Why not just tell the truth, that it's launching on the 2nd of June?

Hell yeah, thank you for reminding of the global part and the flat part of Earth.


In GMT it releases at 22:00. And UK is not in GMT unless you mean some overseas territory or something. Or maybe you forgot to set your clock to summer time

@Elf: As Richdude already linked, the official date in the EU posts is the 2nd.

while you are technicaly correct I would suggest you check up what GMT is short for and stop being so pedantic

Wow, and people call me a troll.

Global release is 1st June 22:00 UTC
For the UK it’s 1st June 23:00 BST
For Europe it’s 2nd June 00:00 CET

BTW The time zones do revolve around the UK. Look up Greenwich Meridian.

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No it’s Europe 2nd June 00:00 CEST. 22:00 UTC is 23:00 CET

If you don’t understand what a GMT means this video will explain it to you.


Yes, it is UTC +0 timezone, and UK is UTC +1.

Are you judging yourself by what someone else said about you?

Yes, but almost all, if not all CET countries turned into CEST in March.

Is that an advertisement for your clickbait-posting youtube channel? I know what GMT is, and if I didn’t, then I could look it up and read it in few sentences without having to waste 15 minutes. Imagine I have access to google.

What’s the scam?

read the OP

So you are upset because you don’t understand a global release on 01/06/21 likely doesn’t mean 01/06/21 in all regions? It wasn’t a “lie” either because it will be 01/06/21 in the UK.

Its neither a lie or a scam at most it’s misrepresentation by mistake.

It’s not a click bait video it just tells you what GMT means and where it came from since you didn’t know if you have access to Google why did you even attempt to correct someone if you had no idea what you are talking about since you said that GMT is not UK time

Dis sound like first world problem to me, mon.

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I guess you didn’t put 10,000g on TBC coming out on 2nd of June.

Hexx did not because why would he put 10.000 gold on that?

Tell me dat, night elf.

Fair point.

“Why not just tell the truth, that it’s launching on the 2nd of June?”

Return to Outland on 2 June in Burning Crusade Classic



Look at the map. It says CEST and BST.

You do know blizzard is a american company right? and they release it in their home market on the 1st not the second and if you click on the thing in the launcher that says June 1st and scroll down just a litle bit you will find some info that have been there for a long time now that says “Check the details below for the exact time you can start playing and begin your journey into Outland.” And below that you can find what time and date it releases where you are isnt that magical?

And would you be upset if it did?

It won’t be. It will be an hour before midnight. Like WoW Classic, or Witcher 3, that were still marketed as released the next day.

In 15 minutes? Someone must have a serious speech impairment if it takes him 15 minutes to say 2 sentences.

Wait, so the UK doesn’t have summer time anymore? Sorry, didn’t know that.

Except that they release it on the second, because evening releases typically count as next-day releases, it is the case with almost all games that release in the evening in American timezones.

Oh yes, so we now have some random player as more official source than Blizzard itself