Why though?

I ll just get straight into it.

Why dont we have a PvP rankings page like we did back in vanilla?

Why cant you release server demographics for people so they can make a more reasonable decision when they are picking their realm, faction, class and race?

Why dont we have a progression ranking? If an amateur web developer can do it efficiently (wowprogress) why cant you do it?

It feels like classic is carrying this franchise considering most classic players dont play retail and therefore they dont subscribe with in-game currency. Yet you people are treating it like a piece of garbage, showing a complete lack of attention and care. Put some effort into for god sake, we dont even get any news for phase updates anymore, ZG is (supposedly) to be released this month but not a single player knows exactly when? While when you release a new raid for retail people know about it at least 3 months before its launch.

Is this about some certain individual’s inferiority complex? Is that what it is?

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I am gonna be blunt with you,

if Blizzard actually acknowledges that Classic is carrying this franchise they will automatically admit that retail ( a game they have spent 15 years on developing and polishing ) is garbage compared to a 15 year old game.

thats the main reason they wont acknowledge Classic as the thriving iteration of this game

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Blizzard have never done this.

It’s not April already is it?

Because that’s not what happens. In reality, most players are going to pick the dominant faction to have an easier time playing, which ruins the balance even more.

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Classic doesn’t carry the franchise, retail’s cash shop and it’s whale customers do. I cba to look it up now, but at least 2 employees leaving the company insinuated as much. Like it or not, we live in an age of microtransactions.
Edit: Classic is basically a super-cheap sideproject with shoestring budget to entertain the nostalgia of the whales. That’s how Blizz sees it and treats it.

They did it through other means, by passing “part” of the information to 3rd party websites. E-mails you received from gold sellers 7-8 years ago is one of the examples.

I ve been alive for 11314 days and counting (hopefuly) so far so im sorry if i didnt account for 3 days.

When though? 30th? 10th? 14th? 3rd?

You cant look it up yet you present it as a fact. Im sorry but i cant see your “fact” as a reliable information. That is just a part of the customer base, not everyone buys cash shop garbage.

A vast majority of people pay with in-game currency on retail. Having multiple boost selling websites PARTLY proves this. By paying with in-game currency they dont pay with real money. And by not having paid by real money the company doesnt make money from those customers. There are no tokens on classic (except China) so the only way you are going to play the game is by paying some of your own hard earned cash. If Blizzard wasnt concerned about this issue why do you think they would decrease the amount of money people make from Legion world quests?

So you might argue that retail has more players in terms of numbers but Blizzard is making the real money from classic. At least thats how it looks like at the moment.

Again, this information is not a fact but since Blizzard stopped releasing their customer demographics, there is no source of information to prove or disprove that.

Im not asking for acknowledgement, im just asking the company to pay more attention the game.

You are both speculating and presenting it as facts. Only Blizzard knows and it’s a waste of time to speculate either way.

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