every time they tiled then there wouldn’t be many vods. He deleted his vods because even by his own admission, what he was saying was going to get him banned.

No, he got annoyed because I told the Lock I was playing with to invite his mate he had waiting.

I’m the highest SP on Ravencrest and 7th highest in Europe all while playing with LFG and have been owning AWC players and R1 teams. Bow down to me, peasant.

Let’s wait till the end of the season if you will be. Btw it didn’t take long for you to forget about your “classism” essay xD Lol

But I love when you show your real personality.

Seems like a fair request considering you told me to go look for something, I went to go find it and couldn’t, so I don’t see the problem with you linking a few of these tweets that you claim are so groundbreaking?
I only found the MS on mage thing really.

What about it? You claimed it’s ‘excuses’ and to ‘not change the topic’, are you now saying you want to go back to something you deemed irrelevant?

Because it’s excuses mr Grumpy Cat xD Being top SP on Ravencrest in 2nd week and 7th world in 2nd week doesn’t mean you will end up being best SP on Ravencrest at the end of season. I’ve never heard of giving rank 1 because of being 7th word in 2nd week. Just end there when the season end. Truth is that in most inflated season you didn’t break 3k and Rank one was 3500? It’s still a big gap between you and rank 1 players. I think the biggest difference between them and you is ego.

Reece is obviously better player than you. You might not like it but that’s facts.

You, out of everybody, thinking you’re in some sort of position to devalue rating is so hilarious that it’s almost sad. You have 16 level 60’s and you suck massive donkey D on every single one of them. Stop posting here and go practice in some skirmishes or something.

Truth is in most inflated season you couldn’t even break 2.4 in 3s, never mind getting a glad.

Not ‘obvious’ at all, the only thing that is obvious is the people he plays with. His first SL rank 1 came from sitting afk at his rating for 6 months in season 1, which could very easily happen in this season, and if he got it last season he got it on the last day thanks to Merce. It’s not a coincidence that he only plays with the best players at the end of the season. Now if I got a rank 1 from sitting afk for 6 months, freaks like you would be the first to point that out.

As I said before, I liked the guy and was even subbed to him, but he literally guilt trips people into subbing to him, donating to him and playing with him lol.

Hypocricy? xD

I just do exactly the same thing you are doing all the time just to show you how big of a hypocrite/grumpy cat you are xD

Still Merce played with him and not with you. That shows the difference between you and him.

When you depreciate rank 1 players even though you’d never be glad with the regulations from then it’s fine but when I do the same just to bait you then it’s wrong.

Laughing at someone who plays 16 characters and is beyond trash on all of them isn’t exactly the same as laughing at a guy who got his first SL R1 from sitting AFK for 6 months and his second from being carried by AWC players on the last day of the season. He has to be at least semi decent to get to that position in the first place.

Maybe you don’t know that the R1 end is a massive social bubble, idk.

Don’t want to be that guy to let you know but if you will keep rage whispering people after duels you might never be the part of it.

But it’s probably another conspiracy against you not to let you get your rank 1 you deserve.

I could not care less. I am rather content with my achievements so far and enjoy beating sweaty tryhards with random LFG players.

If I wanted R1 I wouldn’t play so much LFG, would I?