Why does my post keep getting Removed?


My Post keeps getting removed from this thread:

It’s being removed and I am receive no notification as to why it is getting removed. I have posted it 5 times throughout the evening.

I feel I am adding constructive feedback although I am disagreeing with the Topic, and it is within Community Guidelines.

Hi there Billyblue,

Apologies for the confusion, as it seems an anti-spam measure had gone a bit haywire in this case!

I can see that your posts were already restored by now though and we’ll have a look at what happened so we can try to prevent situations like this in the future.

Thanks for letting us know, and again sorry for the extra hassle!

Hi, thank you for the response! Glad to hear I wasn’t going crazy :smiley:

It wasn’t just you - I was in the middle of replying to the OP this morning when it disappeared. I mean, I actually saw it vanish. It was very strange …

yeh it was so strange, I made my post and was halfway through correcting a spelling mistake and it just vanished in front of my very eyes.

Luckily it was open in the Edit window, so I copy and pasted the Edit I had and saved it.