Why Alliance

I have never understood the appeal of the Alliance and why it’s always more popular.
So many players also play female characters, which I also don’t understand. Nothing about the Alliance is cool or even looks good. Especially bad is the human male run animation and gnomes in general. Except for human sword racial there isn’t really anything that stands out as being so attractive, maybe someone can enlighten me?
Also the amount of rogue players is just laughable, like the whole faction is a magnet for a certain kind of mentality.


Yea… thats what decades of television and bad stuff in the water did to men in the west.

Its pretty creepy, goes for both factions though.


Well in 18+ years playing WoW (all forms) i’ve never encountered Alliance being more popular choice than horde.

I still don’t think it’s the case.

Obviously talking about “vanilla”/classic wow, and afaik it is and has always been the case.

The whole thing about males playing female characters definitely has not always been the case. That drastically increased within the last 10 years or so and its very concerning.

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horde is 90% undead rogues, that spend their time ganking lowbies, whats your point.


But the horde looks cool?

let’s see: girls wanting to play as girls?
Guys just wanting to play as a girl in a role-playing game.
Maybe some dudes are attracted to their characters too - What’s wrong with that?
Also let’s be real, devs just put more time into making female characters cooler, animations on most male races are inferior.
You can’t make me believe that anything looks or feels cooler than a female night elf in classic, especially a horde race. People have preferences, that’s all


never played a femal char. i even cant play tomb raider oder horzizon because the chars are female. i like schwarzenegger. iam an 80s kid.


I play both ally and horde, different is fun. I play male and female both - difference is fun. If you want play only male Troll priest, you do.
Is different for different characters. NE is female, Human is male, Troll is both, Tauren is most male and so on. Some gear look better on male, some on female.
And as there’s no other than cosmetics if you play male or female, why not? Long hair = fun. Beard = fun. Different is fun. And no one can tell if you boy playing female, girl playing male or what. You are not forced to tell what behind screen gender are you.
Start zones are different, looks of places new, quests new. Is fun to start over as other faction or race.

Night elf females?

It is for the same reason why human players play troll characters.
If we all rolled who we are in real life the game would be quite boring, don’t you think :wink:


Well, lets not pretend like that isnt weird as heck!

Thats totally different.

Preach king!


I do have my undead rogue Bagobones, always. But I’m currently playing a dwarf priest. Truthfully, not because of their insanely good racials. I like dwarves in general, as well as priests, so why not eh!

Apart from the dwarves being absolute units, I love many of the zones. In fact, I enjoy every single Alliance leveling zone, and their neighbouring “contested zones” such as Redbridge Mountains, Duskwood, Wetlands and Ashenvale.

But I’ll work on my undead rogue again once I’ve had my fix of Alliance. I have always played both factions, since 2006, because their is beauty and excitement on both sides.

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If you look at the stats, then there are allways more hordes. But this time around it might be more mature people (boring?) so then alliance might be higher, who knows…

Both are just a bunch of pixels on computer screen that do not represent who you are in real life.


Nope, still don’t understand. Why would I be unable to play a guy or you a girl, why is that an issue?


Something clearly went wrong somewhere when a man chooses a female avatar to represent himself online. The same goes for the other way around. You know full well that on this forum i wont be able to give a detailed reply without being muted.

I mean, you say that but youre the one playing a female GNOME…

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But it’s a role-playing game, not Facebook.

Either way my sub’s expiring by tonight so i can’t continue the conversation really D:

Yes. And i am also playing a male dwarf. Because i like the aesthetics of the male dwarf model better than the female. And with the gnomes it is the other way around.

Like i said. Just a bunch of pixels.


Right just tell yourself that.

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