Will blizzard address shadows lack of aoe capability patch 9.1?

Give shadow searing nightmare as a baseline and buff mind sear back up again, Bring back Cascade please blizzard. We have none insanity spender on aoe fights. We struggle so much in aoe fights while druid and mage can just freely dish out starfall and blizzard pompyro combustion arcane explosion. Mind sear and or dotting something that instantly dies ain’t as rewarding as it used to be becouse we get no Shadowy Apparitions proc from shadow word pain anymore casting vampiric thouch on 6 targets is like death for shadow aoe to even get anything out of Shadowy Apparitions.

I know many other classes are much worse of but shadow feels like lackluster at the current moment i feel as if our legendry’s are a joke many people got fooled to craft [Eternal Call to the Void] which didn’t even show up to be that good me included i know you probably have loads of tuning stuff to do but please hear me out shadow is a joke inside dungeons, I know i could probably sign in with guildies that is not my point I’m trying to prove that majority of the love of this class and it’s spec has gone down a spiral and i want to address that right now before we sit through another expack feeling lackluster inside aoe department.

Either you do that or fix the weird choice to make all the good talents in to lvl 30 row feels so dull you cant choose anything without getting punished on fights by other classes having much better legendary’s and specs in their talent three.

Just want to know if blizzard will address these horrible talent placements.

They Could For an example bring back the ability Cascade make it a cd like Flamestrike spam or Starfall spam. Instead of this downgraded version shadow crash which should be removed it always miss it’s target no real gameplay value about it.

edit 2021/03/30 I play a covenant becouse i want to i don’t want to switch to one only becouse it change the dps and puts me ahead of all other covenants you need to nerf Night Fae and buff its pet dot damage instead. I for one don’t want to respec only becouse of 1 ability that puts me ahead way above night fae its a busted covenant

(Edit 2021/03/26) It’s rather odd you meet priest people that tells me my class only exsist as a dps class to cast Power Infusion on Fire mages and or any of the best burst dps out there am just wondering how will you address this boring way of ruining a fun class fantasy of a dps class, you should remove this ability it just brings out the worst toxicity game play. You should make it a only priest specific Cooldown self cast

(Edit 2021/03/14 You should bring back abilitys we used to have https://youtu.be/aUtYWJO7YFY?t=72 this 1 Cascade

(Edit: 2021/03/09 After Seeing nothing has been done towards priest in 9.0.5 https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/news/23639755/905-update-notes patch to address their complete lack of damage output in aoe dungeon fights. It seams we will have to wait till patch 9.1 or next expack for blizzard to fix the sloppy cast [Vampiric Touch] on 9 targets and pray they aren’t dead by fire mages druid/rogue game play. hope they wake up soon else 2nd phase will have people quitting me included.-)

(Edit: 2021/02/17 Here’s a link to what method thinks shadow lacks at the moment https://youtu.be/Xd-LmhHLL60?t=334

Even Method thinks our cleave damage is a joke compared to Fire mage and should be buffed.)

(Edit: 2021/02/17 First of blizzard you should remove that the [Power Infusion] can be casted on other classes should only be a self cast on the priest why bring a priest only because a haste buff on other classes it’s a bad class design from the start it means we only take you because of one spell not because of what your class and what it brings to the encounter.

Edit 2021/01/30 I don’t want some major rework just some love for the class again like you used to do, right now no one even feels like taking a shadow inside a group unless It’s bunch of pre made teams or your own key. The fact should stand alone obvious for the last two bosses shadow isn’t even viable inside Shadowlands raid for those two fights, Shouldn’t be that hard to address shadows lackluster playstyle which rewards nothing towards a team on cleave fights. I want to do something more than doting a main target and hoping void form is up and that you have to stand still else your whole dps window is gone

Edit:2021/01/30 Is it Fair Game Play that druids have their Boomy Free Starr falls and free singel target casts and mage fire don’t get me started on how broken their aoe burst is at the moment is it fair game play that the only viable legendary we got is a sloppy [Talbadar’s Stratagem] that requires you to have 3 dots on main target whilst other classes gets much better health cared catered in legendary department were is the love for shadow priest blizzard? I don’t mind you not caring on the legendry’s for shadow or nerfing us because 1% knows some about shadow while the majority struggles to grasp and move over to paladin or mage or druid you need to get in touch with reality and fix shadow else you gonna lose a huge player base playing something they want to love but can’t because you show no love or affection.


Our 2-5 targets dmg, even with searing nightmare, is a joke actually.


This is the biggest problem. Having zero cleave dmg just sucks. As soon as adds spawn in any encounter we just plummet.

I dont understand how any half-serious raider was positive about this new spec during beta.


Have you looked at the WoW YouTubers lately? They seem to be getting insane with Megafanfever. I cant remember when people like <removed, dont know if namecalling or not) said something real and not Blizzard feetykissey. And those are the influencers for this game.

Well preach actually know what he is talking about so I respect his opinion. The others are not really focused on any hard content so I couldnt care less.

But Publik was pretty happy about the spec and I really disagree. We are good at singletarget, thats it. Some niche megapulls in M+ let us shine aswell with SN. But I cant stand how bad our multitarget dots are. The playstyle in M+ spamming mindseer + SN is beyond boring. Atleast we are not trash in arena for once.

tbh shadow did take a fair few nerfs before it went live… xD also Raid enviroments have lots of raid damage profiles…which means every class is Lower on some fights and higher on others barring a few exceptions.

From a raid perspective. high ST Damage is useful in Lots of fights… in a M+ perspective Lack of AoE becomes problematic, but most raiders Dislike M+

Yeah but the problem is this isnt true for all specs. I would be fine if we were the singletarget gods and sucked on everything else If this would be true for other specs but alot of specs can in fact keep up with us on singletarget but also stomp in other scenarios making us look superbad when adds spawn since we got nonexistant cleave. So why would you bring a shadowpriest for something that isnt pure singletarget? And we are bad with dealing with mechanics, got no immunites etc.

Compare us with MM hunters for example. Its an actual joke.

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Every self respecting player was not expecting hunters to go live like this.

Throughout beta the focus wasn’t on balance / tuning, it was on potential, and shadow had a lot of potential being given the damage mechanisms to do well in more encounter types and damage profiles than before.

Then idk, they sorta gave up.

What is this potential im not seeing? I didnt follow the beta very closely but everyone and their mother was raving about shadow so I thought sweet, ill continue as shadow then. ST rotation is fine i guess. But other than that i have very little positive things to say about the spec in its current form. Immobile to the point having to do any mechanics during a raid encounter makes you wanna cry.

Our playstyle in M+ is no improvement. Especially in this kitingmeta making mindseer + SN just annoying to pull off. That gameplay feels really really clunky. Even If the targets are stacked you need like ten targets to shine and it happens pretty much never.

Why do we even have our multitarget dots when it feels like a dpsloss to dot extra targets? Give us some passive cleave instead, might make us a little more viable when adds spawn.

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Unfortunately it is not enough, we still have to build for insanity. It sucks really! Thats why shadow getting declined. Yikes!

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Sad but true blizzard will have to address shadows aoe capability and no i don’t want stress form back. I want something like druids starfall or mages blizzard or paladins conceration that you can do while doing other damage abilitys that passively does dmg in a aoe cone and saying void form is the solution I take pity on you. Shadow should get something like warlocks rain of fire like. and No not talking about the sad excuse we have as a talent called Shadow crash I want something that shoots ravens or rains shadow from the sky and does aoe dmg i gladly lose some singel target damage for it. Make it coexist with devouring plague and cost insanity but instead of being a dot its an aoe ability that does aoe dmg in a circle that you spam when in an aoe fight and its insant cast and cost like 40 or 35 insanity.

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Ofcourse it isn’t but that’s because WoW works on a FoTM rotation. Where some classes are just entirely superior to others.

I get what your saying, but it’s this way for 90% of classes as always. You have a variation of 4 speccs which generally dominate the game and everyone’s left as second choice overall.

Wouldn’t say with my spriest it feels all that bad, I feel fairly competitive to other classes barring a few.

Think my shadow priest was doing over 3k DPS overall in m+ currently at 184 odd ilevel. I’m not the best shadow priest though haven’t played it alot so no idea what someone who can play it well Is capable of.

But my priests also stacked in crit because I only rly played it to 60 and then obtained mythic 0 gear for it in week 1 when due to some problems we weren’t aware haste + mastery was what we wanted.

I do overall agree with you, shadow priest defiantly ain’t a first choice to invite to a m+ group.

It doesn’t being a CR it doesn’t bring a BL it’s a mid pack DPS and it lacks oh sh*t buttons and it deals with mobility worse.

However I wouldn’t really say shadow priest is bad, on the times I’ve had one in my group they’ve been pretty competitive with the group I’ve been with and they do bring some utility in mass dispel and things.

I wouldn’t say the lack of bringing them is because they’re “bad” they’re pretty much a average DPS class and that’s the issue.

With a overbloat of DPS applying into keys you have a luxury to only take meta DPS which excludes over half the classes.

Yeah sure but there needs to be some balance around this aswell. Im not expecting 100% balance but we cant have specs that can do pretty much everything.

I got 220 ilvl and sure we are not terrible in m+. Not awesome by any means, especially compared to hunters. But here however I got issues with the playstyle instead. Does anyone enjoy this mindseer + SN spam? My god I have been considering a reroll for some time but next patch it really is time. But I guess its my own fault trusting the community that was hyping this spec up instead of actually playing the beta.

we all enjoy different things… tbh the MS+SN Spam is fine with me. alot of classes AoE is bland in alot of ways sadly.

You’ve got it into your head somehow that people lied to you. We did play the beta, we just expected better from blizzard.

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So i believe i have some say in this matter. For reference I got keystone master 5/1/21, so almost two weeks ago.

I never played the beta, I got invited the week before SL released so never bothered. I played the PTR prepatch and the prepatch and kept track of changes to Priest and mainly shadow.

Just before the prepatch went live, i recall a pretty significant nerf to Searing Nightmare. If im not entirely mistaken, it was nerfed by 50%. When SWP was active, the damage was increased by 150%, not 100% as it is now.

Reverting this, or putting it at lets say 135-40% would give us the edge we need in AOE to compete with all the other classes.

I don’t even feel like we need a huge buff to our cleave capabilities, but Mage need to be brought down. The meta has been around mages for far too long, it’s time for them to be taken care of.

Edit: I don’t mind the MS+SN either. It’s just lackluster damagewise and a regular Mind sear only fits 2x SN which feels terrible. It’s the SN global which needs to be reduced if I’m not mistaken? But this wont affect our performance

Lacking lust, battle Rez, a reliable interrupt, immunity / way to cheese mechanics, mass mob control for large pulls, a damage buff, or top top burst aoe is and always will be a huge problem.

We’re a mediocre overall damage spec who offers barely anything relevant beyond that, we can do aoe without needing a tonne of time to ramp up, which is an improvement on before, but without the utility to be worth bringing we’d need way way more damage.

Then you’ve got the two strongest DPS specs for burst aoe who both have lust, both have immunities, both have exceptional mobility, and both have utility unique to them that is actually consistently useful (Binding, misdirect, arcane intellect)

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Do you think buffing our Cleave to be along Mages would make people take SP more to M+ ?

We’re Glass right now, but missing the cannon.

I think shadows lack of big ticket utility and competent interrupt would still hold it back, especially with bliz nerfing drums and removing int Scrolls.

Shadow is fine on 5+ targets and it’s good on 1, idk if buffing sn is the best way to fix the 2-4 range though, but it would at least solve that problem.

Wouldnt buffing SN in 2-4 make it OP in 5+ though? i think the major issue is all Shadows AoE is currently uncapped…so we really dont have anything thats balancable for cleave without causing problems in 5+ Pulls