Why the Classic community should be more efficient

Ahh well @Adrian, in that case, I agree with you completely :smile:

and just before you give up, let me tell you an easy example on my point
imagine im in a group with other 4 people doing WC/DM whatever, If the majority of the group is willing to go slow and not be even remotely close to efficient because its their first time they really having a blast, blah blah, i will not complain, but if a minority is willing to force me to go slow at a subhuman pace just because their reasoning is based on what they did in the past, and then by that fact i shall imperatively do so, its just selfish, stupid, and clearly shows a state of denial and an incapability of progressing as a person in a videogame and thats just sad to say, dont you agree

You do know that there were cleave groups in vanilla right?

If you don’t like going slow, leave, find people that go your pace.

ahahahaha…no comment!

what are you on about mate, you sound really lost and BORED

How can you advocate these views, and at the same time tell people to stop forcing their point of view on how the game is suppose to be played?

Did you actually read through your own post before posting…?


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Not in the slightest. All I got from it was go fast or eff off, it was completely one sided.

If you can’t take how others want to play or can’t tolerate their lower skill levels, maybe cooperative online games are not for you or you should stop pugging.

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I am sorry on that point, I understand what you mean, but I can’t really agree with that approach, at the end of the day, a Dungeon etc can only be played at the speed of the slowest player, they could be new to Dungeons etc so it is new for them, I feel that the group should be flexible enough to take that into consideration, I would, and have done many times in the past, hmm, having said that, I have always played PVE servers, PVP was not what I wanted to do personally, I know that PVP is incredibly popular, just not for my play style.

its like you didnt get the point, in fact you missed it completely and then went out your way cherrypicking my words, guess you didnt really go out your way, in fact this is probably a weekly thing of yours.
but anyhow, id like to let you know that what im advocating has nothing to do with forcing people to do something, its friendly advice, the fact that you twisted the tone on how you did read it its not my problem.

and by the way
publicly recommend or support.
to make someone do something that they do not want to do, for example by using or threatening to use violence

What are you talking about, Classic community must learn to become efficient killer so i can have MY fun. You will adapt, resistance is futile.

I read your full post, and that’s what I got from it. I don’t seem to be alone seeing this, so perhaps you worded it differently than intended?

I quoted the paragraphs that are conflicting with each other at the end.

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I honestly suggest you go through your full post and check for the things you’ve recieved reactions to, if this is not what you intended to forward.

Lol, said like a true Borg gratz!!, loved the Star Trek reference

yea heres the thing, people that see it my way dont come here cus its infested by people like you, sorry for the harsh reality check, oh and just so you know, forums became a meme before WoD, you guys still here for whatever reason

oh and just so you know Aylish, you saying i havent got a point just cus six, four, three, two, seven, eight other people said something along the lines; YoU’rE wRoNg, really doesnt change anything, and really dont be that sad person that shields themselves behind saying what you just said about other peoples input on this, friendly advice, none of that enforcing thing you worry about

people that see it my way dont come here

apparantly they do now

yes and i will leave shortly dont you worry, you can have all the fun you want, no wonder blizzard doesnt listen to their official forums

hahaha lol no wonder indeed, thanks for creating the perfect thread to point at

Do you realize you are saying this to Aylish, who is known as one of the most kind and reasonable discusser on these forums? You chasing her because she disagrees with you doesn’t really give any credibility to your original issue.

And btw, if you feel you are getting too slow people to your groups, communicate with people before inviting them! Tell them your group is fast one and if they want slower speed they need to find another group. That is what we do when inviting people, we tell what we are expecting so everyone who joins wants to do same thing and has same goals = succefull groups and no frustration.

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Well, I am still here @Adrian, because, for the most part I agree with what you are saying.

Then don’t say daft things like this!

How a person values their time or chooses to spend it has zero to do with how good or bad a player they are.