Why peace is not an option


I am team purple! The NEW Horde. That also has Alliance in it. A single faction.


Peace is not an option.


Peace is always an option! War is hell.


Red + Blue = Purple, I see, but you can not put Horde in the Name, and left Alliance out. Just put them with even count of letters in the name together, like Alliorde or Hordance, I personally prefer Hordance. But it is not my faction, not my decision.


Personally I went with the Grand Alliance of the Horde. Or the Coalition of Bainduin.


The funny thing OP, that I believe no one has pointed out yet, is that such a scenario was avoided only thanks to King Varian’s generosity and honor. If he had been more pragmatic and ruthless, then the Horde would have been exterminated at long last.


Exactly that is, what Brigante pointed to. The only difference to your post is his conclusion to Varians actions.


Of course the only one who pointed that out is the Sylvanas stan who writes essays every single time. Never stop surprising me, forum.

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Dude, tha hell…


you guys are the only ones who can rival us orcs in coolness factor. Nothing personal.

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You’re correct, I should have just went “No u” or something as infantile.

You know that thing you just said not to do? You just did it. Explain to me how I am a Boomer, come on, I’m listening. I know the definitions, so this gonna be good.

I have never been uncivil towards another forum poster, in this, or any thread. Slightly scathing? Yes, gently mocking? Certainly, verging on exasperation? most definitely. But never uncivil. I have certainly never made mock of someone’s disability, which bizarrely it seems you are defending here. Can you clarify your views there?

They should have…It was classic Friday night posting, and it started with the key ingredients for a flame war “The Horde is Bad Lol”

The thing is, sometimes you -do- get good conversations out of such a basic attempt at starting an argument, You do get moments of “Actually, you know what, that’s a very new point and a fresh take on a situation, and I can see where you’re coming from. I don’t agree, but it is a genuinely fresh view.”

Always milk. Always milk. Good for teeth and bones yo. Also look how crazy it is! Of all the drinks, Coke, Pepsi, Cherryaid, Irn-Bru, frickin even Dandelion and Burdock and Ice Cream Soda, none of them, not one, are stark, pristine white! Its like magic. If Excalibur was a soft drink, it would be milk. If Conan the Barbarian was a muscly hero somehow as a soft drink, it would be milk.

In fact, just milk. If it was good enough for B.A Baraccus, then it is good enough for me. (I legitimately love drinking milk in case you hadn’t guessed)

I’d do that, but then I’d feel bad about being bad to my alts, Janda’zin and Iskandala. In fact I have so many alts, I can’t even hate on any faction/species in the game! Actually no, I can, I don’t have a Lightforged Draenei or a Void Elf, So I can rag on them…oh…wait, this is where the problem starts… Curses, foiled again!

Have you…done that thing where you think you know what someone else has said, assume they said it, and then said it?

For a start, I have no idea what a ‘Stan’ is, so if you could explain your Boomer terminology, that would be great.

Secondly, I assume you are implying that I like Sylvanas or support what the fictional character has done?
In which case you -definitely- haven’t read anything I have typed and just assumed.
I hate her, I absolutely hate the contrived mess she has become, I hate that they turned her into a third Skankrunner who needed a human boy toy to hang off the arm of, I hate her that she is inconsistent, I hate her that she only got her job because of who Mommy was, and didn’t earn it, I hate her because that gamers are generally so set in their teen ways, that they are easily manipulated as to how they view a character. “Yeah, but she’s Hawt, and we all like a bad girl” “Look at her morality, She is Adolf in everything but physical appearance, and the physical appearance is the only turn-on for you?”
She’s a horrible person, she’s an awful character, whilst fleshed out and skilfully voice acted (I have to be careful as that is an industry I have just broken into, would be real awkward if you ended up working with someone you slagged off :smiley: ) She just has no redeeming features. Making her a hereditary Ranger-General instead of a performance earned one was just bloody stupid, and the whole of Dark Mirror was almost an exact Parody of what I thought they could do to make Sylvanas even worse of a character than I think she already is.

This rant is brought to you by “However cool you -think- I think Sylvanas is…I really don’t. I mean She’s behind Gallywix and Jaina, and that…that takes some doing”

What do I do now, read more forums, pack kit for the weekend, or level my Gnome for his Heritage set, or Brigante rep grind so that he can fly in BfA, him being, y’know, a Dragonhawk rider…

Oh Gawds…… What to do, what to do…


Goes a long way to explaining her failure to summon reinforcements from Silvermoon/taking Arthas seriously tbh.

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So, wait, being rude and obnoxious, arrogant and dismissive, making a parody of your conversational partner’s views while refusing to address their argumentation is considered civil behavior where you are from?

Leaving things out of context as you did within the lore part, butchering history and calling people uneducated and illiterate are all valid conversational tactics? I mean, if you believe such behavior is a valid tactic, nothing is probably rude to you.

Yes, I am defending such mockery by liking Haiete’s post when he challenged such behavior. But of course, this isn’t a pathetic attempt to disqualify the opponent before the debate even begins, you never do that.

This above was sarcasm, boomkin, I am aware you believe you own the copyrights for it, but allow us mortals to use it.


This guy and his essays, I can’t :rofl:


What a boomer thing to use, emoji’s.


Also, Brigante, I really think you need to calm down on the irrelevant parts of your posts. These forums are just not the place for it.


Oh boy this is still going.


True. It would be a much better argument than anything you have presented here.

I told you not to do it if you do not want others to do it, you hypocritical boomer. That is part of the reason why you are a boomer btw.

These essays are peak boomer.


This forum is toxic. It’s gotta be said.

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Yeah, the Thas’dorah artefact knowledge documents put the tin lid on it “Oh…she…really did get it because mummy said she could” That was OH, I’m not even going to rant about it, I could for ages…

Hmm, I’ll take the arrogant and dismissive parts, not the rude and obnoxious. But yes, that is civil behaviour where I am from. I’m English. We are very good at sarcasm, at irony, and at Self-deprecation. Now the unfortunate thing with self-deprecation is that you then become very good at using it against others, assuming that they in turn, will see it as simple self-deprecation, and not some savage attack.

-Nothing- was left out of context. Read it again. Nothing was out of context.

-Again- Nope, I am well aware of the history of a video game setting, and the history was right.

“Citation needed” champ. You are aware that comprehension and literacy are two different things. One implies the ability to understand what is meant, the other is to read the basic text.

So yeah, Gonna need a citation.

Actually it wasn’t sarcasm, unless the sarcasm was that the statement you called Sarcasm, was not in fact sarcasm, whereas the statement you made -saying- that said statement was sarcasm, was in fact sarcasm, in which case That’s absolutely A-grade, and no sarcasm intended! That’s A-grade. as in, were I wearing a hat, it would be well and truly off to you sir/madame. That is Alanis Morrisette levels. You know the one, where she wrote a whole song called ‘Ironic’, and features all these hypothetical scenarios as the lines of the song, like loads of them, none of which, not a single damned one, is actually ‘Ironic’, The only thing that -is- Ironic, to a mind-blowingly brilliant degree, Is calling a song Ironic, with not a single example of Irony in it! That is Ironic! That is the Epitome of the word, If That’s what you were going for with the Sarcasm comment, oh you hit the mark, baby, that was bullseye right there. Good shot.

You can’t what? Look like a Tennis Ball with Ebola and haemorrhaging from the eyeballs? I mean that is probably a good thing, is it not?

Wait, I’m not sure whether to be insulted or not by this. Are you saying I sound like someone 20 years -older- than me, but still functional, like some of the finest actors in the world, or like someone who is 20 years -younger- than me, and obviously still functional, again, like some of the finest actors in the world? Because for me to be like a Boomer, I have to fit into one of those two demographics, and I know you think it needles me, but actually I’m chuckling, because I know I can legit say I am not a Boomer. Unlike most of you.

So Which is it? Do I sound in my 60’s? or in my 20’s? To be a Boomer, I have to be in those demographics, Sooo….Which are we going with?


Let’s start flagging this crap.

This is just horrible.