Will Calia join the Horde?

Just noticed in SL intro she was standing with the Horde council, not with Alliance, maybe a slight hint at her future allegiance?

I mean forsaken do need a leader. And she’s got a cure for their rotting issue

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Hopefully not.

But knowing Blizzard? Yes, the rightful Queen of Lordaeron will join the vile, all-destroying, war-loving Horde and spit on the legacy of the Alliance of Lordaeron.


I mean she’s already a member in the new council according to “Shadows Rising” so I guess we can already count her on horde side.

weak bait


I thought Lilian was a member and Calia was there to “learn”?

Apparently not since Calia is actually “councilor of the forsaken horde”

Calia’s biggest plot hooks are for the “heir to Lordaeron”-story, probably involving scarlets, and to the Naaru story, with her being chosen for a (for now) very unique type of undeath by a Naaru, after arguably being manipulated into the circumstances that lead to that death.
Both are actually more leaning towards Alliance themes than Horde themes. At most you can look at them as neutral. So as long as those plots are running, she will never be Horde in any serious sense. Rather “neutral, while operating within the Horde”.

The Forsaken leadership question is an issue that doesn’t necessarily involve her. It can be pressed upon her, sure, but binding the character to the Horde in such a way at this time makes it harder to tell her other stories, and puts her in a relatively “safe” spot that prevents certain outcomes like her going “evil Light”-crazy. Except if you think they will make her leader just to get rid of her soon after.

Hey, that’s an idea of getting rid of characters.

Just make them into leaders of the Horde with promising positions of power.

Looking at our proud history so far, they won’t last for more than half an expansion. If they do, they will either lose their brains and thus be no longer a threat or become incessantly evil to be killed later on.


The one and only, the real forsaken leader will come back.

We might have took the side of traitors that helped the alliance but Sylvanas will free us all.


Feck her.

Because of her my boy Vol’jin died

The burning legion killed voljin, not sylvanas. :rofl:

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Blizz said it was 16D chess play move by sylvannas, jailer and muezvala

On topic of where she is currently.

Because the Shadowlands pre-patch is not currently available, unless you do the full war campaign of BfA the info about Lilian Voss being the current “leader” / representative of the forsaken is left out of the picture.

When you do the 1st quest of Shadowlands, The Chilling Summons, Darion claims that there will be leaders of factions, but he was away from the place for some time so it’s more or less an assumption on his side.

According to wowhead interview from alpha days, Calia Menethil is there because of “personal reasons”. She stands among the horde because right before the event started, she was on the horde territory, so that’s where she came from.

Possible “personal reasons”:

  • Arthas. Blizz might want to do something with his story, so that seems like an easy pick alongside Jaina.
  • She was looking for her missing family (husband and daughter) with the assumption that after an attack on Southshore they might be among the forsaken. During the pre-patch she was standing alone in Orgrimmar. That suggests to me that they are not among the horde at all. So, the Shadowlands is the next logical place to search.

gl hf

No, She is a retard and a Mary Sue, and as such belongs to Alliance.

So its Sylvanas fault when Varian died whilst she already had saved a few minutes ago?

You are abit confused my friend XD

I said Vol’jin, not Varian

Yes but besides VolJin Varian died as well that day.

My guess is youre biased to blame sylvanas :rofl:

No you need to except lore reasons when they’re given to you instead of looking like a waifu loving fool simping for Sylvanus :man_facepalming:t4:

Blizz have stated that the Jailer manipulated the circumstances to cause Vol’Jins injury,the felguard was able to break through Vol’Jins defences and get in the fatal attack, something that normally wouldn’t happen.

Then Muez’ala tricked Vol’Jin into choosing Sylvanus as War Chief which would allow her to start a war with the Alliance, sending loads of souls to the Maw, empower herself enough to be able to defeat the Lich King and for the Jailer to begin the assault on the shadowlands.

Are you happy with the maturity of your triggered SJW forum warrior “sentence”?

Blaming simping and waifu’s when you play alliance… You know: Ysera,V-Jaina,Tyrdrande,Alleria and for sure much more i forgot :rofl: You guys took the waifu-simp part you blame to the next level so… Please :rofl:

Cant bother to read the amount of nonsense you wrote after this “sentence” poor angry hoomandin :upside_down_face:

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Only gurl worth simping is Maiev :heart:

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