Why call it a "catch up gear" when it really doesnt let you catch up

Basically title. The new " catch up " gear has a currency that you can probably farm 1 per week. Please do not time gate this blizzard.


because its for your 20th alt, which you have not played

isnt that fun?

402 more than good to start m+ing.


This is faster than what we had pre Time Rifts.
Granted it’s no better than Time Rifts in that regard.

The game is still too balanced around players gearing with M+ or Raiding (putting PVP aside). And these open world activities are seen as a fill in the blanks rather than a gearing system in their own right. 1 item per week is pretty poor. It won’t inspire me to level any alts.


Yeah one per week is not nearly enough.
It’s a way to collect the next tier’s transmog, but with 1 per week it’s going to take AGES.

Next season is on its way, so yeah… I hope they ramp up the amount you can get per week.


the real question is why the vendor has no trinkets, when even my non alt chars cannot even get any trinkets this season after 100+ runs lol

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Time Rift Vendor has Trinkets that are the same level as this (Veteran, 402). No Neck piece though, so I hope the new vendor has one of those.

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The dreamsurge crapperoni is champion gear, so you can upgrade it to 437 which is close to max lvl, while veteran gear is just crap

and yes the vendor sells a haste/mast neck

This is worthless to me.
I have a Champion hat that I got off world boss in the Cavern. It’s stuck at 424 (Veteran level max) as I don’t have any crests higher than Drakes. Unless this new event offers access to these than I don’t need that gear. And frankly I’m still upgrading my Veteran gear so don’t really have a huge desire to start another gear threadmill anyhow.

Veteran gear is fine for my open world play. My only real issue with it is how slow it is to acquire and upgrade. But meh, I’ll just grind on slowly.


you can also by 1 box of wyrm crest from the vendor, but I guess it is just once per week

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Is this a full crest or some of the fragments that I need to buy over a month to get one crest?

15 crest fragments is written on the box, so exactly one full crest


so what u want free lot or what u want?

Not in the least.
I’ve said all along I’m fine with 424, I don’t need 441 gear.
But It was very slow to acquire, I only managed to fill out my Veteran set when Time Rifts had a vendor, I kept getting belts and little else. So less RNG is good here. Even so, one item per week is too slow. There are around 16 slots, so 4 months to gear one char is too long.
Also the upgrading is quite slow. We do get a lot of Whelp crests in open world content but few Drakes and none above that. I’m ok with it being limited to Drakes but we could use more of them.

For those players who do M+ gear feels fast (according to threads I’ve read) and I think the devs assume that this is the route that everyone takes. It isn’t. For those of us who don’t do M+ the gearing progression isn’t well tuned.

simply u have lfr which is 402+ and normal 415 … and your 424+ will make normal rain content to no reason to play … and on top of that that 402 gear which u get u can upgrade to 424 so can say to got you 424 gear chance

also anser for
“For those players who do M+ gear feels fast (according to threads I’ve read) and I think the devs assume that this is the route that everyone takes. It isn’t. For those of us who don’t do M+ the gearing progression isn’t well tuned.”

simply open world content is easy boring content and something what is harder should give more and that is it

Veteran 424 ilvl is quite nice though. You can do a lot of content with it.

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Grinding +11 for Wyrm crests is also easy and it’s more boring than world content.

and it does.
Raids give out 441 or something. I’m fine with my 424 (maxed out 402s). I’ve not complained about the quality of the gear. All I’ve said is the progression speed could be looked at, it’s not where it should be I feel. It’s ok(ish) on one character but I’m not going through it agaon on alts.

If you don’t want to do LFR then 1 per week at the moment is the limit (which you get through a weekly Dreamsurge quest).
You do get an additional 2 Wyrm crests for finishing the new storyline stuff (which includes doing the new 2 part heroic dungeon).

I am doing M+ up to 20s and therefor 424 is really bad.
I bought the trinket and funny enough is I don’t even have whelp crest to upgrade it lol
My ilvl is 440…

trinkets in this season are a real pain in the rear

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