Who to target?

Yeah, yeah. If only… as always. “If I wanted…”, “if I cared…” xD Dude you’re funny in your excuses.

Facts are you’re not rank 1 and weren’t even close so you have no rights to judge Reece and or Bigmoran. End of story. You remind me of Deontay Wilder after 2nd Fury fight. Everyone was against him. It was a global conspiracy not to let him win but then 3rd fight happened and we all saw how it went.

Why does every legitimate reason have to be an ‘excuse’ to you? What’s your ‘excuse’ for being trash on 16 characters and having more forum posts than arenas played in your life?

If I had a rank 1 from sitting afk on my rating for 6 months, you’d judge me for it. Fact.

If my last glad was 6 years ago and I haven’t even come close to getting it again, you’d judge me for it. Fact.

Here’s some more of the hypocrisy courtesy of yourself that you like to try to point out of others. You have never been 3k or close to 3k, so you have no right to judge me.

Simple. Because you either achieve something or you have excuses. If you didn’t achieve it then all your crap is just an excuse why you didn’t.

Somehow you’re not able to get it.

Exactly like you have no rights to judge Bigmoran or Reece. That was my point but somehow my words hurt you so much that you spent over 1 hour posting all excuses why you’re not rank 1 yet.

A reason and an excuse is not the same thing. Do you need me to teach you basic English as well now? We mustn’t forget, you are also the person who thought Check-pvp didn’t show you games played, so we can forgive you for not grasping simple concepts.

Probably because I didn’t play for longer than 2 weeks in S1. See, that’s a reason, not an excuse.

Do you actually have a few wires disconnected from your brain? YOU are the person who brought up people being and not being rank 1.

Tbh if I was you I would just come out and say you’re a troll, because there’s no way you can be this unironically stupid.

Haha xD Nice one.

It is an excuse obviously because it’s your explanation why you failed to achieve something. Explanation of failure = excuse.

You started depreciating Bigmoran when he achieved in WoW way more than you but anyway. Didn’t you notice I’m trolling you for over one hour and you get jebaited into responding to me with your nonsense excuses?

You’re so naive xD

Anyway it’s funny how you’re harsh and rating bash others but when you don’t achieve something there are million excuses on why you didn’t. I mean even if it’s social bubble if I were rank 1 after reading any of your posts or experiencing any of your rage ranting whispers I would never invite you to my group so I’m not surprised you’re not the part of “the bubble”.

Factually incorrect.

Classic Brodanyo, spew a plethora of nonsense and then throw in a ‘I’m trolling I’m trolling!!!’ And you wanted to try to tell me about productive time usage? Get out of here.

It’s obvious that you never post feedback on arena forums because of toxics like you. There is no point because every feedback will turn into rant. Class forums, general and alpha forums are the best places to post feedback and trust me it’s read there.

I post here just for pure entertainment because it’s so easy to jebait guys like you into double standard excuses. When someone doesn’t achieve something = he is bad but when you don’t it’s just a conspiracy xD

Oh well that escalated quickly there. Now please stay calm everyone and just forget this topic please <3
I thank you all for your responses ! I do watch some videos of Skillcap on Youtube, ofc its probably not as good as being subscribed to their Site but well, firstly I will do learning by doing. So thanks again yall

Not really. Only thing left for me to do regarding arenas is get Rank 1. Why haven’t I got it yet? Because getting R1 is dependent on so many variables that it isn’t worth being a goal right now. That is not an excuse, it’s a simple fact.

You on the other hand? 16 characters, arena achis dating back to WoD, 0 glads, 2.2 max achievement in 3s. If you want to give me a REASON why you haven’t been able to achieve that, I would love to know, otherwise I will go with my assumption that you are awful.

Man love your excuses xD So we go further with the conspiracy theory. Ok xD

You’re running out of ideas though and it becomes boring. I think I’m off. I’ll give you some time to think about new excuses for this season in case. Cheers

So I’m safe to keep the assumption that the reason you haven’t got higher than a 2.2 achi in 3s in 7+ years of playing arenas is because you’re bad? Nice one, ty mate.

You’re most likely right somehow it doesn’t bother me.

On the other hand you blame the NWO for your lack of rank 1 and then you judge players who did it. Anyway Reece and Bigmoran > you. Not only as players but as human beings.

Nope, I blame my personal goals and motivations for my ‘lack of rank 1’.

Unbelievably questionable statement.

So when someone has lack of motivation = he is bad but when you then it’s fine right. OK

It’s not questionable at all. I’ve never seen anyone posting Bigmoran or Reece ragewhispering after lost duel but I saw you so. I’ve never seen Reece or Bigmoran ranting on the forums I saw you. I’m sorry it’s 3:0 for them.

Nope, if someone has lack of motivation then they have lack of motivation, as I clearly expressed in that unbelievably long thread. I asked you what your reason was so I can understand why you have virtually 0 noteworthy achievements but still talk so much. No motivation to play but motivation to sit on here all day? The maths isn’t mathing.

You’ve also never seen me deleting Twitch vods because I said things which were going to get me banned.

I don’t have networthy achievments because I don’t. I’m not good enough to push them that’s it but I don’t mind it. I told you already. I don’t look for excuses. If I was good enough I’d have them. I’m not looking for excuses though. You used already every excuse available. What will be next? You were abducted by UFO during push day?

Because nobody watches your stream. Well I don’t even know if you stream and I’ll be honest even if you did I wouldn’t watch you so even if you did I wouldn’t know that.

So that’s a reason, not an excuse. If I said to you: ‘why don’t you have a PhD in medicine?’ And you said to me ‘because I don’t study medicine’ am I going to say HAHA stupid noob, nice excuse?

For the record I don’t. Have been asked to many times though by rank 1 Ravencrest aspiring Shadow Priests. Maybe one day.

A weak one I’d say. Your one about “social bubble” was better.

I can ask why don’t you have PhD in sound design or in IT and does it matter? lol

Then why do you ask me if I saw you deleting VOD if you don’t even stream. You trippin’?

Argument can be made that being left out of a social bubble is an excuse, but whatever.

Missed the point entirely, not surprising. I have never been so embarrassed by something I have said or done that I tried to erase it and pretend it never happened. Simplified enough?

And that shows the best how toxic you are.