Why peace is not an option

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The format is tired. The faction war has gotten so bad that at this point even the horde fanboys that respond to genocide, chemical warfare, experimentation on humans, forcibly raising dead, torture, weapons of mass destruction and general warmongering with “well what about that Tauren village” even they don’t have anything anymore when responding to horde atrocities.

It cannot be once again that after defeating the horde for the (what are we on now the 3rd time?) that the Alliance go back to “let’s all join hands” no.

Alliance policy has to be total removal of the orcs from Azeroth, destruction of the forsaken (total destruction and banning of necromancy), arms limitations on trolls and break up of the horde. No other approach would make sense for the Alliance to take.

How many hits to the lore can this take? What power anywhere would allow these actions repeatedly and continuously seek to make peace with a group incapable of it

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You are assuming much if you think the Alliance is going to “defeat” the Horde.

The narrative so far doesn’t seem to be about the Horde being defeated, but a mutual compromise that calls for a cease of hostilities.
And that includes the Alliance ceasing to attack the Horde, and several Horde segments deciding/vowing to stand against and stop the part of their faction that wants to continue this war.

Edit: the rest of the high ground moral rant is about as usual and inaccurate as it gets, but felt like pointing out the above.


Take it from one who writes a romance fanfiction, and has to resist daily the temptation to just handwave unequal relationships (Winged Eredar and Night Elf). It’s hard work. Very hard, and barely a week goes by where I don’t question the thinking behind it. There are frequent revisions and I’m forced to interpret contradictory lore to progress. I ended up taking an AU to smooth things out and even then there is HUGE groundwork required.

Blizzard’s writers do not have the time nor money/freedom allowed to write a complex lore. It costs too many resources. If it is decided by Activision and co. that the next xpac will heavily feature more factional conflict then we will get it. End of.


Oh… so that is still going on, huh?


Sometimes, they will get a bit experimental and huff angrily about those five elves who died in Dalaran.


Nonsense. You will take orders from Green Daddy and that will be the end of it.

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Peace is always an option if that’s what the writers want to happen. That’s not in either of our hands to decide upon.

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And that’s just your opinion. Not what’s actually going to happen. Besides it is extremely racist to give Tauren and blood elfs a free pass when the bad stuff comes only from forsaken this time. Like, all horde members throw their weight into the war yet you focus on Orc eradication alone? Not to mention. Zandalari did absolutely nothing wrong but being caught in faction crossfire. Calling for them being disarmed shows once more alliance bigotry and imperialism.

Nice trolling topic btw 8/10 for you.


Uuuuh…Invade Pandaria, Dun Morogh and slaugther innocent Kul Tirans in Anglepoint…

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Best case scenario right now is for both factions to split up (Rather than merge) and keep fighting on their own terms beholden to no Warchief or High King.

I agree there can’t be peace after all that’s happened. But the only way to avoid peace and the ensuing ‘Azerothian Union’ is for the violent destruction of both super powers.

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When have we “defeated” the Horde? The best we’ve got was a ceasefire and empty words from Varian.

As much as I like King Chin due to Nostalgia purposes, his “We will end you” is just as empty as Rastaman’s “we will be here long after you are gone”.

I agree with this.

Peace should not be an option for the Alliance (and therefore neither for the Horde) and our measures should be pretty extreme.

Should one side be stronger at times?
Hell yes!
Should either side ever be victorious and destroy the other?
Hell no…

However a little clarification:
I highly doubt that Blizzard would ever try to make the Alliance even moderately spicey. They’d sooner dig up another Horde goes evil storyline before making this pathetic faction have any teeth.

At this point I’m almost glad at the prospects of a faction merge, as long as I have free for all PvP, to gank all those annoying Alliance whiners (:joy: who am I kidding? They disable WM).


Its more then that certainly in lore. As evrything zones and cities and towns are bigger in the lore then are ingame;


Tell that to their writers. Peace shouldnt be a option at all anymore escpailyl not for night elves. But they seem to be going to will be peace and evrything is sylvannas fault and when she is gone evrything will be forgiven adn forgotten adn Tyrande and rest will gladlly accept saurfang who planned war of thorns and put a axe in her husbands back.


And before that declare war on the Alliance in a bid to restore the long-deceased Troll Empire. Dindu nuffin wrong.


Remember, it is only bad when the Alliance does it.


and Baine*

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No, Alliance is cool. They are just defending themselfs against Sylvanas’ agression. But Baine has no excuse to be the way he is. Why can’t you just leave the Horde already and go over to Stormwind instead of dragging the Tauren down with ya mate? :wink:


I am the best of the Horde! That’s what Blizzard stated on the record in their lore!


Yeah adn they said tons of crap,or wrong things like we’d be suprosed who burned teldrasil. and moraly grey war, and this faction war expac and no old gods.
they even thought me’dan was ok for ages.

Baine is not the best in horde at all. He is best(worst) of Alliance lackeys.
Alliance asks and baine will do it, hurts his own people nah who cares it might make anduin and jaina bit sad or disapointed in him adn cant have that now can we.

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In lore it’s stated as many families and innocents died there in the purge of Dalaran. Many of them.