Why were Shrine of Two Moons capital portals removed?

What is the reason behind this change? Did you notice that players have it too convenient and decided to slap them a bit?

9 out of 10 changes you make seems to be to time gate things to force people to spend more time in game or just nerf anything fun or enjoyable this game has left.

Soon this game is just a chore simulator and even the diehard fans will bail out.


Are you mean they don’t in Great seal and Boralus?

Yeah I wondered too. I hoped they put on both.
SInce hate use Dalaran’s heartstone. New Dalaran still bad lag log screen

Cos Blizzard want you using the BfA capitals as the hub.

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Maybe blizz should take a note why people hate BfA and correct things. They should leave old expansion areas as they are instead of ruining them to force people to use something they dont like.

I dont know why they hate it so much when player can choose something themselves instead of being spoon fed and hand held by blizz.


Legion Dalaran is the current hub.

They are adding the portal room to Stormwind/Orgrimmar, so they probably wanted to consolidate everything to make it less cluttered.


To make your life harder.
Don’t forget it’s ActiBlizzard now, they’re not sunshine & rainbows anymore


We dont know, blizzard seems to have a weird habbit of making bad decisions and adding/removing unnecessary changes

I know its bad but how often did you find yourself visiting Exodar /Darn/IF from shrine portals ? (maybe IF for me now and then) but they are sadly dead cities its just fake rage atm with new portals inc.

Theres completely nothing wrong with consolidating portal hubs as expansions progresses.


it isn’t in the game yet as i know, why the removal of these portals couldn’t wait until then?

now everyone goes to boralus and dalaran… or was this the goal, that these places seem to be more crowded?

Annoys me that there’s so many portals to be honest. There was once a time when us mages were revered for being able to port people round the world. It’s been years since anyone whispered me for a portal.


Because they were convenient and Blizzard does not want us to have nice things.


You know why people do not visit Exodar, Darnassus and Ironforge often? Because there’s NO REASON AT ALL TO GO THERE. They didn’t even bother to add barbershop in the Exodar and Darnassus. Also, there are NO portals to other cities, NO transmog vendor and NO void storage vendor. What’s the point of going to other cities if you can go to SW and Boralus, because everything is there? I personally love Exodar and would like to hang out there instead of Stormwind. But blizzard is forcing players to hang out in SW and Boralus ONLY. Other cities don’t exist for them. As for the removal of portals in pandaria, it’s pointless and unwanted change, that should be reverted. Broken shore Dalaran portals will also get removed. Really nice way to force players to hang out in the cities YOU want them to hang out in, blizzard.


That may be so but do alts have a use of that while below lvl 110? They may have their own reasoning but atm for me the disappointments are currently stacking rapidly, this one only adds up. The current team or person who’s deciding about directions in this game should go play the game and get seriously involved to see what they are actually doing.



(BTW, they were also removed from Dalaran in Northrend.)

Even if we accept that removing the portals is a good idea, and I don’t see any arguments for that, doing it before the new portal hub is in place makes no sense.

It feels like an accident born of disorganisation and miscommunication rather than a coherent plan.

It’s not important, but it’s a little unsettling.

I do think if all capitals were made equally and had easy connections via portals to each other, the playerbase would choose various hubs to settle in and even lighten the load.

For some reason Blizz don’t want this.


The only thing that slightly annoys me is that the Shrine portal to Orgrimmar doesn’t port us to the cleft.

Cause the game feels like world of portalcraft, maybe they are trying to put the world back into warcraft.

I’d say they want everyone crowded into one place to create the illusion that the servers are busy. When in reality it’s still just a small number of people, they’re just huddled together into a tight space.

That’d be my guess, anyway.