Why did 70% of players quit SoD?

Everyone I know have now quit SoD and returned to classic “era” or even retail

what caused such a large exodus of players from season of discovery?



Cause phase 2 is extremely mid
(If I had to guess)


well, its just retail lite or “season of retail.”

Everything in p1 became meaningless the second p2 went live
Everything in p2 will become meaningless the second p3 goes live and so on

Everything you earn is reset and made irrelevant the moment the next thing goes live, just like retail.

My whole guild went back to ERA where you have permanent progress and no resets. Its just so much more rewarding.


People getting banned for borrowing their friend 25g for raid consumables probably gave people the “This isn’t worth it” signal.


Probably the class balance.

People thought it was impossible to create a wrose balance than era.

They were wrong.


Oh the list is very long.
Will be easier to make a list of “why stay at this conditions” tbh :slight_smile:


Season one was better in every single aspect. Raid, open world event, balance, runes. The only thing s2 has going for it is AB. But even this is ruined by STV / balance issues.

S2 is less casual friendly. Leveling is tedious, rerolling is long and you loose all the ashenvale rep etc etc. They put insane gold sink hurting normal players in order to target old gdkp lovers. They let players who amassed hundreds of coins early by wintrading at gy. No removal of early obtained stuff, and nerfed to the ground later on…

They should have kept ashenvale alive so that rerolls / new players get the easy rep, they should have tuned down a bit Gnom as its a tad too long for casuals, they should have make STV playable solo, they should have made better runes in s2 and finally they should have tested their numbers before throwing this live with such imbalance.

But i am not mad, SoD is a beta for Classic+ anyway.

Better luck next time. They might fix / learn for s3.
But overall they make the same mistake as in Retail: they design for sweaters. When classic was never about difficult group content only. Gatekeeping is off the charts and understandably so considering the dps gap / retail mecanics.


Mid it’s below average

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idk what you’re talking about. Gnomeregan is easy and i am bored in it. Imho it is unsatisfactory that you have nothing too achieve in SoD if you play it like a “sweater” except for pink logs.
No hardmode, no bonus boss, nothing.

The current design is absolutely casual friendly. Thats why tons of players with green logs have cleared the raid.

Nope you keep the BFD trinket as BiS on you.

Same with MC…you only kept the raggi belt as warrior on you and replaced everything else with BWL gear.
The only dungeon item you kept was HoJ…and even this you can replace depending on the boss with diamond flask + DFT, earthquake + DFT, or Kiss of the spider in naxx.

So don’t act like having to re-farm stuff in the new raid-tier is not a thing on Era or on lvl 60 classic. It is. Some items stay. But barely more than 1. Most items get replaced once the new raid comes out.

And if you’re wondering why i know that: I played warrior back in 2019-2021…I had full naxx gear and spend a massive amount of time on the simulation tool for fury dps warriors.
Idk why you all have to make up arguments that are straight up wrong.

So if you like Era…go back to era and pay 60k gold for a sulfuronhammer.


If I had to guess, I’d say PvP has ruined SoD.


2 sec time to kill meta really ruined it.

World pvp quickly turns into “whoever started attacking first” or “whoever has the currently overpowered class” will win.


Phase 3 we need it…

my guild and friends are still active then again I play in the rp-pvp server, people tend to go yolo for their on reasons xD

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Phase 3 is the same as phase 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s because GDKP is bannable.

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Cause gnomeregan is horrible, the pvp event is even worse and balance is completeled ******, also meleehunters, disgusting


This mode is simply nothing for Blizzard. They take too long to fix bugs, in a mode without a test server this should not happen. My last login was on 10.02 or 11.02. And there is no motivation to come back. And this madness will be repeated every phase. No thanks.


I can’t speak for anyone else but my reason.

The pvp balance is terrible. Way too high DMG and way too little HP. This burst meta is absolute trash.

I only did the stv event 5 times before I stopped joining it. I play warlock so I have no reason to even be there.

Which brings me to warlocks. Warlock is probably the worst class in pvp in p2. It’s not fun to play. We didn’t get a single good rune. Our only new ability shadowflame, deals less DMG than my wand. (Seriously)

I still raid log gnomer. But that’s the only time I’m spending in the game.

Ph2 is just trash.


“The current design is absolutely casual friendly”

But how? I irony is that you mention green parses?
Why is warcraft logs the alpha and omega for pug? How is that casual? Why can’t you join STV with no premade and stand a chance? Why don’t they roll back rewards of early exploiters?

I mean, there is more gatekeeping in SoD than retail? For like you said trivial content?
Last time i checked i get in retail pugs easily there without "6/6 + right spec + cons+ warcraft logs + inspect + a coffee + an icecream + a personal Teams interview’ xD
You might / will for high keys / mythic raiding though. As expected. AkA = full sweat.

So as far as i am concerned, while SoD is easier than LFR, the players pretend this is mythic raiding full sweat mode. Which is a bit ridiculous tbh.


Because u don’t know how to read information given to u?

First of all I don’t really care whether SoD is dead or not, I play for myself. But making threads as this just makes me laugh sometimes.

Population statistics on IronForge.pro is based on Wlogs which is stated on main page as follows:

WoW Classic Season of Discovery Server Population
World of Warcraft Season of Discovery server population
Active characters according to raids uploaded to Warcraft Logs

So based on the picture u linked, the “drop of population” happened on 07/02/2024 that’s basically a P2 release. So obviously u will see a shortage of Wlogs, as myself I had at least 5 alts in p1 actively raiding, I would guess people had on average 2-3 active alts that they have raided with.

As P2 starts I doubt many have already leveled their alts and started raiding. For example, according to official info (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvS8Z9Ei6lI) only 10% of characters got to max level, with 1.9% of overall characters clearing the raid in a first week of P1.

So making threads about people leaving only based on Wlogs in first 2 weeks (ironforge only shows “population” from 07/02 - 14/02, so 2 raiding resets ) is extremely stupid.