Wildhammer Shaman RP

I decided to join AD realm and take a bit more chill approach to the game with trying some RP.
I mainly play Resto Dwarf Shaman and I would like to role play it as a member of the Waldhammer clan. I would like to ask for a good sources of lore and stories (everything that is not WoWhead, since that site is restricted in my country) about this clan. I have some basic knowledge from Vanilla about 3 hammers and what happened but never went deeper in to it. Also would like to hear how do you see them and your suggestions and advices for someone who is new to RP.
Also, my current name is not available and I am looking for a new one. So far, I saved only few decent names - Rendel, Khorrim and Thulgen, even though it doesn’t sound very dwarvish, but a bit of brainstorming is always good :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot!


One good website i can reccomend is Wowpedia: it has alot of infos regarding lore and such: Here are some links about what you need!

Just copy the links and then paste them into your browser. i would post the link normally, but i have lost my Trust Level 3 :slightly_frowning_face:

Also, most people reccomend using RP add-ons. TRP3 and Musician are very Popular add-ons to use for RP.

One of the other most important aspects i suggest is finding a RP guild, it helps alot in both Finding RP and getting Advice from others. Here on the forums you can find the thread for the Dwarven guild:

If you think that they’r guild could fit your character concept you should try joining!

Anyhow! Hope this helps!


My time has come
Background: I mained a Wildhammer Shaman in RP for years on end. I do not claim perfect knowledge, but I’ve gone through the steps and lived the scene!

I think the above response holds water to get you started! The wowpedia articles will get you started on the general lore, the Dwarves of the Morodnir are a great bunch who can help you out in and around RP. (Genuinely, I love those guys!)

My main advice would be: Just get some info in as many sources as you can, and see how it feels before you step in.

Here’s my take!

Wildhammers are generally split in two:

  • The Aerie Peak clans
    The most integrated Wildhammer clans within the Alliance. They are renowned for their bravery, stubbornness and wild ferocity in battle. They were the first to stand with the Alliance of Lordaeron when Ironforge was besieged, and hold a deep loyalty to Falstad and the Council of Three hammers. They are spiritual in nature, allies of the keepers of Seradane and the High Elves of Quel’danil.

  • The Lost Clans
    After the fall of Grim Batol, some of the Wildhammer clans split off from the main folks who went on to found Aerie Peak. They were so traumatized and moreover -done- with the bloodshed between clans, as well as the darkness which had chased them out of their mountain halls… That they decided to live upon the hillsides of Northeron (Now known as Twilight Highlands). They became highly spiritual, moreso than the other clans including their Aerie Peak brothers.

Shamanism in-lore, and specifically Wildhammer Shamanism is a nice mix of spiritualism and elementalism. The Spiritual aspect of the Wildhammers’ shamanisim revolves around their ancestors, as well as their gryphons (Who they regard as loyal friends and companions, rather than pets or mounts), are of utmost importance to these peoples. Not unlike Orcs and their wolves, really! The spiritualists will more often be from Twilight Highlands, rather than Aerie Peak as far as lore seems to go.
The elemental aspect is one often shown by the more warlike Shaman of the Wildhammer clans. They channel the strength of the primal aspects of Azeroth, whom they respect and revere. The elements of course lie deep in Shaman lore, but as with all RP it is always up to the person what they want to focus on.

Of course, anything is possible. No one way of RP is “correct”.
The above is my very brief take on the concept of a Wildhammer Shaman, and you can take any of that and do your own thing with it, or go other avenues wholly!

So go and have a gander at the wowpedias, do the quests in Hinterlands and Twilight Highlands! Perhaps even Boss Tak’s questline in Tiragarde sound~ This world is your oister, and I can honestly say Wildhammer Shaman RP is ridiculously fun.


It’s like he’s been waiting his whole life for this post! Haha, what a lad!

Basically it’s been covered but I will say:

  1. Don’t get bogged down on the accent as it isn’t essential.
  2. Well done for choosing the best clan.

I do not think that that the Highland clans were more peaceful and sick of bloodshed per say, if anything they had more internal strive in the Highlands, shown by the huge lack of unity when you start the Twilight Highlands questline. Spirituality wise they might be more spiritual but then again there is real prove of it save from Kirthaven. But the same symbols found on Thunderstrike can be found at the graveyard in Aerie peak. I think that is just a lack of lore given in Vanilla for the Hinterlands and the Highlands being added in Cataclysm. I think the major difference between both areas is loyalty, Hinterlands is more Wildhammer loyal, Highlands vallue their own minor clans more then the big overlapping Wildhammer clan. That is my take.


Hi hello! Dwarf shaman rper here as well! As suggested already, definitely have a look at the wowpedia articles above on dwarf and Wildhammer lore. What will also help is this article on shamanism which gives a lore and culture background on the class within the world in general. It always helps to know how the spells you cast came about!

If reading is less your thing than watching videos, a quick search on YouTube will bring up lore videos as well, so that may be an alternative.

I second, third, and fourth the suggestion of doing the quests in the Hinterlands and the Twilight Highlands.

All the best with making your character! Hopefully we might see you around ^^


Seems everyone here was already very helpful, but they all left out one important piece of information regarding playing a Wildhammer.

It’s something you need to pay attention to and that is, as any Wildhammer that respects themselves, do not wear a shirt.

Jokes aside, you will want to get yourself one of the HD gryphon models as a mount as you will probably want to have your character share a bond with a gryphon, a very common practice amongst the Wildhammers.


It is a well known fact that the Bronzebeards won the war of the three hammers by exploiting the inherent fear Wildhammers have of anything resembling a blouse.

All the jokes aside the others have already proven more helpful than I could ever by. I’d suggest reading through all their suggestions and finding a way to rp a shaman that works for you!


Ha this question brought all the dwarves to the yard.
their answers? better than mine

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To piggyback off of this comment, the Wildhammers were ride or die homies with the High elves. In Day of the Dragon, it’s mentioned that Wildhammers even prefer High elves to other dwarves. A Wildhammer acting like a Warhammer Dwarf and going on a racist rant about The Elves would be highly out of character, considering the close history of the two people. Even though they were allied with the Bronzebeards and had figuratively buried the hatchet, their relations were nowhere near as close as it was with their elven brothers.

When the Scourge came to Quel’Thalas, the High elves evacuated their children to the Wildhammers. They trusted the future of their race to dwarves.


Wildhammers are great, then again… All dwarves are…
Dwarf is dwarf regardless of clan, they are the best! tottally unbiased take btw. :smiling_face: :innocent:


Hey, this is great! I’ve been exploring my wildhammer shaman more lately too. Good to see more around!

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