Why call it a "catch up gear" when it really doesnt let you catch up

That’s not even the worst of it… It’s that piece OR a crest. Per week.

LfR is the exception, since it’s queueable (Queues are getting a lot longer though, maybe people doing runs to get wyrm crests via the vault will help there), i mean the content where the players form the groups, where you need to show your rio-score, IQ test results, DNA-swab, note from your GP, nobel prize, olympic medal(s), university diploma, drug test, and then still get rejected because an Aug evoker (Or whatever’s FotM this week) showed up.

Basically nobody gives a crap about all those things below +10. And for up to +17 nobody asks any meta.

Thats not how you spell SW:ToR :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I agree it’s casual content. Not all see it that way. I will always remain a fervent champion for LFR and LFD.

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It’s catchup gear for newly leveled 320 ilvl characters, and if it’s anything like timerifts then you can probably get more than one piece per week by grinding them and praying to the RNG gods.

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After giving the Dreamsurge event a shot on my main I can confirm what others said is true: the ilvl 415 gear is once-per-week, but the ilvl 402 gear is limitless so long as you get the Dreamsurge Coalescence for it.
My main concern is whether the empowered elite rares have the same mechanic as the elite rares in the Zaralek Caverns where you can only get loot from them once-per-week, or if you get get loot from them without any limit so long as you kill them.

The big portal boss seems to have a really decent rate of gear drops. Usually I get something each time (lots to send to alts but I have starting getting extras now…and weirdly no leather. Leather always seems to have a low drop rate for me!).

I think the good way forward would be to make the crest upgradeable, with set amount of lower ones to get one higher tier crest. The question is how many of those per one higher crest.

Yeah, I’m 415.
For me as an open world player the limitation is Flightstones and Crests.
With the new Dreamsurges I think Gear acquisition is in a good place. A fresh dinged alt can probably get a few tokens from a main (either drops or bought) but even without that with WQs in Cavern, World Boss, Time Rift and Surges you’d got from 280ish to 400ish fairly quickly.

But upgrading the items isn’t in a great place. I don’t know if M+ or weekly dungeon quests or what is providing enough flightstones and crest but open world isn’t really. There are loads of Whelp crests but above that it’s very slow. Letting us buy Flightsones with Whelp crests would be great. More Drakes crests from somewhere (sometimes the elite WQs have these but not often).

I do think the Dreamsurges are good improvement, especially for acquisition.
Frankly I’ll be ok with my 424 gear with a few 437s. But my alt might just have to be happy at ~400.

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The landscape of upgrading gear when you play season PvE is vastly different and much much higher. I don’t remember day in this season when I was not sitting on full flightstones. And crest farming is like - whichever variant you want, 1-2 per hour.

I guess they could pump the acquisition rate of these from map activities.

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Well it is the end . Have you been lately in keys like 13-17 ? Its only absolute trash players playing there ATM its painfully obvious season is over and most people are now on break

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All my alts are doing keys around those keylevels.
Doesn’t seem to be that bad to me. But i am probably myself one of those absolutely trash players, so i do not see it.

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current upgrade system and drops make catch up take as long as farming it from zero. still don’t understand why they dont give full 430 gear to one char. alsso people usually don’t invite you to their keys if you don’t have the rio ,even if you have enough ilvl. so i don’t think anyone is able to catch up anything atm. already playing players with at least one char. with high gear shouldn’t determine how catch up works. it should focus on helping returning players.
don’t get me wrong but if you already have 440ilvl main with alts filled with gear from old events then ofc. you think current catch up gear is okay .

If it would be acc bound it would work
In this form… oy vey, the expansion ends the time you would catch up your alts :roll_eyes:

This is what they’re going to be doing in 10.2.
Once you have reached the max ilvl for a crest in every gear slot, you can then start upgrading those types of crests to the next version.

No word yet on what the exchange rate will be.

And that’s a big change! It solves various issues for world content players (not all, but several).

Here’s a video at a time stamp where the exact post is read and discussed.

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Upgrading crests is a good change. Shame they had to make you upgrade all slots before moving on to the next tier.

The blue post Tah’s vid refers to, if anyone is interested:-

Continuing the discussion from Guardians of the Dream PTR Development Notes:

I agree. Using your overal ilvl would work just fine imo.
This is a bit prohibitive when it comes to certain slots which tend to be hard to come by.


I’m farming those key levels atm on my DK and it’s rare that a run goes south. I’m often topping or 2nd on damage as tank but who cares. I’m just there for the crests, not like I’m looking for score.