Why force a PVP player to do PVE?

I am a bit salty but i hope you will understand me somehow…

RBGs are dead…

The way the game is designed to force us to do PvE is ridiculous. In Pandaria or even WoD we had the great vendor pvp system. They took that out. Do you want to know why? - Money.

There was a time that when you were good at pvp, you would get high rank and farm your gear really quick, so you could be fully geared in 3-4 weeks max. They removed that and made it a RNG / Time based progression. So that you have to play and play and play and it will take you few months at least to have everything that you want.

Shadowland is the last hope to make PvP independent and without forcing you to play Mythic+ or Raiding… Currently you can have fully pvp gear, and some random pve guy will hit you for 200k cause […], thats why.

The hardest boss to defeat is Acitivision. Their hunger for money never ends, their greed and thirst is everlasting. How to take that down and make the game player-experienced mmorpg and not time-luck-based money-generating rpg… that i don’t know.



Ye. It sucks, even as someone who has the gear it’s not particularly enjoyable because of the gameplay either. Tank trinkets have ruined 3s to boot.

And the funny thing, for some specs its even gone the other way. My BiS azerite shoulders come from PvP, my chest will next tier too, and I know a lot of other specs that are the same.

If you want to be the best geared for a certain type of content, you should be able to do that by doing that content. It’s not hard.


simple answer…make your own game and sell it :smile:

they give you a game you don’t like? leave it.
the only threads these days are “the others are stupid” “blizz change that!” “i want that” “give me” “i pay every month…i want it right now” “this is bad, that is bad”…
but the threads where the player thanks for something or they write about something thats good are rare.
you don’t have to do something, you don’t must…you decide the way you play the game that is given to you…not more.

i understand you but WoW is a huge game, see all the addons, the story with all these quests, pvp aswell. you can do alot. is there any other game like that?
i have good memories and bad, but hey…i still play the game because it’s fun.
yes often it is “luck based” but so what (there is no luck, its only a chance of getting something). if everybody can get everything @ the first attempt, there would be nothing special in the rewards…and humans love rewards, thats the reason why WoW still exist. btw I don’t think that shadowlands will make a huge difference. the story goes on…you wrote it “money”. but we exchange money vs. fun, no fun no money :smirk:

I am waiting for info how the pvp gearing in Shadowlands will be. If they make it the same way as now - through pve - I have no fun from this, they wont get my money.


Vendors were taken out because most of the pvp community seemed too stupid and had difficulty of finding the vendors or that is how they justified the removal of vendors.


Everyone hates elementary school for a reason.

You can be a GOD in math, but they won’t let you study only math, you have to do bio, and chemistry, and all the random stuff…

If they would give you space on what you do best, to do that only - you would become 10x better in life. Same here.

We ask to keep PvP separated from the PvE… it is like making it for the raiding people: “If you do not have an arena rating of 1800 you can’t do heroic raiding” - that would piss off the whole world would it not?

Of course you can’t understand us because you are not affected :slight_smile:


U cant be that s…d and belive that!


So much bullshiet and lies, actiblizzard put in BFA, starting with ION that it makes me sick.
Same as Ternezia, just waiting for info about pvp gearing in SL.

NO pvp gear vendors , NO buy.


Well that is how Ion described the pvp players too stupid to find the vendors that is how they justified that and same goes to gems enchants etc…


Sorry for me vendors are bad, it means everyone can get whatever gear they want as fast as possible and have unnatural advantage just because they capped at 1200 rating.

Forced to play PvE is wrong ofc and even mythic gear should never beat pvp gear in battlegrounds or arena

So because someone worked for something, they get rewarded… And that’s a problem for you? The last two seasons with PvP vendors didn’t even have rating requirements to buy the gear…


We are rewarded, it only takes longer. Getting rewarded with everything we want just because of a cap at 500 rating seems weird to me

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Well obviously you wouldn’t keep the current conquest cap system. Bring back the MoP -> WoD PvP gear system with 3 tiers of gear (Craft -> Honour -> Conquest) And an actual conquest cap, which is increased by your rating.

Then make sure that gear is the best gear for PvP, get rid of these stupid tank trinkets, and over budget PvE weapons, and then though PvP still wouldn’t be great because of numerous gameplay problems. Those who enjoy it would feel like they have a meaningful progression path within it.


Did not Pvp sets have Pvp ressistanse and pvp power what made them better in Pvp then pve armor ?


In WoD? No. They were just higher ilvl when specifically doing PvP, and the conquest gear was 10 ilvls higher than maxed raid gear for that tier if you were doing BGs / arena, but 10 lower than raid gear anywhere else.


Oh it was in MOP pvp gear had pvp ress and pvp power.
you cod be a level 3 and have 99% pvp ress just by enchnating ur cape with pvp ress enchant.

Not quite that extreme, ring and neck enchants were very powerful at low level though.

old item still handy in world pvp

They failed if their purpose was money. I play much less than those glorious days of the past … and i do much longer breaks… and it s not only me … their subs seem to decrease …


I barely do any bg’s at all anymore. I personally liked working towards items to buy from pvp vendors this new system just feels crap and unrewarding.