Why would they put maintenance inside most guilds' raiding times?

Does anyone have any good theories? The only good one I can think of is that another company required them to do so because I doubt they’d decide it themselves internally unless they’re stupid.

They want to show EU their place. Like Joe did.

They can’t harrass their employees anymore, so now they’re harrassing other countries.
Because they CAN still do THAT.



That makes me think further, that if my OP theory is correct, that means they may be doing some major changes (e.g. moving the entire infrastructure to another international internet provider) which might mean either major improvements or major disturbances or both.

I don’t believe they would choose this time if they had a better option. Something must have forced them to schedule it for that time. Until they tell give us their reason, if they do at all, every guess is as good as the other.

Because Blizzard don’t want our moner so they slowly make us frustraded more on they incopetence.

They need to do some update to add the WoW classic beta & are rushing the whole thing out either due to some delays or because they want it done asap.

I mean it would be a rly big coincidence that this exceptional maintenance is done the very day they release the open beta of a new version of classic.

Don’t think there’s any outside interference tho

Maybe the work is being done from US? And that time fit them better?

Or anywhere in the world. Though my theory is that it’s likely not only Activision involved, but also other entities more powerful than them that wouldn’t bother to help them keep their players satisfied.

Only thing that makes sense in this case. Would’ve been nice if they could’ve put it between 23 and 00 though, unless that’s too close to when most of the employees are off from work.

Its rigged

You know there is 4-shift work system so always some one is working on servers stability so that is a lie, that it is time depending.

No, i dont know how blizzard operates. So no i did not lie. Guess they are doing it just to irritate us then :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Raid times?
How many hours and between which hours will the maintenance be?

Between 22-23 server time tomorrow.

Wow… Blizz isn’t even aware at what time most people are on?
That’s like prime time even if you’re not raiding, since for most of the day people are at work.

Talk about out of touch with the community.

Seems like we might be ok if u are already online: PSA Wednesday (6 Oct) Maintenance at 22:00 - 23:00 Realm Time - #41 by Shammoz-terokkar

Then it should be mostly safe… unless an unfortunate disconnect occurs.

Login servers only … hmmm. My first thought is that they are implementing some new equipment, protection, software, routing, something like that with their bandwidth provider(s), and have to co-ondinate the time with outside entities. Getting three or more to make changeovers at the same time can be a bear.