Why Thiernax is in Ardenweald?

As it stated, that everyone who have spend their life to serve, like paladins and priests, will be sent into Bastion, in their afterlife.

Thiernax was a priest of the Elune, and her voice in his world. He have spend his life to serve to the Elune. He also was a Night Warrior.

But after he died, he was sent into Ardenweald, to the world of druids and hunters… The same place where his boyfriend Qadarin was sent. But it’s ok for him, since Qadarin was a druid.

So the question is why Thiernax is in Ardenweald? Did Arbiter just made an special exception to Thiernax, just to not to split a couple? Or does that means that Elune actually == Nature and Druids stuff?

Well, there are two possible reasons for this:

  1. They needed to do this because Tyrande might show up in Ardenweald due to all the night elves, Ysera and other stuff being there.

  2. Thiernax likely wasn’t burdened by his memories and wouldn’t want to forget Qadarin. You don’t go to Bastion if you aren’t burdened by your memories. Alexandros Mograine is a good example of this.

  3. All of the above.

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Ysera was brought to Ardenweald directly it seems. Maybe something like that.

Also, while there is no hint at the old Bastion night warrior quest, which likely means that it was removed during alpha test phase, we still might find other night warriors outside of Ardenweald. Maybe.

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I don’t think souls are sent to respective areas based on their class, they are sent based on how they lived their lives. The fact that he was an Elune priest does not mean he will be sent to Bastion, maybe the Arbiter saw that he sacrificed everything in order to save his planet and thought he deserved to be reborn and live the afterlife in peace instead of being an amnesiac Uber driver in Bastion :stuck_out_tongue:


The quest was removed because it contradicted their lore.
People in Bastion have no recollection of their previous life. It wouldn’t make sense for that Innkeeper to remember that she was a Night Warrior.

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Since, as far as we can tell, every night elf in Teldrassil has gone to Ardenweald, it’s safe to assume that certain “naturally-attuned” races go to Ardenweald by default, along with animals. Since these two came from a planet that revered nature highly, it makes sense they’d end up in Ardenweald.

Ardenweald is by far the iffiest covenant to place in terms of soul destination. Huln Highmountain seemed to go there because of his love of hunting, so I’m guessing it’s a catch-all zones for druids, hunters, shamans, animals and night elves.

It’s not that simple though. Not only the memory is not wiped completely, but stored in Eonian Archives. Which, when paired with the possibility that when the system worked properly it was possible to go somewhere else after finishing the things needed in a covenant, by itself creates some interesting possibilities.

On top of that, it seems that the memories could be restored by kyrians if something triggers it. Example of it might be

It seems that something awoke the memories of one of obducted kyrians.

So, those things plus the way vespers and soul mirrors work, could make such story possible IMO.

Selenis is not an innkeeper. She is taking care of stewards and could be found in the relaxation area. So, in a sence, she takes care of sentient owl-like creatures. Even though these were created with Death magic.

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Because Blizzard wanted hooks for the Night Warrior plot they had intertwined with the Ardenweald covenant campaign.

On a less meta note, wasn’t it mentioned that all/most Night warriors ended up in Ardenweald?

this most likely have something to do whit elune, she kind of helped to create the night elfs, what can directly meen night elfs are locked to ardenweald

It was not, but Huln Highmountain is searching for a few Night Warriors in Ardenweald.

It was. Don’t know if it was finally removed, but it certainly was in the beta.

In the beta…I played the entire campaign a few days ago, it was not stated.

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