Why Alliance

I wanted to try a paladin, they’re alliance locked in Classic.

Probably because of paladins :stuck_out_tongue:

Because while vanilla og and horde cities are cool and troll female, undead males and taurens both sexe and orc female are great they still don’t get anywhere close from the alliance one and because human and night elves female, gnomes both sex, dwarf male and their look and customization options > any orc male and human male as simple as that.

Oh and the alliance quests are amazing thinking onyxia quest but not only and there starting zones, immersion , ost , area design but not only even the following one darkshore, loch modan , etc, etc after starter zone are awesome so are our racials and mount.

Last but not least as i still recall i pay my sub fee and web and etc and so i play what i prefer and that is all !

The horde is more popular in Era. Not everyone views their character as an extension of themselves, it’s just a character I play, not a representation of me ingame.


I can’t play cow druids, only cute elfs. Just like I can’t play human melee class, only orcs or elves of both varieties.
In short, the taste and color of all felt-tip pens are different.


i like ironforge, the alliance pvp sets look better as well as the mounts
usually more players and male human cast and meele animations looks a way better then others

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you are out your mind if you think black war raptor isnt cooler than ally mounts. the only true competitors are ram & saber.

and the pvp sets suck. i mean compare horde dudu and rogue set to the ally variation or orc warr to the yellow banana suit…

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Benefits of being alliance

Closer to BRD
Closer to UBRS
Closer to LBRS
Closer to Scholo
Closer to Strath
Closer to MC
Closer to BWL
better ony attunement
Nelf/gnome female :kissing_heart:

Benefits of being horde
getting carried by orc racial in pvp
barrens is legendary for 1st day of leveling

seems like a simple choice to me

And how is that weird? You do not even know if Trixie is boy or girl behind the screen. The freedom to play just what we like is one thing makes WoW great!

All my retail chars are male dark iron dwarf.

I do play night elf female in HC on a hunter because nelf male is horrible.

Also all my gnome are bald males without beards and a huge grin.

Doesn’t really matter what that avatars gender appears to be, because its not a representation of me irl in any way or form.

If a male play a female char or vice verca, why would that matter? It’s just a game.

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You better play horde, thats why

erm…nope, Horde sux

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I only play as human (except the rare occasion, such as this alt). I like to feel like I can relate to the character I’m playing. 10 years ago, I used to RP and I’m an actor/writer in real life so I enjoy making characters I can relate to. Night elves, Orcs, Tauren and Trolls all seem too far away from me from reasons such as immortality to almost-perfectionism.

I prefer to be the underdog. A regular dude who picks up a sword and goes out into the world. That fantasy is more appealing to me in Classic than retail, since it feels like more of a dangerous adventure.

Combine that with warm-feeling zones with wonderful music such as Redridge and Elwynn, there’s no better choice to me.

Only Horde races I’d consider on classic are the Tauren and maybe Orcs. But I prefer Horde on retail for some reason.


Why people play Alliance/Horde or male/female is a very thought provoking and interesting question I have never seen on WoW forum before.

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Yes but the latter cant be openly and honestly discussed on here.

Of course it can - if you’re mature enough. Seems from your responses that you can’t.

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Nope. Because it dips into modern politics its an impossible topic to earnestly discuss on this forum without being muted.

Does it though? Does it really matter that much to you? I mean…i ain’t dead yet im playing a dead toon…does that dip into your modern “politics” too?

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Yea ive got an extremely funny and true response to that but i just cant make it.