Why call it a "catch up gear" when it really doesnt let you catch up

I can get one 415 piece a week. I fail to see what is so terrible about that.

It’s a nice quick event compared to the others as well.

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Because anyone who does world content as main content and plays regularly is already at 424. THAT is what’s terrible about it.

Sure for you with your army of non geared alts that you only use to craft with, it might be nice.

But for people like me it’s not. It’s really not.

I disagree, they aren’t on average 424.


Yeah they are. Because that was already incredibly easy to get to with 10.1.5.
I’m not talking about ‘Betsy who logs in twice per week for an hour or two’.

Now who sounds like an Elistist

The majority of open world players I come across in the world are 400-410.


Ok… I don’t know what got into you today. But I’m going to stop talking to you for now.
Please drop the attitude.

I don’t have an attitude, other than maybe poking a bit of fun at your own terminology that you’ve been throwing at others in this discussion.

No offense intended. It is however amusing to see that even within the Casual playerbase there is snobbery and judgement.

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There is no judgement.
I was just making clear that that was not the part of the playerbase I was talking about.
Because what you’re saying it not my experience in the slightest. Most world content people are at or near 224 (or at least already have 204 gear that they can upgrade to 224 - and getting new gear to replace this with is not going to speed up that process for them).

Getting a higher tier of gear is nice, but due to the way the crest-system works (And because buying a piece of gear for the weekly chrysalis and buying a crest to upgrade it for it are mutually exclusive), it makes no real difference.

Without wyrm crests, it doesn’t matter that it’s a higher tier of gear, it’s stuck at 424 anyway.

It’s not about “Wanting it all and wanting it now”, it’s about wanting something noticeable, and wanting it before next tier makes it all a moot point.

Exactly. I had several pieces of gear like that for ages.
I’ve slowly been upgrading them through LFR.

Now we at least get a chance at higher than 224 tier gear, because these items can be changed to tier. But then it’s still 1 item per week - which would mean investing 4 weeks in total just to replace a tier set to get the same level as I have now already (to get the set bonus). That doesn’t sound reasonable to me.

Then AFTER those weeks I could start upgrading them. But then season 3 is already very close to releasing. I just don’t understand what Blizzard was thinking.

I appreciate you think it should have been done differently. I think the last thing they want to do is add some degenerate way to just endlessly farm those events to buy crests. What they really want is for players to do is look at doing other content to farm them faster. Like M+/Raid etc. That if they don’t want to do those then the slow method is there. It’s a carrot on a stick, so to speak.

I’m just going to sound like a broken record at this point, I’ve explained why I think it does the job fine. No need to repeat. We can agree to disagree.

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That’s an admirable notion, that players will “Step up” and do higher content…

…except history has shown time and again that they simply do not do that, ever, making heroics difficult again resulted in a hasty backpedal in Cata, making LfR tier bonuses crappy didn’t work (Was that in WoD? I forget…), mythic+, normal+ raiding and PvP (The oft-mentioned “Big three”) are downright off-putting to many players, simply not fun, and pushing reluctant players into it will only push them away.


you actually are an elititst, i remember you from zen horde times and you are the giga chad who pushed for meta all the time. Also leaving m+ like a little baby when comp isn’t “right”
hope your boost selling business also goes well with tryhards and elitists such as akin to your own self. :slight_smile:

It got some to do LFR who wouldn’t have done it before. I think it works but it’s not going to work on all.

I don’t have any interest doing extra on top of literally a bit of open world content on my alts. My main goes the whole hog, raid, m plus etc


Never bothered with meta. I am playing this druid regardless of performance.

Left A FEW keys during six years period, and only when it was obvious that we can not to finish regardless of timer.

Never sold boost in my entire life, nor am i at skill level to be booster.

Are you sure that you haven’t permuted me with someone?

I actually think it’s quite boring in general. It’s easy, it works, so I get that this is it. Especially after all the AP drama. But to my mind it’s just not interesting as a concept, it’s just… higher numbers. No depth. No vertical progression. No fun. No silliness. No flavour. No character.

Not saying I can conjure up an alternative right on the spot btw, from all the discussions I get this is a complex discussion, especially if it affects all players.

there is only 1 mmo with a good story and that is Gw2 hands down the rest is thrash

It will be nice to actually see a wyrm crest. There are a couple of Champion items just sitting in my bags unable to be used.

I cannot manage dungeons at all in full groups so there is no other way for my characters to get gear. The ilevel progression system helps a lot in world content when struggling to play properly, and is something to slowly work on.

The new catalyst systems have offered the opportunity to grind world content and get some of nice transmog instead of waiting 3-4 years to solo old content.

It offers something to do in the latest expansion and another reason to buy it. Also a chance to experience and enjoy set bonuses which I would otherwise never see.

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That’s a very subjective statement to make.

I thought GW2’s ‘story’ was a convoluted mess and mostly uninteresting.
Each to their own.

I enjoyed several of the class stories in SWTOR a lot.
And WoW is fine for what it is. It was never high literature and it never will be.

Aye, this is a big thing imo. It’s miles better.

I still think one 415 piece a week is pretty stingy.

Big ups Scrooge McDuck.
Shout out Tiny Tim.

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