Why are you deleting my posts?

I have been trying multiple times to make a post about how you deleted all my vanilla-characters but you keep deleting the posts, why?

Atleast you could give me the courtesy of letting me know why I am not allowed to keep my posts up for more than 1 minute…

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If you keep editing them then they disappear until they are moderated.

I actually was trying to post in your thread when it disappeared.

Basically Era were the new realms and the old Classic progressed to TBC then Wrath. Personally I think it was wrong of Blizzard not to send out an email to players to inform them they should move the Classic characters to Era or they get automatically moved to Wrath.

Edit: I can see you trying to post again but it might not let a new poster do that, you can edit the post you have already.

Acutally I just spent a few minutes writing the post and clicked post. I was not editing it afterwards at all. But good to know though!

Yes, a simple email would’ve been great… I can’t belive they purged all my vanilla-efforts just like that. I’m really just waiting for this post to be deleted as well since I’ve mentioned it in here as well.

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They weren’t purged, they were just naturally progressed.

I think it was about 18 months that you could choose for free or pay to have them in Classic Era and TBC.

Well I’m pretty sure it was their own wording, scrolling through all the screenshots but can’t seem to find it. Somthing along the lines of moving all characts to wotlk and “purging” the vanilla ones. Either way it makes no difference to me. All my characters are effectively dead. I have no use of a lvl 60 in wotlk when I already have the same class at 80 in Ulduar-gear. =/

Just testing an Edit up here instead since I’m not being allowed to reply at all since Blizzards post…

If you didn’t make a choice your characters couldn’t stay forever in limbo.

I totally agree with this. I haven’t played for a year, and I’ve came back and seen that all my characters are lost to the void regarding classic era. I didn’t receive any emails regarding what was happening. I’d have definitely resubbed to just to do the clones at the time If I knew.

We need to keep kicking up a fuss until they do something. They definitely CAN.


I don’t think they can do anything about this as I believe they have deleted the data. But I think you should open a ticket and ask.

Hey Grashna,

If your posts are disappearing, it’s most likely for one of the following reasons:

  • Copy/pasting large amount of text when creating your topic
  • Spamming (creating the same topic / response several times)
  • Being reported by the community

We don’t really provide information on a case by case basis as to why a specific post may have been deleted (and we generally don’t discuss moderation on these forums).

Please also note that Customer Support isn’t responsible for choices made by the developers, and that we aren’t able to forward feedback from players to our developers (our role is to support our players and our games).

If you would like to provide feedback on a specific topic to the developers, please see the following article:

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You remove all vanilla characters without warning and I’m constantly being bounced around by you Blizzard;

“you have our sympathies but we won’t give you your characters back. We strongly suggest you write a post in the forums to make your self heard on this issue though.”

“… also if you continue pushing this topic it might be considered harassment of Blizzard employees…”

That is just jawdropping. Ever heard of customer service? This so far beyond anything I have ever seen… Mutiple 60’s with gear, epic mounts, professions and attunements…

But I do as you say and so I proceed to spend way too much time to try and write posts that would not get deleted by Blizzard. But nthing gets past the censorship. I suppose it would look bad leaving these posts up…

I give up and proceed to asking customer support why I can’t post. Gets a generic answer and bounced to “submit feedback”.

Thanks but no thanks. I’m done. It was a huge mistake assuming our characters would be safe on official servers. Lesson learned and that mistake will not be repeated. Neither by me nor my friends who also got all their vanilla characters effectively killed off.

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If you continue to submit tickets about the same issue you’ve received the same answer on they may decline to service your tickets after a warning. This goes for anything.

They did warn in advance for about a year that they would retire the WoW cloning and its consequences in this blogpost:

I believe they also repeated it on other social media. Could they have done it with email too? They should’ve perhaps. But it wasn’t done the next day atleast.

Your other subjects have been answered in detail in this thread, if you wish to leave feedback about it you could submit it through the feedback button or otherwise create a thread or post in the other threads about it like this one:

As Support, will not handle or forward any feedback.

They are completely safe, they have not been deleted. They have been put onto the correct realm for their natural progression. It’s been said many times, you, not Blizzard, had to choose to move them to Era, not keep your characters on the progression realms. You had well over a year to choose.

Remember to say why you are done when you quit.

One more question, if you had stopped playing during Classic in 2005/6, where would you characters be now? On a Classic realm or on Dragonflight realm?

Ok so you seriously think that when a player are taking a break from wow you are supposed to read all their blogposts and get social media just to make sure your characters on classic vanilla won’t be copied to another era and purged from classic vanilla? Ok… Let’s just say I strongly disagree. Had it been the other way around, that you had to actively choose to join newer more modern eras it had made more sense.

And yes, I have been trying to create a post about it for weeks. REALLY REALLY trying my best not to get caught in some filter. And just to clarify I was neither reported, copied a large amount of text or was spamming. Still I could not make a post about this dispite trying many times… Hence why I asked in here why all my posts about this specific topic gets removed.

Anyway I’m done. Close/delete thread I don’t really care anymore. Everything is gone and I won’t waste anymore time here nor on official servers.

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Editing or creating a large post could vanish your thread. This also happens with some other Guild Recruitment threads I see from people that ask about it here sometimes. This notably happens with “fresh” forum toons.

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Everything is not gone, just not where you wanted it.

Exactly what I said but Blizzard along with their feet kissers do not understand why we’re angry and won’t play anymore. tHe ChArAcTeRs ArE sTiLl ThErE. That’s like saying a family member who died is still there - in your memories! Geez.

Same for me: thanks but no thanks, our big bunch will just get our hit elsewhere then.

The characters are not there in Classic Era, they were moved to Wrath Mograine. Not copied, moved.

I know why you are angry, you didn’t choose which expansion to play during TBC and Blizzard chose the natural progression for you after TBC ended.

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I’ll be closing this thread now. While I can understand that you’re unhappy with this change, Customer Support isn’t in charge of how the different games work (be it Classic or Retail).

If you would like to provide feedback to our developers, please do check this page out.

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