Why peace is not an option

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I don’t care what you will take or where you are from. You are ridiculous.

No? So when you, for instance, accused the Gnomes of fabricating plague, you didn’t forget to add the part where you say the gnome was trying to make a vaccine? You did not leave that part out conveniently creating a false image? Because I can’t find it.

Truly, the peak of civil discourse in any possible sense. And you absolutely were never rude, nor did you leave anything out, ever. god forbid. Ugh. :face_vomiting:

How any human being can allow himself to behave in this manner is beyond me. And you think you can lecture someone? You? After this?


People, please flag this post.

Moderators, if you are reading this, the thread has derailed to much and at this point, it’s best if it were hidden and locked forever.


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To be fair, at this point, Araphant has descended into personal attacks, I think it probably does need closing down. Probably a tighter view on any thread trying to start a Faction debate…

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Seems like someone is looking for a convenient get-away card since he is unable to provide a proper reply. You have rather simple argumentation up there, did you, or did you not leave things out of context?

If you did not, why isn’t the entire context provided?

It is also funny how you accuse me of personal attacks while ridiculing people through the entire thread, but whatever, I am quite certain that common sense isn’t your forte at this point.

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:sob: have they broken you boomer-sama?

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We are both British, but oh so different.

I am a Trump fan, you are not.
I am conservative, you are not seemingly.
I could mention Brexit - you seem more “Remainer” whereas I…I am a devoted Brexitter.


No, I am saying you sound like a pretentious (not allowed to say that) who thinks he knows other people’s opinion better than they do, by writing long-winded essays in which he holds imaginary conversations with strawman versions of his opponents, in which he misrepresents and ridicules them, while never actually engaging with the opponents arguments in an honest manner, while at the same time failing to display any artistic or literary skill and present his ridiculous essays in a manner that make people want to read them.

No one wants to engage with a person who’s primary form of intellectual engagement is ridiculing them in him own head. Even worse: someone who is bad at it. No one is ever convinced by your essays because they are blatant misrepresentations of them, made only so that you can have an easy target. Legit, do you think any of those long winded essays you ake about how conversations about story topics would go, is actually how they will go? Though seeing as that is your modus operandi, I am guessing it is the extent of your literary skills.

It is like reading something from an old man, yelling at a cloud, and he has to yell about the cloud in the most annoyingly elaborate manner, for as long as possible. You are the forum equivalent of those guys on tinder who flirt using roleplay asterisks. Also, we all acknowledge that Jaina and the Silver Convenant did bad things during the Purge. So we do not need to be reminded of it with one of your ugly essays every time someone mentions a war crime. We are allowed to criticise the Horde without holding a prayer for the souls of the fallen sureavers every post. The Purge happened years ago. No one cares anymore. The story has moved on. You are like an old man still spouting that Bush was behind 9/11. Get over it! No one wants to read about it! No one wants to see you bring it up again for the nth time to see you make the same, ridiculous misrepresentation roleplay! That mindset is what makes you a boomer. That and how you keep bringing up anecdotes from your personal life that have usually no relevance to the topic, and keep talking about how good things were back in the day. Boomer.

So no, you do not sound like a fine actor either 20 years older of younger. You sound like a guy who thinks he sounds like an actor.

This is some heavy boomer stuff right here.

At what age do people usually start going senile and having imaginary conversations they believe are legit?


You’re British too? Honestly, it looks like almost everyone except me is from Great Britain/Ireland here xD

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I am an anti-feminist, Trump supporting, Brexit supporting, conservative from 2014 to present and future, British person :blush::blush::blush:

I think Araphant is from Argentina if that helps.

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There are some people that simply can’t let go. Hopefully Blizzard notices the flags and shuts this quickly.


You hate us cuz you ain’t us!

Haters gonna hate, and ainters gonna ain’t


That’s true, iirc he moved there after 1945.

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