Why not just tell the truth, that it's launching on the 2nd of June?

It is a generally accepted rule that if something is launching on June 1st, then it’s at latest US morning release.

For some reason, since 2020, Blizzard is not adhering to the rule. Before, it used to mean EU midnight release that day, so if you lived to the west of Europe, you could play few hours before that day.

Now, it means EU midnight release the next day. So why lie that the game is launching the day before it launches?

Was someone infuriated that they could play early, or what?

June 1st 23:59 isnt June 2nd.

Its close. But its not.


alexa what are time zones?


Where I live its 23h on the 1st when it launches


why does it matter?

What are you on about? All the EU announcements I have seen says june 2nd in the heading, with a map specifying the time zones. UK, Ireland, Portugal and Iceland gets it on the 1st, but that doesn’t appear to be what you are complaining about…


Complaining for the sake of complaining.


that‘s the mainstream thing to do in recent days it seems

In the UK at 23:00 so not the 2nd. The OP seems to think the world revolves around his time zone.


Why do you so much want to be able to play for only a minute during the launch day?

and why does it matter to you?

Strange, I keep seeing June 1st everywhere except on very few places.

Defending scamming for the sake of scamming for the sake of defending scamming for the sake of scamming

To ensure that everything happens in the most pessimistic scenario, right? Why aren’t we getting it on December 31, anyway?

The launch is at the same time everywhere, it’s just different number on the clock, because the time differs around the world. You know, Earth is a sphere, and the sun goes around it instead of just turning on and off.

Someone just failed their astrophysics exam. Unless we are in “a second hand set of dimensions on an astral plane that was never meant to fly.”

The Earth rotates on it’s axis as it orbits the Sun. At least the sun isn’t being pushed by a giant dung beetle.


No, she’s being chasen by a jötunn. There is one thing we can all agree on, the global release date is wrong, and there is no reason to defend the typo unless you are a troll.

It’s not wrong, local time differs at the same moment. Wait are we talking about the pre-patch or the full release of TBCC?

The full release of TBC. The global release is June 2nd.

Your forgetting the 4 hour login queue

Not for me, it’s the 1st at 23:00 as I said before. It may happen at the same instant but different time zones have different times.

and the disconnects.

So that’s you, you seem to think the world revolves around your time zone.
That, and I still wouldn’t call 23:00 release as 1st June. Neither would I call 22:00. Neither 20:00. Maybe 17:00, but that’d still be controversial.

If you were a fight promoter and a boxing match was scheduled at 11pm on the 4th, would you tell your customers to tune in on the 5th?

So, where are all these announcements aimed at EU players saying june 1st? Thisone clearly says june 2nd:

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No I don’t, actually I do, as my time zone is the zero point. Call it GMT or Zulu time it’s the standard that all others are set by. As I have said it’s for me in the UK

Then you are wrong.

Ooh look at that at the bottom.

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