Why won't they let max levels to able scale with old content (world)?

Simply put, why can’t we turn on an option to be able to not one-shot old expansion mobs for those who just want playthrough with their main character? (scaling with low level world npcs)

I made this 59 lvl exp locked which is fun (quests feel more immersive), now I could play another lvl 70, but I just don’t want to Redo every quest again in new zones, when I am done with old zones.

So what is your PoV into this? Is this a very unreasonable thing to ask/suggest?

ps. I don’t want for gear drop to scale, it doesn’t matter, I even asked if people liked slower gearing system, but they said they rather not even have gear progression, they just want to play the content.

Today wow has lost its way with most progression, people only want to do harder content than getting better gear, I mean which is more rewarding gear drop or content done?


I guess it’s because they want Max level players to be immersed into the current version of the game.

Encouraging the player base to be focus on the current version of the game makes for a healthy player base to be available to participate in the content and the challenges.

The old stuff is there for fun to see through, but it’s the sort of thing you do outside of your game progression. So rather than tying up too much time having to kill scaled mobs, the content become easier to clear.

If 18 years of the games history was scaled to the same level, the player base would be so spread out, there would nobody available to play in the groups.


The sad true is that what you ask is already in the game. Blizzard has made a system to downgrade your character to the content level. That means instead of scaling up all the content to level 70 they scale down the level of the character to level 60, the max level at wich that content is scaled too. The outcome is the same but it is easier to implement.

Even there is a system prepared so players could repeat already completed quest chains.

But Blizzard don’t want players to have fun like that with old content. That is why that feature is hidden behind only in the Party Sync system that requires a second player in low level range. They should allow players to select some sort of solo version of Party Sync with both downscaling and replayability.

For now your only option is to create a second account in Trial Mode, and with that you can Party Sync your characters to level 60. The biggest drawback is that in case you want to replay low level quest chains you must do it in one sitting. Every time you Party Sync replay quests are reseted.


Scaling all the content to 70 will lead to some unexpected effects - some of the content will be too easy while other will be too difficult. It was meant to be played at different level.
Old content is just old - you can’t get competitive gear, you can’t PVP, you don’t progress your character. It’s there if you want to collect transoms, pets, mounts etc.

Why do you want to redo every quest again in new zones, when you are done with old zones?

Either I don’t understand your post, or you’re just contradicting yourself. This is a complete oxymoron. You want scaling with the old world, and on the other hand you’re saying that wow has lost it’s progression.

You do realize, that the scaling is causing that the progression is gone, right? If you level to 70, get gear, you should roflstomp everything below you with ease. It’s the perfect life cycle.

Do you progress your character, or do you just progress your mythic/raid difficulty, or pvp rating? Otherwise gearing is just there to slow you down, is there anything else you can progress in game other than that?

All I said is to do old quest without only one shotting mobs, while being challenging enough, because doing old quests on your max level character is just a thing, making lore adventure less boring.

But as Asrancagalli said Blizz doesn’t like people wander off doing side hassle, side mini progressions, so they don’t give challange to older content, because that would take away player numbers from what is actual. Let’s say somehow twinking became viable and fun, but blizz somehow noticed it before it became a thing, is there a chance they would tinker with it?

Anyway, everyone, have your fun that you can find ingame ;).
(Otherwise, borrowed power probably was only so bad because it affected the whole game, if it had it’s own game mode where worked it could have been different experience. Imagine thorgast not being mandatory, but had internal progression and fun comsumable rewards aswell, that you could use open world, and wouldn’t be too over powered.)

Ps. But I get it, this way of playing its just not WoW. I was just interested in others point of view.

Because I don’t want to farm the invincible against 70 level mobs and bosses


I’d be fine with a toggle but blizzard has shown they dont like choice they’d force everything to scale and the scaling bullcrap they have already made have destroyed the power progression of the game

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Or just give max players access to a ‘‘max level only Chromie Time’’ where you get scaled down properly to that areas level?

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You wouldn’t have to mate, like said optional scaling, you can still one shot everything if you don’t enable it, toggle or chromie time its the same.

That’s gonna be a huge work to balance all these mobs in all 40 zones just because a very small amount of players want a world content challenge.

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How? They could literally just make you be down scaled to 60, which is their current max level in Chromie time.


That wouldn’t be bad either, the thing that matters is scaling, so it wouldn’t matter, as you just do quests, kill rares, little challenges, etc, or maybe a bit harder, but not too elite tho. The current way to do this is either just to have a low-level twink or have another character with party sync, but that “sucks”.

It’s gonna be hard because all these old mobs were designed with spells and abilities relevant towards the old class tuning, and so many of them will be overpowered or underpowered, which means there should also be balancing of these, which I already explained is a huge work.

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Why? OP just asks for not one-shotting them. And some elites in Chromie time ARE overpowered as hell, while you could solo 'em (with some difficulties) when they were current, and they should be tuned properly. But 99% of the mobs will not kill anyone.

OP wants to quest without busting 20 mobs with one attack, so Chromie time would be perfect - as you wont be doing that. They wont need to tune anything, as it’s already there.

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You clearly haven’t got any experience of coding and developing such processes. I am sorry to point at the obvious.

What do they need to tune? Chromie Time is already up to level 60.

What retunement would they need to make for max level players smacking down THEIR level to 60? The reducement of player stats for level 60? Probably not that difficult to do.

Because when you beat 60 levels while leveling, you have 120 ilvl, not 447.

And with 447 ilvl you gonna oneshot 60 levels, like you can do right now in BFA if you try, so the entire idea is pointless. You either need total revamp and rebalancing of everything, or you want to leave things like they are now.

Also, that’s a core aspect of mmo to outlevel things and oneshot them. Removing them or giving an option to remove them changes the core of mmo. I want to oneshot gnolls in Elwyn forest because I killed Xavius and Kil’Jaeden.

Level 60 gives ilvl 194 loot though from dungeons, and quests 170. So that’s false.

Not if they downgrade your gear just like, oh what a coincidence, Chromie time and TIMEWALKING.

Just like with Timewalking? :thinking:

Yes - and this would be an option to activate by either talking to Chromie or something. You could have the CHOICE of being downtuned to 60 and the world sharing your level, or you can remain at level 70 and one-shot everything.

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That was just an approximate number, and you are talking about max gear 194 which nobody achieves cuz people level up so quickly. And even so, there’s a massive difference between 170 and 447 ilv, and I hope I don’t need to explain why.

So downgrading doesn’t need balancing and tuning? You think Chromie time and Timewalking are not being tuned?

It’s for specific dungeon pools with linear progression. Open world functions differently.

And I already explained many times that every time a new gear comes up, there must be tuning. And let’s say there’s no tuning, ok. You are still going to kill all the mobs without even dying once cuz it’s a world content. So what’s the difference? On paper it sounds cool, but in reality you will feel like an idiot for wasting time on trivial things that can be oneshotted and moved away easily.

And where do you turn off and on this? What if some rares need some groups to kill, but you can exploit it while downgrading and making them weak? Oh wait, seems like in that case we will need to balance things again…

I am sorry, but if you think this is possible to achieve with a snap of a finger, that’s just not true. I am not saying it shouldn’t be in the game or anything, I am saying that it’s a hassle. If I am the ceo of blizzard, I will not tell my devs to stop working on the future projects to balance things in the old worlds, so some mobs die for 3 shots instead of 1. It’s counter-productive.

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