Why hunters are hated in M+ setups?

Can some one explain why hunters are avoided / hated in m+ setups?

I literaly have 3 hours spent trying to get a +20 easy SBG to get invited …

I even saw someone posted a title “NO HUNTERS allowed” …

I mean, dont get me rong, my huntard is 415 and almost 2.5k rating … still after 3 hours of no one inviting me, gets me wondering … do many hunters are bad? or?

Explain why pls, i am baffled…

Squishy with bad survivability, not much utility… in theory they have HT/BL but you can’t count on that because depending on the spec/pets (which you can’t see before the invite), they won’t use it because “too much of a hassle” or “dps loss”… then I prefer waiting for a shaman/mage/voker who will use his ability without complaint.

That’s at least the reasons I can think of when inviting ppl for my keys, but I also play a hunter and don’t struggle much to find groups… then again, I’m only playing low keys, so there it’s less of an issue.


survivability pretty much
also putting the BL pet out means you’re sacrificing defensives
i think BL should be baseline to hunters and ferocity pet given another utility

however this week is pretty good for hunters with 10 sec tranq shots


bold of you to assume hunter players even keybind it.


Hunters have a rep for screwing things up.


they arent exactly the top tier dps class/specc nowadays. Especially so since some extra nerfs like the removal ofdouble tap.

In the long past hunters were useful for trapping, but people never ever use cc anymore in pve.

And then theres also the chance of getting a typical huntard wich pulls half the dungeon by accident with his pet.

And they really dont got anything else going on for them. Not much survivability. The self heals are like a fart in the wind. aspect of the turtle has a long cc and disengage does not create much of a distance.

Hunters might not be the worst but theres way better picks for high keys

And here you are promoting the crap that comes from vanilla back when no one knew what they where doing.

Stop using this it really is a bad thing to keep promoting it has NO meaning these days it comes from vanilla.


Generally not too many defensives/low survivability is one of the biggest issue.

You are also competing with thousands of other DPS for that spot, so it is pretty challenging to get into one unless you have like 3K score or play a class/spec that is considered meta.

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All are squishy.
MM hates pulling out the pet as they might lose dps so they dont count as a lust so whocares.
BM is crap dmg
SV is a melee and there are way better melee.


“Hunter, he’s gonna get oneshot”

We need better defensives, not just some x % overall dmg buff thrown out occasionally.

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You did by making the claim that hunters have a rep the fact is that the rep you talk about does not exist it is a literal meme you are taking seriously from back in vanilla wow.

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nah, it would be enough to have the pet balanced properly compared to lone wolf so you can go with/without depending on the party composition and not lose dps just to cast 1 10 min cd spell

I kept inviting hunters to 16-19 keys mostly due to BL, now what I encountered back then:
hunters kept dying during the runes on HoV last boss (and we got no hero because of it)
then it was AV+18 and BM insisted on MM using BL because whatever reason. I dk, that’s just so laughable and tiring at the same time :grin:

If you did your own key you could take 5 hunters. Just like if I do my own key I can take 0.

But ultimately there are better options than hunters out there so people will take them

but you’re forgetting that the class has 3 specs
if BL was baseline then both BM and Surv can play tenacity and MM can go lone without worrying much about having a pet out for BL

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I mostly screw up on my monk rather than my hunter.

That “roll” spell on monk usually lands me in a lava hole or rolling into a cliff

I’m just clumsy :stuck_out_tongue: hence why I like to fight from a distance

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the stereotype still is very much alive. Only the part about every item being an hunter item is no longer true


Fine, i ll go back to my main warlock and quit Hunter

I never invited to a key 20 and above, although i amprot warrior with 2460 rating. I was possessing this rating when my i lvl was 395. Now i am 415 ilvl, cannot increase my rating because people never invite. After more than 300 applies through season 1, i get 0 invitation even for simple SBG. Hence, i decided to quit game and enjoy life instead of sitting and applying for 20s for hours.

Solution: push your key with your guild or ingame friends. I dont have time for it but it is the only way.

So you got to 2460 at 395 ilevel and suddenly no one ever invited you again?


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