Why is bm the strongest hunter spec?

BM is by far the easiest spec in the game. In all categories.

It also happens to do unwarranted dps with ZERO downside.

BM is the “Get to know the game-spec” for noobs and people with one hand.

There is nothing wrong with playing bm, but why is it so good?

Its uncapped dps, can stand in melee-ranged AND run and dps. They dont even need LoS to keep doing damage and on top of that when they are left alone they do insane dps.

What went wrong? a 40% nerf to BM would be healthy for the game. More and more good players are moving over to the obvious master spec of the game.

only pros and no cons.

I couldnt believe my eyes that BM got ANOTHER buff next reset even when they are top dps spec in the game by miles…


Because specc difficulty isnt factored into balancing, BM is a incredibly popular specc and making a specc intentionally bad due to ease of play.

Would do more harm then good.

Easy options must exist in meta to allow accessibility. Not everyone can handle a complex class in somsthing like mythic raiding and need a easier rotation to cope.

Also to add to this.

BM being that much easier then other choices at this point is a myth. Its a meme relating back to a time which BM hunter could macro its entire optimal rotations to mouse wheel.

Nowadays most speccs are just as simple as BM.


But its how they do balancing for all other classes.

Why not the same for the easiest? Its no secret that most people that play bm need bike helmets at all times

BM / Demo Lock / Ele Shaman are very fun and easy specs

Other classes?

Wouldnt really agree there, there have been plenty of speccs more meta then BM hunter…


Its not.

With the next round of buffs to MM coming this week it’ll be the go too spec for raid. It has been the go too spec for pure ST all tier anyways.

Survival > BM/Mm in m+ and has been as soon as you get 4pc

Its arguable that BM is the worst performing spec for hunters atm hence their buffs.

Whats the obsessions with ease = should be rubbish? BM isnt any more complex or difficult than most other classes/specs bar a few outliers.


Very wrong!
There are many other classes that are just as simple to use

But are they your considerations, fruit of your mind, or have you listened to some fanatic of the game?

All melee classes can do this as well.

But are you sure you’re playing Wow?
Because the classes that should be nerfed are the Meta ones and certainly not the Hunter who is already heavily penalized.


How to say you have never played a hunter in any higher end content without saying you have never played a hunter in higher end content


I knew it would attract window-lickers to defend their class because they are too stupid to play anything else.

But i love how you dont give any examples of easier classes; because there are none.

So destruction warlocks needs to be also nerfed? Because its easy to play. So devastation evoker also needs to be nerfed because lets face it its also " not a complicated spec to play"

I dont think people play bm because their “too stupid to play other classes” :joy::joy: theres a reason you dont see top level players post stuff like this.

Frost mage, Frost DK, devastation evoker, destruction warlock, fury warrior. Are all extremely simple, i mean sure if we wanna go down the nuances, these classes do demand more fight knowledge and positional understanding because their mobility is limited.

But i think you would fine.

If blizz tripled bms complexity youd fine it equally popular.

BM hunter fantasy, and taming pets etc etc is what drives the speccs popularity.

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XD only window licker i see here is you mr envoker just checked your loggs and i had a good laugh average hc logs of 78.7 XD how the hell doesn’t anyone not get 90 plus logg on hc and 47 % mythic logs for the first 3 i think your raid team need to upgrade there envoker XD yet you have the cheek to come on anther classes discord being toxic you might want to improve your on your own play b4 bad mothing other class/specs i have a dev envoker alt and it’s just as easy to play as bm infact i would say it’s easier to play then bm as it does not have massive amounts of rng in it’s rotation unlike bm does.

I also played the Mage frost and got a Rio of over 2400 in season 2 of SL which was considered good scoring.
So I didn’t just play the Hunter.

Other classes that are relatively easy to use have been mentioned by other people.

It’s not.

Also how hard it is to play should have no bearance on performance.

Otherwise arcane mage would be 50% stronger than every other spec.

It’s just not how balance works.

“Tell me you never played BM without telling me you never played BM in any relevant content”, the post.

Edit after reading the last 3 paragraphs, I realized this is just another useless troll.

Go get a life please.

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how has this post not been flagged yet? thats surprising considering its just troll baiting

So you call the killshot 10% dmg increase a buff? Owkey gotcha.

The strangest thing is that I sim’ exactly the same as before the so-called buff.
No difference at all between sims, it’s 100% the same, so the buff doesn’t really have any effect

Pressing kill shot is hardly ever worth it as BM, it literally does less damage than a single kill command.


I find it a bit silly because you consider it an easy spec it should be also a bad spec. So if someone enjoys BM the most they should also expect to do terribly?

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