Why not just tell the truth, that it's launching on the 2nd of June?

It’s literally a topic made by Blizzard.
Get some glasses. And stay in school kids.

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except that in order to access it, you have to type the URL manually (or click a link posted by some random player who did that)

Especially considering the fact that recently Blizzard updated the website to default to the US version unless you have “United Kingdom” as your system’s region setting.

in what world is 3pm the evening? and NO you are wrong about it counting as next-day release only the midnight releases are counted that way nothing els thats why its counted as releasing the 2nd here

Oh you want a personal phone call from a blizzard dev to tell you it’s launching on the 2nd of june in Europe?
They posted global launch times, they aren’t lying. End of topic so shut up and stop crying.

Western parts of Americas

that would still not be enough unless they called literally everyone.

Why are you crying? What happened?

and what are you trying to achieve by doing that?

Can’t you all see he’s trying to wind you all up so he can report you and get you banned off the forums?

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This is what I was expecting, like most others.

I really don’t understand how you are so upset over this. Its like one of the most insignificant problems you can have. But you have exaggerated how bad it is.

Cant I report him first? seeing as he is rather mean towards me. plz let me do it great Dottie xD :wink:

and by the way if anyone is looking for official news stating it’s launching on the 1st of June in Europe…

Or a TV schedule, even ones that start clearly on the 5th like for example 01:00 AM will be promoted as part of the schedule for day 4th, because usually for people psychologically the day starts when waking up and ends when going to sleep, so for me is already May 18 but I will think as May 18 as still being tomorrow, because I am again late online instead of going to sleep early as I should.

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Hang on, Now i am confused. Is it launching at 11pm UK time on the Tuesday or the Wednesday? I may have booked the wrong day off work…

This is where you stop posting and accept that you were wrong.

But no, you keep on trolling making your self look sillier and sillier by each reply.

Clearly says June 2nd on the map.

Go figure.

yes they just fixed that

EDIT: And looks like they also fixed the default website for non-UK regional settings

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