Why is there this innate expectation that everyone should know what they are doing?

it depends what u mean, tactics for endgame stuff sure ppl dont know but basic stuff like what abilities to use and to not stand in bad aoe is pretty simple

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But some still need to learn it.
Some weird stigma going on, like newbies should feel ashamed or something :d
Its a game…

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I did! poor things falling apart now! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: It’s been a great way to read up on dungeons and related quests as opposed to looking it all up online.
I also have my TBC dungeon book at the ready.
just in case…

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The only thing I expect new players to know is the difference between PvE and PvP servers, if someone is so lazy or dumb not to look even that little info up online then yeah, that is a joke! :grinning:

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This explanation wraps it up nicely! I agree 100%.

Also I think there are a lot of things I do not know, even tho I have played Vanilla, TBC and WotLK! :grinning:

There’s a lot of info online so people should not be too lazy to learn some things, but surely not everything.

I also understand if people don’t want spoilers, so that is not lazyness, but not looking up what your class is wanted for in endgame then complain about people forcing that class to heal would be a mistake on the players side.

Well i mean at lvl 60 newbs should know basics by then


It’s disgusting. In our guild we don’t have this BS and hunters get prio on ranged weapons, melee on melee weapons, rogues on leather, clothies on cloth, etc.

I just play the game according to common sence, just like in Vanilla and I’m enjoying it.

Wait, so are you saying its better to not understand the optimal loot distribution? Do you give Strikers Mark to hunters and Wild growth Shoulders to druids?

This again from you .People know what they sign up for but you refuse to listen that servers have gone from balanced PVP to imbalanced I wish you would understand that and stop calling whiners and criers . Alliance just like in retail is suffering and people like you don’t help by saying

You sign up for pvp or git gud or re-roll pve or quit .

How do you actually, as a new player, know what you sign up for when playing on PVP?

If I think of PVP the first thing that comes to mind are either small one on one duels with enemy players and the second thing coming to mind are big battles with an objective to fight over.

I dont think about getting mercilessly ganked or corpse camped first. I also dont expect towns not to be safe havens because common sense dictates that a town of your faction is actually owned by your faction and not by random enemy players because guards are ineffective or non-existant.

Why is this the only question a blue responds to ?

What about paid transfers ? What about faction queues or faction balance ? Are blizzard happy with how the game is now ?


If people show up for say MC and haven’t looked up their 2 button rotation, then the lack of dps causes delay and wipes and pain for 40 people :wink:

In a teamgame it’s ok to expect some preparation, you also don’t go to a football match not having figured out how to tie your shoelaces.

Obviously knowing everyone’s BiS list is a bit much. But then again the info is so so SO easy to come by

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More like 30min clear or 3h. Besides you are prepping for the harder raids, going into MC with the mentally of “it’s chill no need for consume or proper raidspec” might work for MC if you want to spend 3h in there. But you are not going to clear BWL with that approach. And then there is AQ and naxx, Wich require good gear to even try, but now all the casuals in your guild left because they don’t want to optimize, and you have to recruit new members and drag them thru mc/Bwl for a few months to get gear on them and meanwhile AQ is on farm for other guilds so your core raiders leave cuz you are not getting anyway and guild dies


Why not throw a thunderfury to a hunter as well


Because it involves minor brain engagement to understand those things.

Most of the ppl whining for being ganked in pvp don’t do that because they didn’t expect ganks to happen so constantly, they just expected to be the gankers.

Ppl rolling on others’ bis aren’t just unaware of the importance of such items, they just want their piece of loot not caring if others could need it far more.

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Pretty sure they do when you first select one and the vast majority ignored it.

Personally i refuse to follow guides and spending my evenings memorizing BiS lists for Classic. I’ll play the game like i did back then. If that means i’m not topping the charts or getting invited to the best guilds then so be it. I’m so sick of this “min-max every little detail in your video games” mentality.


I have found the complete opposite, the majority of people playing classic know their BiS lists and knew what a PvP server would entail.

The loud minority seems to be the ones that did not and are just bad at the game.


I was part of a ZF group last night in which the leader (a rogue) kicked the mage out as he hadn’t had time to get his new spells yet. This included the latest “food summon” spell.

He got angry that a player couldn’t provide him the food he was owed and do kicked out the aoe DPS :man_facepalming:

I am seeing situations like this all the time and even though the toxisity is only from a small amount of the population, they need to realise bthat names are remembered.