Why are 95% of Healers so great at the game <3

hello i’ve been in LFG since season 1 of shadowlands till season 4 and gotta admit met few really good healers but 95% of healers i met & played with were absolutely trolling

so i have few questions:

  1. why cant healers stay back max range from you & enemy team and just do their job which is keeping both of you alive?
  2. why is it normal thing for 95% of healers to push enemy then get cc’d and let you die?
  3. why do resto druids use 3 swiftmend in 5 min game and spend 4 minutes in cat form especially when enemy is bursting? is that 500 dps they do is a lot help to affli/demo lock that does 10k+?
  4. why healers stand on top of me instead of going on max range and avoiding free cc or interrupts from melee or even casters when they can just max range?
    4.1 max ranging is good because when retri/rog or whatever melee decides to cc my healer they have to leave me alone for few seconds go to healer thats waaaay behind stun them then get back to me and in that time the cc done on my healer is almost gone + i can kite around
  5. and final question which expansion made so many healers so bad that they think they have to do damage to win game literally which expansion was it that forced healers to push enemy get ccd and die cuz of it ( i didnt play any exp after wotlk & before shadowlands so probably bfa/legion)

Pushing for DPS as healer seems like a mythic+ habit that they’re bringing into arena for some reason when getting into it. In m+, it’s been a norm to push for DPS during downtime since at least BfA. Once you get past a certain key level, healers are more or less expected to do DPS. Perhaps they think it’s the same in arena? :person_shrugging:

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It depend on the map I’d say and the comp you play but in general disc/resto sham and I’d say rdruid are built to play offensive.
If they don’t and play passive they will most likely lose the game (not true for rdruid as they can drink easily).

Rn you got tools to deal with the incoming cc, with ground / death / kick etc…

And if you can’t you can still pre use something and keep your team offensive.

Well, from my experience (not a lot of arena) it depends how geared you are as healer. If you’re not that geared, a lot of the damage feels unheal-able. Matches are over in a few seconds :slight_smile:

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  1. Cos majority of DPS decide that it is a good idea to los they heler when enemy pop cds or to chaise them when you got 20% hp left

  2. becouse so meny DPS have this incredible urge to los they helers and die behind pillar or have no speace awernes and have no idea where they heler is if you not standing on top of him

5.helers where alwasy DPSing ( alest good one) even in tbc, Disici prest bursting with his team or Rdruid keeping dots on target was kinda standard

Or if you play hpal, sometimes its better to be in the thick of it because its easier to build holy power with crusader strike then getting interrupted by 500 pseudo interrupts when trying to cast some puny holy light or flash of light xD this guy is just mad because all of his friends boosting him is playing wotlk instead so hes stuck in LFG

If you want a healer that won’t try to deal damage, just pair with a Mistweaver.
They won’t bother trying.

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I too enjoy 10+ min damp games


Warning disclaimer : There Many answer possible but since we don’t see any videos, it’s only theory how what could have happen. the answer is probably not what happened or maybe the healer was just bad, but at least i may help you get some answer :smile: .

Also remember : if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself !
That help to understand the other PoV of with who do you play.

Some healer have mecanics like Holy Paladin when they are close from their target they will heal more with their mastery

Because healer have also the jobs to chain CC to force trinket in front and by so win on the next killing setup with an another control

95% is kinda a lot, do you fake your burst ? Healer push whenyour burst on killing setup and if kill is possible.

Else they got something in mind or you have missed an information

Rdruid hot cost a lot of mana compared to cyclone. By taking cat affinity, you can rake stun a target and chain CC a target and avoiding the dps taking a lot of damage or the dps in front is obliged to play defensively and in both case reduce the damage you take. Player playing cat affinity play a lot based on control. When the healer is control dps tend to burst and when the dps is control the dps “load” his burst so for clone on healer the dps can burn all defensive or kill the oponnent in front.

You can delay demonology burst by making all his pet turning around the pillar while your healer come.

If he hided from you and warlock, that mean the warlock affliction was in total full burst and you tanked spell for nothing.

Many specialisation have spell that do AoE or cleave. if your healer feared to be controled, he can abuse of some spec to make himself free of some control ( example : survival hunter your healer is freezed and with bomb it break the freeze, technically a survival hunter land 100% his trap if well played so the priest have to force the hunter to stop bomb during freezing trap else you gonna die in 1 trap . )

Sometime healer want to tank the interrumpt compared to the caster dps. Example if you have a warlock affliction, the affliction can spam control as long he don’t take interrumpt or control, by so the healer can be saved everytime by his caster and the warlock is freecast doing MASSIVE damage because he don’t take any control.

That’s an issue you didn’t think about but it’s due to the imp AI, if a healer is max range behind a pillar the imp will ignore the order to singe magic your healer and refuse to move. It can be other reason but also not running to your healer can help to your healer to be max ranged.

To understand that you have to see the healer pov in term of mana.
When you add a healer damage , the healer in front is oblige to burn a lot of mana and the tiny control on the healer can force a defensive when no burst happened.

I do that with my mistweaver versus sub rogue/ healer and it result to very often a vanish and since rogue vanished you have a free moment to top back your dps and you with ful hots and start punching the healer for free ( wich is a double L for in front).
Of course you have to be carefull on cooldown etc but at the right time it create mistake for the ennemy team.

If you turtle with disc priest you’ll oom or lose even before. Resto sham needs to be close for major cooldowns to work: link and ascendance. Even legendary 4 set is somewhat closer range than sitting behind the pillar at 40 yds. Hpal mastery. Resto druid cc range. Also they might get out of cc cuz aoe. etc.

okay then explain me this we are playing demo/disc or even resto druid every time i pop tyrant and cds enemy is running away then my tyrant is afk in middle and im asking my healers to chill back and drink because we can drink when enemy runs but they cant because my felguard is on them but the tyrant is afk so basically i have no damage going on so whats the point of my pirest using night fae blink offensively and gripping me into enemy pillar when i have 0 damg without tyrant? instead they could saved grip for when im stuned and took some drink and saved fae blink for defensive as demo lock you wont kill 90% of enemies in just one go so im trying to explain this to every healer i play with but they cluelessly push enemy and do absolutely nothing but get themselves killed or ccd all im asking is chill healer that will just drink when enemy is on run and to dampen games as demo cuz otherwise tyrant AI is literally <5 IQ and you cant win games

also since 90% of 2v2 is rogue/healers all i ask my healers is to drink when they run and all they do is chase them around till they oom themselves or die or get ccd & i die here is the games vs rogue/healers i’ve done with the same strategy as im telling 90% of the healers and whoever listened we won 90% of the matches we played its on 3 characters from this season only


about this i agree on keeping dots up and yes if your mate is 1k exp and cant see you on map or whatever sure stay on top of them but when both of you are 2.8 and you are literally standing on top of me and eating hoj/stormbolt/kidney then theres a huge problem

also keeping dots & sitting in cat form for 4 minutes in 5min game is not same thing its literally feeding

about you Lil bro before calling someone boosted double check or change your profile to private just checked your profile and you barely pass combatant for last 6 seasons ngl its not that bad and i hate to rank call someone but calling someone boosted while you’re dying in 1.5 swamp is kinda weird


well about mistweavers they do not try to do dam but they go for incap/sleep/stun which leads in counter cc on them & either they pop cocoon for that reason and then die in 10-15seconds

Drinking is not allowed in 2s. Quick game > winning.

Anyway how you still find it fun to play this maintenance mode game? Wrath is out soon

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  1. i only play with priest or druids so theres no paladin in this topic
  2. cc chain as druid or priest is DR ing with demo lock either its fear or stuns and i prefer to do it myself when i have go since we dont use voice and they dont really know when im going to blast also im always telling them not to cc or do anything similar but they still do it and dr and ruin the gos
  3. and no 95% is very accurate because i have played with many many healers since s1 to s4 met few really insane healers but thats all most of them dont know how to play with lock and when you tell them not to use any cc or to take drink when enemy is running away they say its boring and push & we lose also standing on top of me is bad because i have portal for a reason its my biggest defensive if im dying i simply port back and expecting my healer to be around it not in front of it & far away from it even far than enemy dps
  4. if rdruid hot cost so much then they really should be using that swiftmend since it increases duration of hots and not spend about 20-30 globals in cat form when im getting bursted by fury warrior and by 10k+ dps from aff/demo lock i meant that im doing 10k+ dps and their 300-500dps wont do much especially when enemy is popping cds theres massive difference between druids stunning enemy then going back to reset and druids that stun enemy & hang around them for a while doing “damage” which is clearly a joke to enemy since it does close to no damage compared to what warlocks can do
  5. against survival hunters or whatever hunters i play imp if im affli & i dispell it and as demo i have enough stuns/cc to keep hunter busy for 8 seconds
  6. literally this can go too long im telling healers not to push or get ccd by standing on top of me all im asking is max range , drink when enemy runs and give me pi when i pop tyrant and they fail to do this all of them are pushing and either ooming themselves or dying to enemy behind pillars while im in middle map thanks for basic explanation btw i somewhat know how game works :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

we are playing demo/ night fae disc this means whenever i use tyrant enemy is 99% of the times running away which leads in either 1) my healer chases them and does absolutely nothing or 2) gets drinks way away from enemy team also my tyrant is about 40-50second cd with night fae priests because of fae guardians so even if my tyrant wont do much its still good enough to get mana refills but they dont use it instead they chase enemies and die or oom themselves when the matchup is free win on default if we just chill

maybe if you were better you would have better healers


2.8xp in 2s/3s is not enough to have healer with common sense and basic game knowledge? but i mainly LFG so that pretty much says enough… their positioning is absolutely clownish either standing on top of me or pushing enemies while they have to chill behind me

Try playing healer yourself from zero and you will realize how much of a painful experience it is.
I tried. The first games you enter what will happen is you will get ooga boogad by fury warriors and just die within seconds. Especially with low gear. You literally don’t get to play as a new healer. Even if you have gear since getting kicked once usually resuts in death in such bursty meta.
I need right away like 20 extra keybinds for each important heal and cd on party 1 party 2 on top of all other buttons. So the entry level is insane in comparison to 3 button fury warrior for example.
There are a bunch of pve healers but with their mindset they won’t be able to do anything either.
And most of the potential healers won’t even bother healing since it’s so unfun, which makes healers extremely scarce. This leads to the fact that the few healers that still play will get carried by all the glad players since there are no more healers left.
And now you see this.

Honestly I have no idea how people can seriously play healer and enjoy it.



im a warlock onetrick and whenever i play other classes i feel like im wasting my time because i dont like playing many classes but i did try and play healers like holy priest in ending of season 3 and played druid in s2 i think or s3 and playing both only with warlocks and got 2.1 on druid and 1.9 on priest since i didnt play much on priest and trust me playing healer was most relaxing thing i did in last 4 seasons of retail gameplay p.s i had no experience of druid before all i did was what im usually asking healers to do sit back relax & chill drink whenever you get opportunity and not to eat random cc while pushing enemy and trsut me none of my characters had any good gear my druid is still with 190 ilvl legendaries and season 2 gear also you mentioned new healer im not talking about new healers & people with no experience im talking about people that claim to be 2.8 and then do the above what i listed

Maybe youre playing with healers who were holy and were used to gfade or arent used to playing with a sleeper spec like demo

Lack of xp, same goes for people not trading CD on deadly go or pressing too much when not needed.

Happens a lot.

I feel like that’s a requirement to play warlock, especially affli.

More on topic then it’s largely because the “sit back and heal the dps” playstyle is passive and exceedingly boring to a lot of healers. Doesn’t help that a LFG environment also sort of mandates making plays to win the game since you don’t always know what kind of dps you queue up with.
Thankfully i don’t have to go the LFG route myself currently, though i play maybe twice a week spread over feral and disc in 2’s.