Why is it important to Blizzard to gatekeep 1800 rating from mediocre players?

A couple xpacs ago you wouldnt even get invited to any arena group if you linked a 1800 achievement. Why does Blizzard insist on making this so hard for average/casually-semi-bad people like me? I’ve gotten over 1800 once this season (healer in SoloS) and I actually liked the Battle Mender title enough to try and get it.

I am well aware that getting better at the game is an option for some people but what if you simply cant? I am old now and actually have a hard time learning stuff, thats ok but I have to bang my head into a wall and do get to 1800 late in every season eventually, but why is 1800 (SoloS) so insanely hard to reach right now, is it this MMR inflation thing people keep bringing up?

Can’t you just let the less skilled people reach a small milestone aswell? I dont think im asking for impossible things, I usually know what goals are in my reach and what I have to leave to better players (and I dont mind that at all)

I wish I could telegraph to the Devs how much anxiety and bad mood this gamemode is inflicting on me (and I know for sure it’s not only me), is it really necessary to ruin peoples days and their mood over something as low as 1800?
I’m so stuck in this game, I dont wanna give up the small goals I am setting for myself - it is the worst feeling, Jesus cant you let people just have some small feeling of success? Stop looking at your 3.2k rating streamers as the only gauge for your decision making, remember people that play the game for stuff like transmog collections and stuff. I mean this increase in difficulty makes no sense, after so many years of arena it feels like reaching 1800 is comparable to getting to 2200 in maybe TBC or Lich King, move the tier set recolors and potential Battle Mender/healer titles down to 1600 then to make up for this shift in arena ratings.


Dude the playerbase has just gotten better over the years. Seems like you’re just being left behind


people aren’t being gate kept from 1.8, especially not in shuffle. Some people are just thatbad they don’t qualify for it.

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There are more than 55000 people at or above 1.8 in Shuffle (in EU alone)

try to call yourself gatekept again

if you can’t get it for 6 months you aren’t a bad player

you’re simply lazy

and don’t come up with “but i have real life blablabla”

u had ur 6 months with infinite resources on how to improve and get it

low value complaint post for imaginary problem

because the elite sets are returning next season


I dont think its blizz or any players gatekeeping anyone really, its more like wow rated system being joke and been in need of rework for years. :smiley:

Wow rated system is kinda weird if you think of it, its like if some sports would allow anything in any brackets to participate, ppl just playing in mixed random brackets how they please and then somehow some trophies are claimed end of season for it. Would be extremely confusing in real life if the sports would be handled the same as competitive rated game modes in this game.

Only awc is equal matchmaking if you think of it and everything outside it is just random chaos of whatever matchmakings of people playing in different levels of different brackets how they please. Its no surprise why the people pushing on their first 1.6 example get demotivated when they are facing people on 20th alt and whatever amount of high exp they got. Its not really how competitions are suppose to work.

Current season 3 has approx 13000 people between 1800-2400 from some weeks ago done calculation that ppl found between those parameters would have 5 alts, youre pushing deflated season on a system that is outdated and a joke, dont feel too bad about it and just play or have break. Do whatever makes you happy really and dont care too much of this game. :slight_smile:



I hadn’t played as a DPS in PvP since like early Legion and then I barely played because I quit it due to the templates and I barely played Legion overall because of the artifact weapons. I still facerolled to 1800 on DPS when I had gotten geared.

People are absolutely awful at those ratings.

Yeah, no. I was a duelist in TBC season 1 as a holy priest and season 2 as a frost mage. I was 2200 in wotlk as feral. I’ve gotten to 2150ish in solo shuffle as a holy priest, could probably have gone to 2300ish if not for getting way too tilted by how bad DPS players are, the last game I played just tilted me way too much - at 80% dampening, monk uses karma, we can kill him through it but the DPS just max the karma out and then they switch to the other DPS that have defensives ready and we lose, if they had just continued on the monk he would be dead.

The original elite sets up until legion were 2.2 req. Enchants 2.4 and some of the tabards were even 2.6 req.

Are you really asking for a 1.6 req? Everything on retail except r1 is literally given for free, if you are struggling it might be a l2p issue.

If anything all rewards should go back to it’s original req so people are engaged to play.

Solo shuff took it to the extreme where you actually get everthing for zero effort.

Like just reading your spells and pressing 1 2 3 in correct order should get you to 1800 eventually, in shuff.

SS opened the flood gates to making 1.8k obtainable for everyone with a subscription.

Maybe not so much this season because the population and activity has fallen off. Try on the last week of the season and it should be cake for you to get.

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Wow is ezz in every type of content if you think its hard try some other pvp games like hunt showdown or pubg where 0.5sec is enough to get you back in lobbby.

You can also just get 1600 rating on 2 different characters on the same class and use the tokens for shoulders/head.
If you are a pure PvEr and can only get 1.6k in arenas you can just do entire heroic or get 2k m+ rating and use the token to get the head/shoulders. :+1:

What’s this, 2018? :joy:

want free rewards? This is really stup*d, if you don’t deserve the reward, you don’t deserve to have it

I hope that in the future the elite sets will be like before, at 2.2, a reward must have prestige

and 1.8 is very simple, if you don’t do it, it’s because you’re lasy(because even a bad 2 iq can do 1.8)

I hope not
We will have even less players in arenas

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if you put rewards at 2.2 k +, motivated players will play more

What so funny wow is 20years old game .
Bajheera was right when he sed “there just to many bad players they will always cry and call pvp bad no mather what blizzard do”
Loosers alway cry

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You are partialy correct only, Yes players has gotten better, but that does not matter realy as If everyone got better, nobody did pretty much so field of play is technicaly same. The real issue is participation in Pvp, This is why It was so easy to reach higher rating back in the days as participation was higher and therefore it offerred lot of rating inflation. Blizzard ignores this issue, MMR needs to be artificaly inflated if there if lack of participation so players can get Rewards!!! Gladiator should be equivalent to Getting CE boss kill not something impossible pretty much under current system and low participation. Looking at PVP gatekeeprs who might read this, nobody cares about you, You are 0,1%-0,5%. The other 99% players are more important and deserve Better system that is equivalent to PVE progression when it comes to % of completion- Gladiator needs to be Equivalent of CE boss kill for example. You want higher PVP participation? Make rewards possible to be obtained, simple as that. Also fact is 1800 rating is Realy hard too for many players Way harder than completing all m+20 in time, which does not even make sense. 1800 is a big challenge for average PVP player in any bracket and Can feel Impossible, so i get the OPs frustration. And Its not his Fault, Its the Lack of participation and blizards lack of interferance during the seasons That keeps Ratings deflated. 1800 In Today modern era of Wow is equivalent of 2400+ 10-12 years ago when participation was very high still.


No, lol.

I’d just stop playing totally. I’ve made it to duelist this season as a healer in solo shuffle and it was just painful getting queued against healers lower than me so often coupled with DPS having like no clue what they’re doing. The worst part is you can’t even tell them what they’re doing wrong because in case they’re one of those who learn instantly then you’re screwed when they end up on the other healers team and play against you. More than once I lost because I told a hunter to stop kiting melee DPS on top of me and run any other direction than towards me, then he doesn’t die on the enemy team because he’s not kiting the DPS to his healer like he did to me first round because I told him to not do that, so I lose. It’s so dumb, if I didn’t tell them… I’d go 3-3 instead because they’d do the same on the enemy healers team.

I only played to duelist this because I wanted the enchant, if the mog would be at 2200 I wouldn’t even touch pvp ever again, lmao. That just wouldn’t be worth it. I’d probably cap out at like 2300 rating if I actually gave it my all but it’s just way too much time & effort I can put on something else.

Next season I won’t even play it because I have no interest in that enchant and I already have the mogs from the previous seasons.

Well thanks to the handful of nice people with helpful or friendly comments,
thought I’d report back with this to close the matter


1248 rounds played btw, so dont call me lazy when I already said that I’m struggling with PvP.

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I have watched cdews newest video at least three times, aswell as Lontars and some Foxyllama stuff too. Enough with your prophecies already

Just leave it be, we’re not gonna come to an agreement so walk away

I have to agree with Necro. In some point players want to challenge themselves and pvp does that.