Why do DPS/Healers interfere with Tank routes in M+?

I mean if I wanted to be autistic, I will just download MDT and follow the same route over and over.

It is getting annoying. If I am not capping the % and taking unusual route, why DPS/Healers rage so much? It is not like I am competing in MDI. I am just having fun with my 10-12 keys. I am not even running on their keys.

Also don’t let me get started on bosses location. Let me give you example I take UR #2 boss to the middle of room after clearing all adds in the area.

The boss in Tantrum goes to middle first and throw adds all over the place. If I tank it to the middle everyone will have easier time seeing all those adds to step on AND it is also making my life easier as I can see everything more efficiently rather than having my back to invisible walls.

Some random DPS comes telling me to tank it in corner. And when I don’t do. He taunts and try to take the bosswhere he wants, the boss then one shot him like the noob he is. Then he rage quit. On that run we had no deaths except him and we were doing great on timer.

Also where to put the oblesik portals… Annoying!

Most of those bad DPS have very low rio score as tanks. You will see they have 1kish as healer or dps.

Don’t get me wrong. I am all open ears for other people remarks. However it has to be said in non-toxic way. Which something rare in M+. If I was about to pull cancer pack, and someone tells me to be caution I will certainly avoid it.


Because some people have egos that are completely unwarranted compared to their IQ.


Because there’s a reason MDT exists.

Why take the less efficient way just for the sake of it?

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What’s so bad in trying different ways. Maybe it is more fun?


You sound bad and on a power trip.

Imagine people wanting 100% trash, rite? Gawd, such elitists! Imagine them wanting to come out of an obelisk in a place that makes sense rather than using “Otzi’s feelycraft”

It’s their time invested as well, I’d imagine they wanted to spend it with someone semi competent.


Nobody asked them to join my group. I clearly say it is chill run, not +3 AAA run.

Why are you replying in toxic way? Fine I will reply like you. You are priest, if people wanted their time to be spent well they would not even invite you. Who would invite something bad like priest when we can get MW/Hunters instead.

You see what your kind doing to the game… Killing every small chance of innovation and forcing everyone to go META/MDT/RIO route.



I could just as easily say your post was toxic.

Also, this is an alt. I have 2 characters with more than double your score.

You aren’t innovating, you’re winging it - badly. Don’t confuse what you’re doing with innovation. Innovation implies improving on whats there.

You can’t even communicate with your team. That just bad, not “chill”.

Carry on with your power trip, bad tank.


Ok boosted priest

Heres a non boosted character - bad tank.


Sure, you’re annoyed but flagrantly using autism as an insult doesn’t make you look good

Some people just want a more efficient route, sometimes those DPS and healers actually know the better routes to take. There’s also nothing wrong with people wanting to go the most efficient route, even on chill runs those who join your group are investing their time to try and time the key. Unless they’re being aggressive and/or insulting you then it could literally just be them trying to help you out. It doesn’t mean they’re trying to “MDI” run the dungeon.

I think people try and do the wall hugging method because in most cases several of the players don’t even try to run over the ticks before they hatch when it spews them out. I often see the tank, myself and maybe 1 other person ever try to stop the ticks hatching. Tantrum on the other hand can become an issue because of this, people are too busy tunnelling the boss to see or care about what’s actually happening which causes a strain on the others who are actually trying to stop the ticks from hatching.

That’s just a bad and impatient DPS player, unfortunately you can’t control what they do so its just a case of moving on and ignoring them.

You’d be surprised how many people get offended by polite help in M+. I’ve been chastised for advising on how to prevent Pursuit from Rezan from making other players run 1/4 around the boss area because some of the time they make him run in the worst direction and it wastes time/dps when the tank has to reposition him.


People don’t care, they want efficiency, and you’re going against it on principle.

Well then why do you play shaman? just roll one of the fotm classes.


Because I steamroll everything as Enhancement.

No thanks, I prefer using my brain.

Well for the same reason I also don’t follow every standard pull in M+.

I mean come on. We had the same dungeons for two years now? Only Workshop/Junkyard added recently?

Can we consider Awaken the most fun affix because it mostly let you explore with mobs that we never pulled before.?

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No, we consider awakened the most fun affix because it lets you skip annoying trash. We’ve had 2 years to figure out what that trash is.

Imagine peoples annoyance when some numpty insists on barrelling into it because hes “innovating”.


That is very good really. However you need to try tanking. It is more fun than healing/dps.

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100% Subjective.


Well you cannot blame an artist for being innovative. I also experiment with class builds all the time at start of the expansion. I don’t follow Icy-Veins guides. Then I noticed people are using more and more of the talents that I am using and they thought it was once very bad choice.

I play the game for fun at the end of the day. If I thought a class/talent is more fun for me than what internetz say I will use it. Same goes for my dungeons pulls/boss locations.

Yea so? Even that goes for the most optimum route.

If you allow me to return to my topic peacefully. MDT route was made with ideal team formation in mind. That means no shamans, no priests, top classes with top talents.

If I invited a priest to my +12 keys and I saw him struggling with heals. I will not pull those 5 pack of mobs in bursting week. As AOE damage is more difficult. I will go for some non-optimum 2 mobs over there which maybe even harder on the tank but I would use my CD and spare him bursting agony…

That’s called using brain and not being sheep.

Maybe because it’s more fun for them ?


Then he should put it in his run description, then people can’t complain about it.